Gunite Pool Construction Close To Home Backyard Design Sag Harbor NY

Sag-harbor-gunite-pool-construction-backyard-design1Thinking about adding a gunite pool construction close to home?  If you are installing a pool in your backyard, there are many types to choose from. As you research information on a potential new backyard swimming pool, you will often encounter the term “gunite.” Gunite swimming pools are popular because they are highly durable and they can be created in just about any shape.

Gunite is a concrete blend of sand, cement, and water that’s applied through a high-pressure hose. Once it dries, gunite becomes rock hard, forming a thick, solid structure. It is exceedingly durable, so swimming pools made of this substance are built to last.

Gunite Pool Construction Benefits

  • Built to Last: Concrete is durable and porous, allowing the plaster-coated shell to hold water, provide stability, and be replastered when needed, adding to its longevity.
  • Variety of Finishes: Various materials can be added to pool surfaces made of concrete or plaster, including tile, stone, and man-made textures.
  • Variety of Features: Attach waterfalls, custom steps, and so much more to the pool design.
  • Versatility: Gunite pools give you the ability to customize the shape of the pool. This is perfect for those wanting an extremely deep or large pool, or a pool with custom tanning ledges.

Gunite Pool Construction Backyard Design Sag Harbor NY

Our team at Gappsi designed and installed a gunite pool close to the home in Sag Harbor NY.  We built the patio with G044 Limestone and installed a sundeck in the shallow area of the pool.  The stairs within the pool design were free-formed to accommodate the backyard.  The sun deck and stairs were veneered with glass tiles.  The same glass tiles were used in the waterline of the pool.

Sag-harbor-gunite-pool-construction-backyard-design3What are the advantages of glass tiles?

The tiles reflect the light to give your pool the appearance of being brighter and larger. Glass tile is impervious to liquids and resistant to staining and discoloration, which means cleaning generally only requires a simple wipe down. If you dislike mold with a passion then this is a great choice for your bathroom or swimming pool.

Cooking Island Adds Functionality!

A cooking island was installed near the pool and home.  Included in the design was a Twin Eagles Grill, an outdoor refrigerator, and a built-in sink, the cooking island adds to the small backyard’s functionality. A wall with bricks was added at the edge of the property to accommodate the fence as well.  This was a very detailed project and the latest design from Gappsi in Sag Harbor NY.

Why Have Your Pool Close To Your Home?

The problem is that people don’t anticipate exactly how they will eventually use their pool, and weigh that properly against other factors.  Here are five reasons you might want to keep your pool close at hand.

Space:  In this home located in Sag Harbor, space was why the pool was installed close to the home.  Not everyone has the luxury of a large backyard, in many cases, placing the pool close to the house is the only option. However, even when you have some area to work with, keeping the pool tucked into a corner close to the house might be the most efficient use of space. Why not save the rest of your yard for other activities?

Convenience:  You’re going to be making many trips to and from your pool.  About half of them, you’re going to be dripping wet. It’s hard to overstate how handy it is for swimmers to have easy access to a shower and toilet. If you plan to entertain, or just eat meals on your pool patio, it’s also convenient to have the kitchen close by.  Another convenience is having a garage or other storage area nearby helping make pool maintenance a bit easier.



Aesthetics:  A pool is more than just a recreational area. When thoughtfully designed, it’s also great eye candy for your property. Keeping the pool close to the house allows you to enjoy the scenery more – which is especially nice in warmer climates where you can keep your pool open most or all of the year. Many people also love the sound of water, and incorporate things like waterfalls to produce perfectly tranquil background noise for their home.

Privacy:  In many cases, a simple fence doesn’t provide the sort of privacy people want for their swimming pool. Trees, shrubs, and other plants are needed to fill in the gaps. However, this is much less of an issue when the pool is close to the house, which serves as the ultimate view-blocker.

Safety:  While safety comes last on the list, it’s a primary concern for parents of young children who are thinking about building an inground pool. Having the swimming pool right outside your door makes it much easier to see and hear everything that goes on in it. Just as important, it allows you to get to the scene quicker if an accident happens. When it comes to pool safety, it’s no exaggeration to say that every second counts.

We have gathered together the most talented designers and craftsmen to help create “A True Masterpiece” right in your very own backyard. Contact us TODAY for a FREE consultation to get started on your backyard Masterpiece.

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Marble Coping For Vinyl Pools & Spas

Marble-Coping-For Vinyl-Pools-&-Spas2Vinyl Liner Pool Installation

Marble Coping For Vinyl Pools & Spas is a popular type of pool and spa surface. Vinyl Pools are custom-made to fit your specific pool area.  Because they are pre-fabricated and installed relatively quickly, vinyl liner pools are usually less expensive to build and renovate than in-ground gunite pools with cement finishes. A typical vinyl liner replacement may take only a few hours with an experienced crew (not including water fill time), as opposed to days or weeks for a renovation and re-plaster.

