Getting Custom Sheer Descents and Waterfalls for Your Pool

Just about the only thing more relaxing and enjoyable than a waterfall, is having a waterfall installed right in your pool in your backyard.
If you are thinking about installing a custom or standard pool, or if you already have a pool, you will be surprised by how simple, fast, affordable and beautiful the results can be. If you are looking for a great way to really improve your entire pool experience consider installing either a waterfall or a sheer descent, and make sure you contact a professional for installation.
Custom Waterfalls
You know what a waterfall is in nature of course, and it is basically the same concept for your pool. It is a mass of water falling over some object, for your pool usually the side of the wall, some rocks or other decorative item. The primary difference between this and a sheer descent is that in a waterfall the water actually falls over something, while a sheer descent is free falling water, or water running in an arch. There will be more on sheer descents later. For waterfalls you will find a number of different options. The decorative items used around and in conjunction with the waterfall are almost limitless. You can create a waterfall to mach nearly any scenery in your yard or in your pool. Waterfalls can be created at almost any height and can be any size or shape. Some common options are to have a waterfall flowing from a raised section of a pool, often a Jacuzzi, or from a wall surrounding the pool. It is a simple but effective touch, usually installed relatively easily by a licensed landscaper or pool installation expert.
Sheer Descents
The main difference between a sheer descent and a waterfall is that with this type of addition the water doesn’t actually flow on anything, like rocks or a wall. Instead the water will arc out from an area or it will fall directly down from a cliff of some type. This allows for nearly limitless options as far as setup and customization opportunities. Some of the most common sheer descents take advantage of a raised section of a pool, wherefrom water will arch out creating a pleasing setting. They are also found arching out from walls or falling from an area which has been designed as a cliff within the pool. As with waterfalls this offers many different design options, and the lighting effects and variances in water pressure can create even greater degrees of customization than are possible with waterfalls in some instances. Sheer descents can be a solid sheet of water similar to a waterfall, or may more closely resemble jets of water. Just like a waterfall sheer descents can be built to nearly any height and in any shape or size.
Waterfalls v. Sheer Descents
This is really a matter of preference. Neither is inherently better and both are about the same as far as difficulty of installation and price. If you cannot decide you may want to consult an experienced landscaper or pool installation professional.
Adding a waterfall or sheer descent may not be as costly as you had imagined. Plus running a waterfall or sheer descent is not too expensive as far as your electric and water, you’ll barely notice a difference in the long run. It is important however to only rely on someone experienced and who is qualified for this type of installation.

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