X Series Kids Chair



We believe in quality time together. So, we’ve taken our ultimate campfire chair and scaled it down for that special youngster in your life. The same elevated seating position, durable build quality, and functional design—just made smaller. Perfectly sized for kids who are ready for their own special seat around the fire.
  • Made from sustainably sourced poly lumber and 304 stainless steel
  • Built to endure the elements
  • Warrantied against chipping, peeling, rotting, splintering, and cracking
  • The elevated seating position keeps you in the warmth and in the conversation
  • Compatible with our OutRig Accessories (cup holder & tray)
  • Easy-to-assemble instructions
  • Built-in UV protection so the color does not fade
  • 2/3 the size of our X Series Chair: 19” Wide X 18” Deep X 29” High
  • Built by Breeo in Lancaster PA, USA

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Gray, Black