Stucco Installer, Applicator, Contractor on Long Island

Stucco  Installer, Applicator, Contractor on Long IslandStucco is a popular building material that is mainly used in residential exterior siding. It is a combination of sand, Portland cement, lime, and sometimes water. Plaster can be applied to wood,block, and concrete. When applying stucco to wood framing, it is usually attached to a wire lath that is attached to the structural framing. Wood framing must be protected by a water resistant moisture barrier, such as asphalt building paper or different types of building wraps, before the wire lath and stucco are applied. New stucco should cure for thirty days before prime and paint are applied.

is a common problem found in stucco due to the trapped moisture that migrates towards the stucco surface, it sometimes carries mineral deposits within it. This can cause <a discoloration and sometimes adhesion problems. New stucco can sometimes develop cracks during the curing process. As water is eliminated and the stucco hardens, hairline cracks tend to occur. Once you apply the primer and paint with a paint roller it typically fills the narrow cracks. The roller helps push the paint into the cracks. Larger stucco cracks require a stucco patch filler to bridge the gap. When painting new you must include a primer coat and one or two finishing coats. All paints and primers should be used for exterior surfaces.

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