Zen Active Spa

PRICE OF SPA : $ 34,000


Like its counterpart Zen, the Zen Active spa, designed by Marc Sadler and Made in Italy, caters to diverse needs. Its clear, minimalist design is thought to seamlessly blend into both indoor and outdoor settings. It offers the choice of built-in or freestanding installations with VTR paneling or a sleek dark wood finish. Employing the thermal cover is highly recommended to preserve the water’s inviting warmth and maintain its purity.

The dimensions of the Zen Active mini-pool are 300x235xH85. A quintessential feature of this product is the integrated overflow system with a compensating tank, embodying a perfect fusion of aesthetics and ease of use.


Ghost Hydromassage System and Infinity Edge

The Zen Active mini-pool harnesses the innovative Ghost technology (exclusive Treesse patent). Designed by Marc Sadler, its primary objective is to make the hydromassage invisible, cleverly concealing all the technological complexities within a discreet perimeter slot. The outcome is a piece of art free from external nozzles and jets, featuring an extremely clean design.

For an even more immersive and distinctive relaxation experience, Ghost introduces captivating chromotherapy effects through multicolored LED lighting, discreetly animating the water.

The infinity edge in Zen Active hot tub makes the final effect simply magic.


118″ x 92″ x 33″