Vinyl Liner Strengths And Weaknesses

  • Strengths

Liners are widely available, more affordable to install and replace, and can be installed quickly. They have benefits especially in colder climates, due to the lack of winter issues like calcite crystals. Even if a vinyl liner is damaged and faded during the winter, its surface is still smooth and therefore not abrasive to swimmers’ feet. Another benefit is that patterns and colors do not drive the price of a liner. You can choose from many patterns and colors without large differences in cost, unlike cementitious surfaces which can vary widely in price.

  • Weaknesses

Many would argue the biggest weakness of vinyl liner pools is their lack of customization. Concrete pools can be just about any shape and size, whereas liners are more limited in their shape and size. That all being said, technology continues to advance and we have been seeing more complex liner pools out there. Also, while you can get a plethora of patterns and colors, vinyl liners almost all are similar in feel and appearance…unlike a concrete pool which can have many textures and vibrant colors.

Marble-Coping-For Vinyl-Pools-&-Spas2Marble Pavers

A metamorphic rock composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals, most commonly calcite or dolomite. Marble can have beautiful pattern movement within the stone and comes in a wide variety of colors from white to salmon to gray, blue, green, and black.

Regardless of your chosen pool design, deciding which natural stone pavers to use for your pool surrounding will make a very powerful statement about your taste, status, and success. Some factors to consider include appearance, durability, non-slip finish, environmental factors like weather conditions, and finally, sealant.

Marble-Coping-For Vinyl-Pools-&-SpasRaised Spa

A Raised Spa that is elevated above the pool surface. A raised spa can add a dramatic focal point to a poolscape. A raised spa can double as a water feature if it is designed to permit spa water to cascade into the pool. Depending on the type of installation, the spa may or may not share the main pool’s circulating equipment. Raised perimeter-overflow spas overflow on all sides, creating a unique gravity-defying effect.

Outdoor Kitchen Cooking Island with Delta Appliances

Delta Heat products are engineered, designed, and manufactured by industry-leading premium grill and outdoor kitchen equipment experts. Delta Heat products are a true culmination of past experiences, refined and perfected to ensure exceptional design, construction, and performance.

  • How Much Does an Outdoor Kitchen Cost?

An outdoor kitchen will add value to any home, and increase the enjoyment for your family and guests.  The cost will depend on factors, such as appliances chosen, materials, and size. It is important to also consider if the project requires electrical, plumbing, gas, or ventilation.  Outdoor kitchens have risen in popularity partly due to their functionality. It is the perfect additional livable space in the home where you can cook, eat, entertain and relax.

Many times, homeowners hire a contractor to build their outdoor kitchen, because they offered the lowest price. But the lowest price isn’t always the best way to go. It is not necessary to break the bank, but it is important that whomever you choose to work on your home, knows what they are doing, and is willing to stand by their work.

Marble-Coping-For Vinyl-Pools-&-Spas3Gappsi designed and installed this gorgeous backyard setting in Medford Suffolk County NY.  The design of the backyard started with the installation of the 20 x 40 vinyl liner swimming pool with concrete walls. The pool was designed to incorporate a raised spa that spills into the pool. The 8 x 8 raised spa is veneered with Silver Travertine and Coping G038 24×24 marble pavers.

The entire patio was paved with G043 marble pavers selected from the Gappsi stone collection. The Gappsi Stone Collection offers beautiful color variations of beige, browns, and whites. In addition, a sundeck with two fountain bubblers was installed so they can be enjoyed while in the pool.    

Outdoor Living By Gappsi

Included in the project surrounding the vinyl-lined pool Gappsi installed a very large patio.  The outdoor living space featured an L-shaped cooking island using all Delta appliances including a gas burner grill, storage cabinets, a gas burner, sink, and a Summit Refrigerator.  The home also featured a raised Azek Deck with steel cable railings to allow NOT BLOCK the view of the backyard pool area when sitting on the deck. The Cento wood-burning firepit was designed to include a stainless steel insert. 

Our customers are so happy with the finished design of their new outdoor backyard oasis. This is a great example and design idea brought to you by the design team at Gappsi. 



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Brick Pizza Oven Construction


The process of building Gappsi Brick Pizza Oven Construction starts with the collection of clay and storing the bricks to dry and cure.  The drying process continues for several weeks.

The Artisan starts to mix the clay for the bricks at the time the manufacturer places the order. We mix the clay constantly in order for the molding process to take place and so it reaches a thick paste.  Gappsi measures and sizes the bricks for each oven.

