Maya Spa


For your indoor and outdoor spaces, in-ground and above-ground installation,  Maya is a whirlpool spa featuring Ghost technology. This stunning hot tub marries a clean, linear design with a modern and elegant style while achieving the greates technical efficiency. It offers the utmost in comfort and relaxation.

With dimensions of 260x205xH95 cm, Maya can be effortlessly installed either in indoor or outdoor settings, choosing between VTR paneling or a wood finish. The use of a thermal cover is always recommended for maintaining water temperature and protecting it from dirt.

Ghost System, an exclusive Treesse Patent

Design takes center stage in this stunning spa, thanks to the meticulous attention to detail and the ability to harmonizes seamlessly with the highest levels of technical efficiency. A major asset of the Maya mini-pool is the innovative Ghost technology, an exclusive Treesse patent, designed by Marc Sadler. This technology renders the whirlpool invisible within a slender perimeter groove that also houses multicolored LED lighting. Another bonus of Ghost technology is chromotherapy. The water is gently stirred by a stream of colored light, enhancing relaxation in a consistent and immersive manner, while helping to alleviate anxiety and stress.


103″ x 81″ x 37″


  • Size (length x width x height) : 260 x 205 x 95 CM
  • Filter system: Cartridge
  • Number of seats: 5 / 6
  • Number of upper hydro jets: 24
  • Number of lower hydro jets: 16
  • Bottom airpool: (24 opt)
  • Seat airpool: (47 opt)
  • Heating system : 3Kw
  • Ozonator: opt
  • Upper colour therapy LED light: Yes
  • Lower colour therapy LED light: opt
  • Cushion: opt
  • Fittings for heat exchange: opt
  • Side panels: opt
  • Thermal cover: opt