Gunite Swimming Pool Renovation – Using Marble Dusting Plaster and Tiles

Gunite Pool Renovation
A Gunite Pool Renovated by Gappsi

Time can take a toll on several structures of your home, from driveways and roofing to swimming pools. While wear and tear are inevitable, there’s certainly a way to deal with it. Using marble dusting plaster and tiles for gunite swimming pool renovation can do wonders to resurface your pool.

Fortunately, there are ways to tell when your pool has begun aging. There are only so many freezes and thaw cycles and pressurized water it can handle. If you’re also wondering how to bring it back to life, you’ve come to the right place.

What Is Marble Dusting Plaster?

In short, it’s a smooth plaster finish applied to gunite pools and spas. Made using a mixture of crushed marble and highly refined white cement, you can purchase it in many colors. However, the most common colors people opt for are black and anything in the gray spectrum.

Our highly skilled professionals at Gappsi will start by applying it to your water line. Following this, they will apply rows of tiles of your choice. From our contractor to the applicator, everyone ensures you get just the kind of finish you desire for your gunite pool.

Signs You Need Marble Dusting Plaster and Tiles for Gunite Swimming Pool Renovation

The Stains Are Apparent

Stains come in different sizes and shapes. While they’re nothing more than signs of superficial damage, they can be annoying. The stains can be as irritating as the ones on your clothes. In most cases, they’re caused by algae, leaves, and other natural debris and chemical and mineral inputs.

If you see them growing in size and are unable to clean them up using home remedies, it may be a good time to contact Gappsi for a professional repair service.

Gunite Pool Renovations
A Gunite Pool Renovation in Long Island, NY

The Texture Doesn’t Seem Right

It’s important to recognize when your pool surface doesn’t feel smooth. Is the gunite showing through? Does the surface feel rough? These can be huge signs of deterioration of your pool surface.

The chances are, it will only get worse over time. Finding a good applicator and supplier in Nassau and Suffolk County, Long Island, NY, can be a daunting task. For this reason, our contractor at Gappsi makes sure to match your needs with the best team at hand.

Apart from staining, you may also want to look out for unbalanced levels of pH that can deteriorate the surface in the blink of an eye. If you notice that your pool needs more cleaning than usual, then there may be a good chance that there’s an imbalance in your pool chemicals.

There’s Frequent Leakage

Is your pool holding water well? A damaged or worn-out pool will have frequent leakage, making the water levels go down immensely even if you’ve just added water.

And much like a weakening surface, pool leaks will only worsen if left unaddressed. And that also means your water bill will keep going up, up, up until a full resurfacing is done.

Additional Resurfacing Options For Your Gunite Pool

There are a number of resurfacing options, including marble dusting plaster and tiles for gunite swimming pool renovation. At Gappsi, we’re not only well-versed in what your pool needs, but we also have several pool surfaces to offer, such as marcasite and quartz aggregate.

Marcite Vs. Quartz Aggregate

While the former is a mixture of marble dust, water, and cement, the latter is a mixture of plaster and small quartz pieces. For most pool surfaces, marcite is used as the standard plaster application. Furthermore, it provides a watertight seal over gunite and is very reliable.

The reason it’s a popular choice for pools is that it’s smooth and has a traditional appearance. It also reflects light inside, creating a vivid blue effect.

On the other hand, quartz aggregate lasts much longer. It is also harder than and not as prone to staining as marcite. Simultaneously, it gives the pool a unique and luxurious appearance.

A Gunite Swimming Pool
A customized gunite pool by Gappsi

How Long Does the Pool Resurfacing Take?

Once we’ve connected you to the relevant applicator and supplier in Nassau and Suffolk County, Long Island, NY, it shouldn’t take longer than a day or two to complete the process. This means you won’t have to shut your pool down for an indefinite period of time.

However, don’t let the issues linger because the more challenging they get, the more destructive they become. Don’t let any damage get away from your sight because sooner or later, it will end up causing more harm than good.

While renovating the pool doesn’t take longer than two weeks, curing certainly takes over two weeks. Before this, it is unlikely that you will be able to use the pool. While you wait, you can plan a wonderful re-opening pool party.

Schedule Your Maintenance Services Today

Aging is only natural. There will come a point when your pool begins deteriorating due to a number of factors. The time and effort to maintain a pool are not always worthwhile. This is why you must leave it to the professionals at Gappsi.

From conducting an inspection to providing you with the best quality marble dusting plaster, we’ll do everything it takes to fulfill your needs. Our experts will also make sure to check your drains, filter, heater, and pump to look for any signs of malfunctions and leaks.

