Are You Looking for a Cabana in Long Island?

The term cabana stems from a kind of hut often used by indigenous peoples of different tropical zones. This is where the modern term come from. These cabanas usually stood alone or may have also been leaned against a tree, hill or other structure. This type of cabana generally had a thatched roof, usually grass, strung together in such a way to offer surprising protection from the rain. These cabanas were not as open as modern cabanas, usually with walls made of wood or clay and a small opening used as a “door” which was either left bare and open or which would be covered with some sort of cloth. These cabanas, when well made, offered very descent protection in tropical areas with moderate temperatures, they were however of no use in colder climates or areas with high winds and other detrimental weather conditions. While this was the inspiration for modern cabanas, today they bare little semblance to the originals, outside of an often thatched roof.
About today’s cabanas
Cabanas today are usually found around pools at hotels, public swimming areas and the like. They may also be found at some tiki or tropical bars or at some clubs. These cabanas may be for show, or sometimes they may be rented out by groups, and they often come with other services when in public areas. At pools they offer protection and comfort from the sun and may contain lounge chairs and other areas to sit and relax. Cabanas are also becoming popular in homes, either next to a pool area or other gathering place in order to offer a little protection from the sun while you enjoy the outdoors.
Cabanas may either be temporary structures, easy to move and rearrange at public places, or as more permanent structures. They are found in all kinds of materials, from wood to steel, aluminum and other materials for the frame, and the roof can be made from clothe or it may be a thatched material similar to the original cabanas, but made of more durable and weatherproofed materials.
Cabana’s vs. Other Outdoor Structures
From gazebos to awnings and pagodas you have a lot of options for outdoor structures offering some shelter from the wind or rain. So what is the primary difference between a cabana and these other structures? Cabanas by comparison are usually more open than these other options. They are often less permanent as well, and some cabanas can be taken down seasonally than put up again for the summer months—though some cabanas may be permanent structures. While the materials can vary, usually a cabana will have a more tropical feel, or a lighter look when made of cloth.
Why choose a cabana for the home?
1. Even if you don’t have a pool a cabana is a great place to relax or hang out with friends and family. The open nature lets you really enjoy your outdoors, but still offers just enough shelter from the sun or from the rain.
2. They are relatively inexpensive to install when compared to other stand alone outdoor structures you have to choose from.
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