Phantom Spa

PRICE OF SPA : $ 32,000



The Treesse Phantom hot tub, designed by Marc Sadler, embodies an elegant and sleek minimalistic design. A luxurious Made in Italy product, it seamlessly marries a passion for design with state-of-the-art technology, combining comfort, functionality, and reliability.

It can be installed either as a built-in or a freestanding unit. For the finishing, you have the option to choose between fiberglass paneling, wood finish, or the anthracite thermal cover. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.


Phantom Spa, with Infinity Edge

Phantom is built upon the Ghost Plus technology, a brainchild of designer Marc Sadler and an exclusive patent by Treesse. A standout feature of the Phantom spa is the infinity edge skimmer technology with an integrated compensating tank, enhancing the product’s aesthetic appeal and ease of use. Multicolored LED lighting replicates chromotherapy effects. A play of light animates the water, providing a soothing and all-encompassing sense of well-being.


92″ x 92″ x 38.5″


The Ghost Plus Phantom hot tub comes with the following features:

  • Hydromassage jets
  • Hydromassage plus jets
  • Automatic pool drainage
  • Automatic pool filling system
  • Ozone disinfection
  • Water level sensor
  • Water recirculation system with cartridge filter
  • Temperature-adjustable heater
  • 5/6 seating stations
  • Phantom: Optional

The Phantom mini pool offers a range of optional features, making it the perfect choice for your indoor and outdoor spaces:

  • Chromotherapy with individual perimeter LEDs for upper hydromassage
  • Chromotherapy with individual perimeter LEDs for lower hydromassage
  • Supplement for 40 airpool features on seats
  • Supplement for 40 hydromassage jets
  • Preparation for an external heat exchanger
  • Small anthracite headrest cushion
  • Large anthracite headrest cushion
  • Pneumatic lift for built-in tub
  • Water treatment kit
  • Bottom vacuum cleaner
  • Replacement filter