Furthermore, they will also the old plaster and the tile for signs of aging. The applicators and technicians at Gappsi will only renovate your pool after they’ve assessed the damage.

Nothing extends the life of your pool more than popular and regular swimming pool maintenance. So, leave it up to the professionals and contact Gappsi if you’re in Nassau and Suffolk County, Long Island, NY, to schedule a consultation.



Putting Green Courts Designers in Nassau and Suffolk County, Long Island, NY

putting green courts designer
Gappsi’s Putting Green Court in Suffolk County

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have your own personal sports game court right in your backyard or lawn? From spending quality time with your family to practicing like a pro, there are a number of ways you can use a court. The cherry on top, you won’t need to spend much time or money on maintenance either.

Our putting green court designers are equipped with just the right set of skills and knowledge to make your dreams come true. So, if you’re looking for the look and feel of real grass for your customized sports game court, you’ve come to the right place. At Gappsi, the quality of products and construction certainly speaks for itself.

What Type of Grass Is Used On a Putting Green?

Finding the right type of grass for your court can be a challenge in Nassau and Suffolk County, Long Island, NY. Thanks to the endless supply of skill and expertise at Gappsi, our professionals are well-versed in what a fully functional court needs.

The most common types of grass we often use on putting greens are annual bluegrass, creeping bentgrass, and Bermuda grass. However, their availability can be subject to the climate of your area. Bermuda grass thrives in heat, whereas bentgrass reaps the best results in a cooler climate.

Even though annual bluegrass was previously used for golf courses, it isn’t as popular as bent and Bermuda today. The former can result in bumpier surfaces the more time passes.

The grainy feature of Bermuda grass makes it super-defined in the direction it grows. So, you can expect a green, thick surface on your surface.

Creeping bentgrass, on the other hand, is much easier on the surface in the sense that the grain isn’t as severe. With this type of grass, you can play the slope instead of playing the grain.

Putting Green Court
Putting Green Court on Long Island

Our installer will help you determine the difference by helping you see what the grain is like.  While it’s a lot more defined in Bermuda, it’s not as defined in bentgrass.

Then there’s fescue that comes with a wispy texture and stands tall. It’s the grass of links golf, and it’s best for areas that don’t require mowing.

However, fescue also serves as short grass. It serves well on tees, greens, and fairways. Nonetheless, whichever type of grass you choose, our contractors will make sure to align you with the best team on board.

How to Maintain Your Putting Green Court

The job of our putting green courts designers doesn’t simply end at creating and designing your court. They will make sure to provide you with a bunch of tips to maintain your backyard or lawn where the court might be.

Unless you’ve opted for artificial grass, your regular putting green will require some maintenance. Mowing them daily at heights below one-eighth of an inch is imperative. It helps golfers read the turf and hit their shots properly.

You may be wondering, isn’t it too much of a hassle? Well, yes, it is, and the best way to spare yourself the effort is to go for synthetic turf. If you leave the grass shorter in some areas and longer in others, the misbalance can mess up your shot.

From our contractors to installers, each professional will make sure to guide you every step of the way. After all, choosing the right type of grass is imperative as it determines the effectiveness of the court for a long, long time.

Real Vs. Synthetic Grass on Putting Greens

With synthetic grass, the pros certainly outweigh the cons. For one, you will not need to water your court every day. Neither will you have to create a schedule that revolves around maintaining the court.

While real grass is often the ideal choice, the effort it requires to thrive isn’t always worth it. If too much water sits in the soil, it can result in sponginess in Nassau and Suffolk County, Long Island, NY. Furthermore, ensuring that they have the right firmness is also important. Otherwise, the putting green may end up sinking wherever you step.

Not only will it throw your game off, but it will also keep you from enjoying yourself much. All in all, the time it takes to figure out the right greens and then maintain them can take a toll on your schedule.

On the other hand, synthetic grass can significantly take the maintenance burden off your shoulders. You can let go of the need to get trained to maintain it and simply enjoy the surface our putting green courts designers have created for you.

Gappsi Putting Green Designers
A Putting Green Court Designed by Gappsi

Why Get Your Own Sports Game Court In Nassau and Suffolk County, Long Island, NY

The world won’t stop getting competitive any time soon. With more and more youth sports emerging across the globe, you do not want your kid to feel left out. Getting your own private court can help you and your family stay ahead of the curve.

You won’t need to spend your hard-earned money on memberships and fuel just to get access to a decent sports game court. Furthermore, it’s a fun and exciting way to work out or spend time with friends and family.

