Kindred Outdoors Kitchen Cabinets Island Construction


Outdoor entertaining season is not over yet, it is time to consider Kindred Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets Island Construction.  The fleeting beauty of changing leaves.  The welcome freshness of cooler weather, and a general giving into all things comforting and cozy.  The fall is quite unlike any other time of year. Dining outdoors can be a lovely way to enjoy the season before temperatures get too cold.

How are you going to host guests with an outdoor kitchen for cooking and dining al fresco? An outdoor cooking space is the ultimate chef’s dream.  Where you can enjoy spending time outdoors and spending time with family and friends. It is important to create a space that will cater to your needs.  Whether it’s just a grill and some countertop space, or a complete outdoor kitchen we can build it for you.

A custom outdoor kitchen will expand your living space and make your yard more desirable and inviting. We will design a kitchen to maximize your outdoor living experience.  Aside from its functionality, an outdoor kitchen should offer durability and aesthetic appeal.

Kindred Outdoors + Surround Formerly Eldorado Outdoors

Kindred Outdoor cabinets quickly assemble into a virtually limitless combination of configurations. Eliminate construction waste and additional time associated with traditional masonry block installations. The outdoor products can be assembled in just hours, creating a custom kitchen that you can enjoy for years to come.  Kindreds Signature Kitchen makes it possible for anyone to enjoy a luxury backyard space.

The outdoor cabinets come in a variety of sizes that can be quickly assembled.  Choose to create custom barbeque islands, kitchen counters, bars, fireplaces, fire pits, and so much more. Eldorado Outdoors allows you to create beautiful and authentic masonry outdoor spaces in less than half the time compared to traditional building techniques. Compared to CMU block, you can create the same size kitchen with Kindred Outdoor Cabinets in one day vs. seven days.  In addition, it requires only two people for the installation vs. four people. Even cutouts for custom features such as barbeques, sinks, drawers, and burners can be done on-site.  This allows customers to have limitless options when selecting their appliances and accessories.

Kindred-Outdoors-Kitchen-Cabinets-Island-Construction2Eldorado Outdoor now Kindred Outdoors offers components made of glass-fiber reinforced concrete, or GFRC. This eliminates the need for concrete foundations, masonry blocks, or any of the mess, waste, and time associated with traditional installations.

The Building Blocks for Luxury Outdoor Spaces

There are a number of excellent reasons why you should consider Eldorado Stone for your outdoor kitchen. For one, each piece of Kindred Outdoors Stone is meticulously crafted using stone molds that recreate the bumps and crevices of stones found in nature. The artisans of Eldorado Stone select pieces that complement each other, ensuring that every stone project has a cohesive look.

Kindred Outdoors + Surround has redefined how to build outdoor living spaces with a collection of strong, yet lightweight building blocks.

KITCHENS – Pre-configured and ready to install.  Kindred Outdoors Signature Kitchens allows you to realize the perfect outdoor kitchen in days vs. weeks.

FIREPLACES – Designing and building a masonry fireplace in your own backyard just got a whole lot easier. The integrated scratch coat allows stone or brick veneer installed immediately, speeding installation and eliminating unnecessary labor.

OUTDOOR CABINETS – Kindred Outdoor cabinets quickly assemble into a virtually limitless combination of configurations. Each piece is made of glass-fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) which can be installed on any solid flooring surface without concrete footings or rebar.

FIREBOWLS – Kindred Fire Bowls bring a heightened level of design and elegance to any outdoor space. Each Artisan Fire Bowl renders a truly one-of-a-kind creation with subtle variations in color and texture similar to natural limestone. They’re as functional as they are beautiful, incorporating a 65,000 BTU gas burner, providing ample heat on cool nights.

Kindred-Outdoors-Kitchen-Cabinets-Island-Construction1Explore the ways to transform your home for winter.  Gather around and discover the warming essence of an inviting outdoor space. Choose from a variety of unique design options and easy-to-install solutions to create beautiful and authentic outdoor living spaces with ease and simplicity.

Create the Ultimate Home Experience

Outdoor cooking no longer refers to a single grill or the deck. It’s more than grilling a few burgers or roasting some hot dogs. Modern outdoor kitchens allow you to create a special place for your guests, cook gourmet meals, serve signature cocktails, and create memories.

Gappsi will help you create your outdoor cooking paradise with a magnitude of high-end grills, cooking stations, sinks, refrigerators, storage drawers, and stone selections. We work with only the best brands, such as Delta Heat, Fire Magic, and Twin Eagles to bring convenience and fun to your outdoor kitchen. Our team members are experts in outdoor kitchens, and we can explain in detail what outdoor kitchen construction materials will work best for your needs. Visit our Smithtown NY kitchen showroom and make your imagination a reality by seeing our full-size models in person!

Kindred-Outdoors-Kitchen-Cabinets-Island-ConstructionDon’t forget to check out our new online store where you can find outdoor garden ornaments, patio furniture, pool furniture, spas and hot tubs, or maybe even our playsets to keep the kids.  Gappsi helps you create the ultimate home experience.  Visit our showroom and schedule your appointment today to design the backyard of your dreams today!


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