Pros of a Gunite Swimming Pool | Construction and Renovation

Gunite Swimming Pool
A customized gunite swimming pool by Gappsi

Refreshing juices by the poolside are the highlight of summer. If you want to construct or renovate a pool on your premises, our Gappsi Home Improvement Company team can help. We can build pools from materials like gunite, concrete, fiberglass, and more. Gunite pools are quite common these days, so this blog will explain everything about a gunite swimming pool and its construction in Nassau and Suffolk County.

What is Gunite?

In simple words, gunite is a form of concrete.

More precisely, it is a gooey material consisting of water, sand, and cement. Builders spray layers of this material on vertical or horizontal frameworks with a compressed air gun or a high-pressure hose. Once the gooey liquid dries, it turns into a thick, rock-hard structure. Builders usually use gunite to construct pools, roads, and tunnels.

Why is gunite better than standard concrete?

The reason is simple; standard concrete is denser than gunite and solidifies quickly after application, making it difficult to handle. Also, gunite structures made through spraying with a hose or gun don’t develop or sustain any seams like traditionally-poured concrete. Gappsi can build a top-quality gunite swimming pool in your courtyard to make your summer super fun.

Advantages of a Gunite Swimming Pool


Gunite’s excellent durability makes it a worthy choice for the construction of residential and commercial swimming pools.

Firstly, gunite swimming pools don’t require wooden structures to set their shape. Instead, the structure of gunite is steel-reinforced. This makes the construction of gunite pools simpler and more robust than the standard concrete ones. They can withstand high stress and pressure from external forces and last longer due to their high tensile strength.

Another reason a gunite swimming pool lasts longer is the shifting ground phenomenon.

The soil below and around the pool doesn’t stay still. It keeps shifting due to factors like water intrusion, compaction, freezing, thawing, or drought. Hence, the pool shell should be made from a material that is tough and solid but expands and contracts without cracking. Gunite has this dual quality that makes it an excellent choice for building long-lasting pool structures.

Benefits of Gunite Swimming Pools
An asymmetric gunite swimming pool in Nassau County


Another great quality of gunite is its versatility. Our professional masons and contractors can customize your pool in any shape, depth, and size you want. You can enjoy your personal aquatic sanctuary built according to your lifestyle, budget, and style preferences.

A gunite swimming pool can also fit well in any landscape and space. You can choose from an endless list of possible designs, including ones with sharp angles, smooth curves, or both. Moreover, there are multiple options for the pool’s finishing, including plasters, pebbles, tiles, and glass.

Gunite also allows you to install different design amenities in the pool that match your landscape and raise the pool’s overall appeal. Some cool design amenities include water benches, tanning ledges, and barstools. You can also add spas and waterfalls for a natural vibe.

Other alternatives to a gunite swimming pool include standard concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass ones. Although pool construction and renovation with these materials are quicker and cheaper, they offer limited design options compared to gunite. In short, gunite pools are a perfect fusion of fun, fitness, comfort, and visual appeal.

Easy Maintenance

Gunite pools are worth every buck you spend on their construction and renovation. This is because they don’t need relatively extensive repairs and maintenance like pools of other materials.

Basically, a gunite swimming pool retains its shape over a long time because of its steep-supported framework, unlike pools of fiberglass, vinyl, and other materials.

However, you must keep it clean and shiny with the right chemicals to prevent algae and keep its durability intact. You may also have to refinish the pool after a while if it starts showing signs of wear.

Important Considerations for Gunite Pools

●       Be careful with Pool Draining

Gunite can expand and contract due to several environmental factors. A high groundwater table due to improper draining can raise the pool off the ground and cause considerable damage. Hence, you must learn the right way to drain the pool.

●       Scrub, Clean, and Add Chemicals

Gunite’s porous nature makes it prone to algae growth. You must scrub, brush, and use additional chemicals to keep the pool clean and prevent algae growth.

The pool shell’s alkaline pH level regularly raises the water’s pH levels. This requires you to neutralize the water’s pH levels by adding acids.

●       Construction May Take Time

Builders and masonry contractors can usually build a gunite swimming pool from scratch within approximately 2 to 3 months or even more.

Gunite Pool Construction
A backyard gunite swimming pool by Gappsi

Construction of a Gunite Swimming Pool in Nassau and Suffolk County

The first step in gunite pool construction is digging the hole for the pool.

After that, builders install iron and steel bar framework around the pool’s perimeter. The core purpose of this grid-like framework is to reinforce the pool’s structure. This iron framework is suspended in the air on concrete blocks to prevent it from touching the soil, leaving enough space to fill in fresh gunite at the bottom surface.

Then comes the time to spray gunite with high pressure and velocity around and onto the iron bars. This is how builders make the pool’s dense floor and walls. After spraying gunite across the entire pool, they smooth the material and leave it to set and dry.

The next step is to add a finishing material that matches your landscape. You can opt for plaster as the finishing material because it comes in many colors. For a more extravagant or luxurious look, you can consider colored quartz, pebbles, or tiles.

The final steps include leveling and paving the ground around the pool and installing a pool coping. Pool coping separates the pool shell from the surrounding surface area and prevents the water from leaving the pool shell.

Since your pool is ready at this point, you can now ask plumbers and electrical handymen to install the water pump, any additional water features, and light fixtures.

Want an exclusive swimming pool in your backyard, school, or recreational center? Schedule Your Free Consultation Today with Gapssi Home Improvement Company for gunite swimming pool renovations and new construction in Nassau and Suffolk County, Long Island, NY.


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