Italgreen Golf


From the tee to the putting green, our synthetic golf turf is intended to accomplish the best quality, giving an ideal recreation of normal grass. Our engineered golf turf meets the different and heterogeneous essentials of the various surfaces in a golf field while requiring low upkeep and ensuring magnificent execution the entire year.

Engineered golf turf is delivered through an innovative interaction that impeccably mimics the upsides of normal, green turf while eliminating its disadvantages.

Italgreen turf is regular and reasonable, with a two-tone emphasized for a lovely and genuine grass stylish impact. On account of its highly flexible memory and brilliant opposition, our engineered golf turf is enduring and doesn’t require continuous upkeep.

Italgreen engineered golf turf is delivered by the latest European principles, which are probably the most extreme on the planet as indicated by the security and nature of the materials. The FIGC and FIR confirmations we have accomplished mirror an imaginative and excellent business model that has recognized the Italian organization for more than 30 years.

What’s more, the engineered turf we produce for golf is 100 percent recyclable and harmless to the ecosystem.