Muse Spa

PRICE OF SPA : $ 27,000


Whether on a terrace, in a garden, bathroom, or living room, the Muse hot tub, crafted by designer Marc Sadler, is designed to make your spaces truly exceptional. It’s a piece of Italy that can be installed both as a built-in fixture or freestanding, with VTR paneling or a dark wood finish. We highly recommend using the thermal cover to maintain water temperature and keep it clean.

The Muse hot tub, Made in Italy, has dimensions of 280x235xH98 cm.

Ghost Hydromassage System

The Muse Spa is built upon the innovative Ghost system technology, a creation of Marc Sadler. This Ghost system stands as an exclusive Treesse patent, introducing a revolutionary and captivating design. It renders the latter entirely invisible, with all the technical components discreetly nestled within a slender internal perimeter groove.

But that’s not the end of it. Ghost offers the added benefit of chromotherapy. This is made possible through multicolored LED lighting that magically stirs the water, adding to your comfort and overall sense of tranquility.



110″ x 92″ x 38″


  • Size (length x width x height) : 280 x 235 x 98 CM
  • Filter system: Cartridge
  • Number of seats: 6 / 7
  • Number of upper hydro jets: 24
  • Number of lower hydro jets: 16
  • Hydromassage and colour therapy on seat: (8 opt)
  • Bottom airpool: (24 opt)
  • Seat airpool: (47 opt)
  • Heating system : 3Kw
  • Ozonator: opt
  • Edge mounted colour therapy LED light: Yes
  • Upper colour therapy LED light: opt
  • Lower colour therapy LED light: opt
  • Cushion: opt
  • Fittings for heat exchange: opt
  • Side panels: opt
  • Thermal cover: opt