Are You Looking for a Cabana in Long Island?

The term cabana stems from a kind of hut often used by indigenous peoples of different tropical zones. This is where the modern term come from. These cabanas usually stood alone or may have also been leaned against a tree, hill or other structure. This type of cabana generally had a thatched roof, usually grass, strung together in such a way to offer surprising protection from the rain. These cabanas were not as open as modern cabanas, usually with walls made of wood or clay and a small opening used as a “door” which was either left bare and open or which would be covered with some sort of cloth. These cabanas, when well made, offered very descent protection in tropical areas with moderate temperatures, they were however of no use in colder climates or areas with high winds and other detrimental weather conditions. While this was the inspiration for modern cabanas, today they bare little semblance to the originals, outside of an often thatched roof.
About today’s cabanas
Cabanas today are usually found around pools at hotels, public swimming areas and the like. They may also be found at some tiki or tropical bars or at some clubs. These cabanas may be for show, or sometimes they may be rented out by groups, and they often come with other services when in public areas. At pools they offer protection and comfort from the sun and may contain lounge chairs and other areas to sit and relax. Cabanas are also becoming popular in homes, either next to a pool area or other gathering place in order to offer a little protection from the sun while you enjoy the outdoors.
Cabanas may either be temporary structures, easy to move and rearrange at public places, or as more permanent structures. They are found in all kinds of materials, from wood to steel, aluminum and other materials for the frame, and the roof can be made from clothe or it may be a thatched material similar to the original cabanas, but made of more durable and weatherproofed materials.
Cabana’s vs. Other Outdoor Structures
From gazebos to awnings and pagodas you have a lot of options for outdoor structures offering some shelter from the wind or rain. So what is the primary difference between a cabana and these other structures? Cabanas by comparison are usually more open than these other options. They are often less permanent as well, and some cabanas can be taken down seasonally than put up again for the summer months—though some cabanas may be permanent structures. While the materials can vary, usually a cabana will have a more tropical feel, or a lighter look when made of cloth.
Why choose a cabana for the home?
1. Even if you don’t have a pool a cabana is a great place to relax or hang out with friends and family. The open nature lets you really enjoy your outdoors, but still offers just enough shelter from the sun or from the rain.
2. They are relatively inexpensive to install when compared to other stand alone outdoor structures you have to choose from.
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Learn About Available Water Features for Your Long Island Home

There are all kinds of different water features which can be installed in any home. The advantages of these are many and varied from improving the general look of your backyard or garden, to actually increasing your home’s value. Perhaps the primary reason most choose a specific water feature for their home and their backyard is the relaxing nature of any water feature. Flowing water, whether an installed creak, pond complete with fish, water fountain or any other type of water feature, creates a soothing and serene atmosphere. If you love spending time in your backyard, love to garden, want to increase the value of your home or regularly entertain guests than installing water features is a fantastic idea.
How much will my amazing water feature cost me?
Price varies quite a bit depending on the sort of water feature you would like to install, the materials used, the contractor you hire and the complexity of the project. In other instances where a waterfall may appear to be a more complex project, it may actually be less expensive than other types of water features.
The other thing to consider when you are choosing the type of water feature you want, and how much you would like to spend on the type of water feature you want, is the water bill and energy bill. This may actually be less than you think though. Most of these water features use energy efficient pumps that require very little energy and recycles the water you already use.
The final thing to consider is the increased home value. Your backyard or garden is a major consideration when your home is being priced for sale, and often installing some sort of water feature can actually make you money if you sell the property.
With so many options, which water feature do I choose?
The water feature that is right for you is really a matter of preference. Some of the common options include flowing water fountains, ponds with jets and often even fish, tumbling waterfalls and different water features added to your pool like jets or waterfalls. It is a good idea to have a plan for your backyard, even draw sketches of what you envision if you like and see if what you want is even possible. You will also want to browse pictures of the different kinds of water features others have employed, and see what you like and what would work for you. The amount of room you have is another thing to keep in mind, and you want to be sure whatever you choose still allows you room to enjoy the rest of your backyard or garden.
If you are considering a waterfall, you may also want to speak with a professional designer, and see what ideas contractors who specialize in this type of work have to say. They have worked with all types of yards and gardens and will be able to point you in the right direction. Looking for a custom water feature? Check out our wide selection of Custom Long Island Water Features here.

