Epoxy Floors Applicators East Northport Long Island NY

Epoxy Floors Applicators East Northport Long Island NYThis epoxy floor was installed in a private residence East Northport long island NY. The product applied was Purepoxy products EZ Concrete Supply NY.
First step was the grinding of the floor, to remove the existing asbestos tiles and the asphalt tar used to glue them to the concrete, special diamond blade  capable of removing paint and scarifying the concrete to create a textured evenly and abrasive
ready for the epoxy VRM Vapor reduction * PE -100 pigmented Tan membrane to stick to it. Saddle Tan Colored Chips Broadcasted in to the epoxy Base while wet and then let is dry for 24 hours. After the epoxy is cured the access vinyl flakes were removed and floor vacuumed.
A final coat of PE-100 Clear Top Coated the flakes totally covering them and giving the floor a very smooth texture finish. Normally a coat of urethane finish is applied to further hardening the epoxy finish and also protect it from UV lights , mostly in vehicular trafficated areas, but in this case being in a basement there is no need to apply urethane because the floor in only used for kids playground and laundry room.


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