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Passion Spas

Gappsi Showroom

Gappsi displays and supplies Passion hot-tubs, Spas and swim spas in our Showroom at 1015 West Jericho Turnpike Smithtown NY 11787.  As a Passion Spa hot-tub dealer we include passion spas in all our designs, and Gappsi installs Passion Spas as part of our landscape design and construction projects. Passion Spas have been in the business of manufacturing and engineering spas for nearly thirty years. We offer the entire line of Passion Spas products at the Gappsi showroom display. They have units both large and small, that are made to accommodate anywhere from 2 up to 7 people at a time. They also come in different shapes, including square, circular, oval, or even heart-shaped. Passion Spas contain a number of different collections that are made to fit anyone's taste. They even have sport and fitness selections made specifically for people to swim against strong currents. At the Gappsi showroom display, we pride ourselves on adding new products for our clients and introducing new manufacturers, styles, and designs. Please visit the Gappsi showroom. Gappsi's professional staff will help you select the right spa for your backyard. Passion spas can be free standing or also incorporated in the masonry design, with many cover lifts options available.

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