names of the plants and trees I would like|long island

Hello Rolando,
Here are the names of the plants and trees I would like.
-Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar. I know that these grow out to the sides, I would like one that is small (4 feet?) not growing out to either side. Here is an example.
-Japanese Red Maple, not too tall because this will be the tree in the front in the small space.
– I know I told you I want Hydrangeas, there is a certain type of Hydrangea I would like. I believe it is called paniculata or “Renhy” it is a vanilla strawberry hydrangea that turns from white to pink. If not then just pink like we discussed.
– 1 Perennial Hybiscus fro the backyard near the hydrangea
– I found out the name of the tree that I was talking about with the autumn color leaves, it is called Coral Bark Maple. I would one for the front.
– In front of the house I know you are putting some small evergreens against the house, I would like one of them to be a small Cedrus deodara (weeping evergreen). Hopefully you can work that into the front landscape.

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