Italgreen Soccer


Italgreen soccer turf represents the maximum technological expression of its genre. It guarantees easy maintenance, exceptional aesthetic appearance, and exceptional performance for soccer and all its derivations such as futsal and 8-a-side courts.

Discover more about our soccer turfs, their advantages, and the technology behind them.

Italgreen synthetic turf has an extremely realistic look and feel. When you play on our turf you have the peace of mind knowing our turf is made with safety in mind, designed to be just as shock absorbent as an actual lawn. Because of the way the turf is designed, and the quality of the materials used in its production, it allows smooth and consistent performance in any weather condition all year round. 

With the quality, consistency and reputation of Italgreen synthetic turf, it has landed itself in some of the best sporting venues around the world. 

Italgreen installed the first synthetic stadium of an Italian A Series team (Silvio Piola Stadium, in Novara), a pitch for the Portuguese Primeira Liga (Stadio do Bessa, in Porto), one for the Brasileirão (Arena da Baixada), in the first Kazakh series (Pavlodar Central Stadium), in Russia’s division 1 (Rodina Arena Khimki).

Italgreen Turf is now  making its way into the practice venues of some of the world’s top tier teams such as Manchester City, Atletico Bilbao, Juventus, Chievo Verona, Parma, Cruzeiro, Shakhtar Donetsk, Galatasaray, and many others.