What You Should Know About Pergolas on Long Island

Pergolas are an incredibly popular addition to homes all over the United States, specifically where weather like extensive heat, rain or wind may ruin and outdoor, backyard experience, but really anywhere people enjoy spending time either relaxing or with company in their backyard or garden.
A pergola is basically any free standing structure offering cover to an area of a backyard, or a structure connecting to one of the walls of a home providing shelter on the porch or in a patio area.
The type of materials used in the installation of a pergola is varied, and nearly anything may be used. Some of the more popular options included pressure treated lumber that can really stand up to the weather and environment and remain looking beautiful, cured, treated and painted cedar and other beautiful woods, steal or metal columns with different types of covering or roofs, plastic, concrete and much more. Really the options are as varied as your imagination, and designers and contractors can probably give you a host of new and unique ideas.
Along with custom pergolas, most home improvement contractors have a number of stock models you may have installed. In some instances you may even be able to install a pergola yourself with some simple directions and a list of needed materials and tools.
What are the advantages of a pergola?
The most obvious advantage of course is a measure of shelter while outdoors, but not so much that you cannot still enjoy a beautiful day. It is great for keeping the sun off while you lounge in your favorite lawn chair, protecting plants that need a bit more shade, cooking outdoors even in the rain, hosting parties and more.
Another advantage is that installing a pergola almost universally will increase the value of your home! Your backyard or garden is a major factor for consideration when your home is being priced. Additions to your backyard can often increase the value of your home, in some cases to even more than what you actually spent having a pergola installed.
Who should I hire to install my pergola?
Whenever you are making additions to your backyard or home it is absolutely essential that you only hire a professional. Home improvement contractors and designers will have experience with all types of backyards, and will be able to help you choose and than install the right kind of pergola that will look great in your backyard, that will be efficient and useful when you have friends and family over, and of course one that will last.
Quality is an essential factor whenever you are having work done on your home or in your backyard, and you want to be sure your pergola can stand up to the elements and that it will last. To save time and money make sure you only hire a professional if you are considering installing a pergola.
What will it cost?
As with all work on the home, prices vary depending on your vision, materials and the contractor hired. Be sure to compare prices and to only hire a reputable contractor.
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Why Choose a Gunite Swimming Pool for your Long Island Backyard?

A gunite pool is another name for a concrete pool, the walls, bottom and steps are made of concrete poured between steel beams for a watertight seal and one that will not corrode over time. Concrete also provides, traditionally, more options as far as design, lending itself more readily various designs, curved walls, custom stairs and other features and much more. It is named gunite because the walls are sprayed with a mixture of sand and concrete for a very specific look and feel, the mixture being called gunite of course. This type of pool has many advantages and disadvantages and there is much to consider prior to choosing the type of pool you would like installed in your backyard.
Pros of a Gunite Pool
Since the invention of the backyard pool, concrete has been the most popular choice, and it still has many advantages and is often recommended by designers, contractors and home improvement professionals.
This type of pool almost universally lasts longer and is easier to maintain. This in turn will add value to your home over the long-term while saving you costs in the meantime.
The next, and perhaps given the various advances in the different types of pools available, the more important advantage is the amount of customization possible and the ease of customization. Fiberglass pools for example are pre-manufactured and must be “dropped into” the area provided, limiting your options, especially if it turns out you cannot dig where you though… which happens. Gunite on the other hand is very flexible and the design can be changed at nearly any time during construction, and can be designed from the beginning nearly however you would like.
Finally, gunite pools are simply sturdier. They last longer, keep their shape longer; they are in fact nearly indestructible. There is a very good possibility your gunite pool will last longer than your pool as long as it is not filled in… even then the outline will remain unless you decide to dig it up for some reason… which is not recommended.
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Get the Great Long Island Garden or Backyard Ornaments You’ve Always Wanted

There are all kinds of garden ornaments, from those used strictly for show like statues, gnomes, etc, to those that serve a purpose like potting plants, fountains (for the birds) bird feeders, and much more. There are a ton of ornaments available in many different styles and the sort of ornaments you want really only depend on personal taste and the style of your lawn, garden, backyard or what have you.
Common types of backyard, garden or lawn ornaments
There are a lot of them, and you can even make up your own, but here are some of the more common backyard ornaments:
• Bird baths
• Bird feeders
• Garden gnome
• Lawn jockey
• Human statues – ranging from David replicas, beautiful women and more
• Other statues – animals, mythical creatures, etc.
• Yard globe – It’s a globe, sometimes depicting the earth other times reflective, usually around 16”
• Whirligig – an odd statue, usually animal, with at leas one whirling or moving part
• Lighthouses
Why do I need backyard ornaments?
The simple answer is that you really don’t. Ornaments however can add a real sense of style and class to your home, and individualize you living space. You can create a design that is relaxing, exciting, and unique or whatever you like. Generally ornaments will not add value to a home, unless they are permanent pieces and very classy and appealing for a large audience. However, the value of good ornaments should not be overlooked, especially if you enjoy your backyard or garden and want it to look your best.
How much do great garden ornaments usually cost?
Prices vary according to the type of ornament you choose, the materials it is made of, size, shape, etc. You can even decorate your garden or backyard for free with recycled materials. Most however are not so blessed in the crafts as to design their own backyard ornament, and that is fine. There are many local antique shops, ornament shops and home improvement stores that can provide all types of outdoor ornaments at nearly any budget.
Can I find help choosing outdoor or backyard ornaments?
Yep. Home improvement contractors and professional designers have an amazing eye for style, and can even incorporate their strong sense of style when it comes to your backyard, with your own personal preferences. They can suggest excellent and stylish items while still allowing you to maintain a sense of self in the design of your backyard. In fact many designers and contractors will recommend specific decorations in the installation or design of other aspects of your yard or garden.
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