under Neath paving stones long island

When installing any paver work it is important on who does it and how it is done. The most important part and one that many look over is the area underneath the stone themselves. A proper base is key to having a long lasting beautiful area. Gappsi is proud to have a 3 year guarantee on our pavers from settling. We do a sub-base of RCA, recycled crushed concrete, which is tampered down, and then there is an inch of fine sand that the pavers nestle upon. Once the stones are laid and installed, polymeric sand is then swept between the joints and cracks to lock in the stones. This is a proven and in our minds the best way to ensure the paving stone area is complete. For any additional information, call the long island paving stone masters or visit our showroom for more information at (631)-543-1177, 1015 W. Jericho Turnpike Smithtown NY 11787.

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