Italgreen Tennis


A turf tennis court, when planned and introduced with cutting-edge innovations, guarantees the upsides of both concrete and red dirt tennis courts, while diminishing their disservices. The turf likewise ensures a smoother feeling under the feet of the players, and an undeniable tasteful impact.

Italgreen utilizes the best-engineered grass to make tweaked, turnkey turf tennis courts. Manufactured grass is by a long shot perhaps the best answer for introducing tennis courts, as it accompanies a few benefits.

One of the most grounded points of manufactured turf tennis courts is the essential nonattendance of upkeep. This implies the court can be utilized for a few hours per day, and Italgreen ensures their exhibition for over 10 years. Furthermore, a manufactured turf tennis court can without much of a stretch be utilized even after tempests and downpour showers, because phenomenal depleting properties keep the territory dry toward the finish of a flood of awful climate. This guarantees that a tennis turf can be utilized all through the season, giving more chances of playing.

Turf tennis courts are very practical, with a lovely and credible aesthetic effect. On account of its highly versatile memory and extraordinary resistance, Italgreen engineered turf is enduring and gives an excellent, natural feeling.

Italgreen’s manufactured tennis turf is endorsed by the latest European standards and is 100 percent recyclable and eco-maintainable.