COLOSSEO BARGE 24″x24″x3/4″ & 24″x24″x2″ RECTIFIED MADE IN ITALY ($5.50 PER SQ FT)

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  •   Price – $5.50





Absolute resistance and timeless reliability.
L’ALTRA PIETRA is the most complete and exclusive high-thickness sintered stone brand in real full body or color body suitable for any kind of outdoor solution.
It boasts different colors and sizes, with an aesthetic rendering extremely faithful to natural stone: veins, imperfections, colors and everything else contributes to recreating the beauty and elegance of the most appreciated stone materials.

Sizes 60x60x2 cm (24″x24″x0.8″)
45x90x2 cm (18″x36″x0.8″)
60x120x2 cm (24″x48″x0.8″)
Description Colosseo Barge faithfully reproduces the well known Barge Italian Quartzite from Piedmont, with the guarantee of high quality and first choice selection throughout the entire supply.

60x60x2 cm (24″x24″x0.8″)