At the time of the request, the manufacturer starts making the clay bricks to use. For several weeks the drying process continues. Smaller bricks dry naturally stacked. Stacked into a chamber with a wood-burning fire the clay bricks complete the drying process.

Gappsi Brick Pizza Oven Construction

  • Our brick ovens start with a metal frame base which is the foundation for the oven.
  • Gappsi applies insulation under the concrete base to keep the bottom of the oven insulated.
  • Wire mesh added.
  • Concrete poured.
  • Assembling the floor of the oven is next.
  • The Biscotto of Sorrento bricks are set up and used to start building the walls around the floor.
  • This combination acts as a subfloor that provides insulation as well as heat retention under the oven’s terracotta floor.
  • Volcanic sand is the base the Biscotto Di Sorrento clay bricks sit on. In this particular oven we build, we drill the hole completely through the oven floor.
  • Installed in each Gappsi Brick Oven is a gas burner.  In addition to using a gas burner to heat the oven, you may also use wood.

There Is Nothing Like The Taste and Smell Of Brick Oven Pizza


Gappsi is starting to build the walls by erecting the door frame and cutting the bricks to match the door angle.

  • Vertically installed Biscotto Di Sorrento clay bricks create the soldier course around the perimeter of the oven.
  • Italian artisans install the bricks to perfection.
  • The top row forms the bond beam with the brick’s base wall.
  • The dome shape is created by using a temporary dome made out of volcanic sand.

The cupola inside the oven was also created using the same techniques to build the dome. We use this process until the brick dome is complete too. The exterior of the brick dome is covered with a wire mesh as well as a reinforced layer of a mix of cement is added.  Sand in addition to expanded clay pebbles is added to further insulate the oven exterior process.


The picture above is a completed oven structure using the best clay bricks for an oven.  Built the same way each oven.  Up to this point, each model is constructed the same way.  From this point, it depends on the finishing style the oven would take shape of the desired model. The interior of every Gappsi oven is a site of craftsmanship, beauty, as well as history. For more than 300 years this tradition has not changed. The exterior of every Gappsi oven comes standard with a large useful mantle made out of volcanic black marble. This is beautiful and also heat resistant.


Using the traditional oven shell we are building the Vesuvio-style oven using a combination of brick accent to face the front of the oven.

Built over a metal frame and insulated is the smoke stacks dome. A high-quality fiberglass blankets the Gappsi oven dome for insulation. Built on the outside of the oven is also a second frame. Galvanized wire lath wraps the reinforced rebars for additional support.

True Brick Oven Italian Artistry & Craftsmanship

True craftsmanship and precise execution go into every Gappsi Brick Oven Construction. Over the wire, we apply a layer of cement.  The air chamber created services for two purposes. This provides all the insulation for the oven and makes the exterior surface of the oven safe as well as cool to the touch. The final installation of the top cupola is smoke style and the Vesuvio model is complete.

This is our Napolitano model veneered with the river rocks. These are our craftsmen posing with the Sorrento model oven. Standard veneered with random sizes, natural stones, and brick accents. And to complete our line of custom brick ovens is the Amalfi style. Finished with custom hand-painted tiles of your favorite memories with friends and family. You can also have your family name engraved into the door on the oven. Thank you for taking your time to learn more about our brick ovens and construction process. Please visit the Gappsi showroom to view our brick ovens and all of our unique products. If you are in the market for a brick pizza oven. Please do all your research and come to us last. We are very confident that we will prove to you and that you will agree that the Gappsi ovens are the best quality ovens on the market.

The Napolitano Oven3



Our showroom display includes the most beautiful as well as unique imported natural stones for patios, walkways, and driveways.

We provide services in Nassau and Suffolk County.  Glen Cove, Hempstead, North Hempstead, Oyster Bay, Babylon, Huntington, Islip. Commack, Kings Park, Quoque, Commack, and Smithtown. Brookhaven, Southampton, Riverhead, East Hampton, Southold, Old Brookville, Old Westbury. and Mill Neck, Nissequogue, Lloyd Harbor, Muttontown, Coldspring Harbor, and East Norwich.  Gappsi’s knowledgeable and experienced personnel can help you create the yard of your dreams!

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Outdoor Kitchen Designer and Build Contractor on Long Island NY

Masonry Designer and Contractor on long island NYOutdoor Kitchen Designer and Build Contractor on Long Island NY

This custom built outdoor kitchen includes all outdoor cooking amenities to entertain family and guests during all summer events. The kitchen was built with masonry blocks and veneered with scogli di mare limestone for walls and scogli di mare countertop – a limestone that contains sea shells and natural fossils showing on its surface. All appliances are Twin Eagle and the patio was paved with Melfi limestone pavers. Visit for more informations about our products and services

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