Finding a Great Gazebo in the Long Island Area

Have you thought about putting a gazebo in your backyard or porch area? A gazebo can be any free standing or attached enclosure with a ceiling to protect from the elements. A gazebo may have walls or be open, and often they will have shorter walls with a gate of some sort. There are a number of different uses for a gazebo, they: provide shade when it is hot, can keep the rain off of an outdoor picnic, they are often used to enclose a hot tub, it is a great place for a picnic or barbeque area, and there are many other possible uses in addition. Gazebos can be found all over including in public parks and pools, picnic areas, in recreational areas, and gazebos are even used as a pavilion for different shops in or store fronts in some cases.
Different sorts of gazebos
A gazebo is a generic term for any of the structures similar to described above. There are a couple different kinds of gazebos though, and these do differ from one to the other—though most do use the terms interchangeably we will describe the difference. A pagoda is a specific type of gazebo with tiered sections. Historically and outside of the world of home improvement a pagoda is very specifically a tiered tower often found in eastern countries like China, India, Japan, Napa and Vietnam used as religious temples. The tiered roof is what makes it a pagoda. For the home, obviously most don’t have tiered towers in their backyard, here a pagoda will be a structure with a single “tier” or roof which juts out. They can be open or semi open. The second is called a rotunda. A rotunda does not have a jutting roof and is circular. There are many examples and they can be used for a number of purposes. The circular structure is almost always domed and can be open or semi-open when referring to backyard rotundas. Outside of home improvement, rotundas can be found everywhere and the most popular example is perhaps the capital building. Rotundas are popular both for the functionality and the beauty of the round design.
What kind of gazebo should I get for the yard?
There is no right or wrong answer to that question, though a pagoda may more often be associated with a pool or tropical setting, and a rotunda with a picnic or other gathering, they are completely interchangeable for home use, both coming open or semi-open and of varying materials. Choosing which is right for you is matter of style and preference.
Advantages of a gazebo
1. It is a great way to get out of the elements quickly should it start raining on your picnic or barbeque. It is also a great place to get out of the hot sun for a little while but still enjoy the outdoors.
2. Custom Gazebos can certainly be a stylish touch as well, and many add one for that reason alone.
3. Finally in many instances a quality, stylish gazebo can actually add value to a home.

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