SuperQuarz Spa

PRICE OF SPA : $ 17,000


The infinity edge is highlighted by a refined perimeter light. With highly performing hydromassage nozzles that are unique thanks to their typically Italian design, the Superquarz spa is based on extensive design work that allowed to combine technical and aesthetic elements of absolute excellence for the first time ever.

Every functional detail, every new design solution has been made possible by the experience and solidity of a company with over forty years of history. The elegant, minimalist design proudly represents the exclusive style typical of Treesse hot tubs. A new spa designed with a single objective: to redefine the concept of leisure in order to satisfy an increasingly demanding clientele.

The Treesse Pool Hydro-Massage System, Designed by Marc Sadler

The Treesse Pool concept arises from the collaboration between designer Marc Sadler and Treesse, a partnership aimed to innovation in the spa industry. The Treesse Pool system, designed by Marc Sadler, represents a novel approach to the construction and arrangement of hydromassage nozzles within hot tubs. The nozzles do not protrude from the acrylic surface, thus accentuating the spa’s design aesthetics. They are strategically positioned and shielded by grates that refract the water, creating a pleasing visual effect. The chromotherapy effect is achieved through LED lights that change colors, delivering a stunning visual outcome. The Superquarz spa is the first to combine this innovative whirlpool system with the allure of an infinity edge.


86″ x 86″ x 36″


  • Numero posti 5/6
  • Idromassaggio
  • Sistema filtrante a cartuccia
  • Riscaldatore
  • Cromoterapia LED
  • Cuscini poggiatesta
  • Ozonizzatore
  • Pannelli laterali
  • Copertura termica
  • Deviatore di flusso
  • Regolatori d’aria