Hire the Best Putting Green Courts Designers

Gappsi is one of the best home improvement companies in Nassau and Suffolk County, Long Island, NY. Are you wondering why? Well, for one, our services aren’t only limited to installation. We put thought and consideration in every step of the way, from conception and design to construction and finishing. The way our team integrates your court into your backyard’s natural landscape will speak for itself.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your lawn or backyard is. Through our customized services, we have benefitted a number of clients. We certainly can’t wait to transform your space into the sports game court of your dreams.

If you want your personal backyard putting green court where you can train or spend quality time with family, call us at Gappsi and schedule a consultation today!



Seamless Basketball Court Construction in Nassau & Suffolk County

basketball courts designers

Are you thinking of investing in a basketball court for your property? Gappsi has professional basketball courts designers who can construct the most striking and functional court for you. Our construction experts will understand your vision and translate it into a stunning reality.

Before we dive into Gappsi’s impeccable basketball construction experience, let’s explore some reasons to install a basketball court on your property.

Reasons to Install a Basketball Court on Your Property

It Enhances the Property’s Landscape

Installing a basketball court on a commercial or residential property will enhance the landscape. A well-designed and constructed court is aesthetically pleasing. At Gappsi, we ensure the design of the court blends seamlessly with the overall aesthetic of your property and surrounding area. What’s more is that it can quickly become the center of attention on your property, benefiting the owners and visitors alike.

It Increases the Property’s Value

If you’re considering installing a basketball court in your home in Long Island, NY, contact our basketball courts designers for a professional-level design. This way, the sports game court we install can help elevate the resale value of your house.

Additionally, we can revamp your entire backyard with an elegant patio and other masonry constructions for an entirely new look. The court will attract families with young kids and teens when you decide to sell your property eventually. Meanwhile, the revamped backyard will help you with the overall resale value, attracting buyers who want a well-designed backyard.

basketball courts designers

It Fosters a Great Sense of Community & Family

Having a basketball court in your home will enable you to spend time with your family. You can spend the afternoons and evenings playing the sport with your kids from the comfort of your backyard. Besides, it will be a spectacular talking point and engaging activity for your guests.

Similarly, investing in a court for your commercial or public property will encourage a sense of community. Kids and adults around the block will form teams and play on your basketball court. You will essentially instill a renewed sense of togetherness in your neighborhood.

It’s A Great Avenue for Physical Activity

Just like a home gym helps people exercise from the comfort of their homes, a basketball court will encourage you to be more active. It can become the catalyst you and your loved ones need to engage in more physical activities.

Hiring an installer for basketball court construction will give you access to a fun outdoor activity. Everyday use of the court will also help you work up a sweat, keeping you healthy. Moreover, it will help you improve your hand-eye coordination and learn a few sick moves on the court!

Gappsi Constructs Custom Basketball Courts

At Gappsi, our basketball courts designers design and install custom basketball courts based on your specifications. We can install sports game courts with the following materials:


An asphalt pad with sleek, painted lines is an affordable option for sports game courts. If you’re concerned about the asphalt cracking, don’t install the court near big tree roots. That said, asphalt is an excellent choice for a driveway basketball court and is softer than some other surfaces. Furthermore, we can enhance the look of the court with brick pavers.

Brick Pavers

Flat brick pavers offer a smooth basketball court surface. You have multiple colors and the pavers can be replaced once broken. Moreover, our sports game court suppliers can incorporate the free-throw and other basketball court lines into the design with differently-hued pavers. A court with brick pavers will compliment a residential property beautifully.

Hard-Packed Gravel with Mateflex

If you live in a town or neighborhood with strict zoning laws, we have you covered. Our basketball court designers can use hard-packed gravel with Mateflex to construct a professional-grade sports game court for you. So, if you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing court that is equally wonderful to play on, this is it!


While concrete is not ideal for professional basketball, it works for driveway courts. A concrete driveway basketball court will last around 30 years. However, if you live in colder climates, we would not recommend this court as it can crack. That said, concrete is an affordable material for residential basketball courts.

Basketball Courts Designer
A basketball court in Long Island, NY

The Best Basketball Courts Designers in Long Island, NY

If you’re searching for basketball courts designers and constructors in Long Island, NY, you cannot do better than Gappsi! We offer various court designs and installations for all types of residential and commercial properties. We can fulfill your requirements if you need a basketball court for your school, park, home, or club. Furthermore, Gappsi can offer a complete, half, or even just the key of a basketball court to match your space specifications.

Our professional basketball court installers will review the size, shape, performance surface, hoop size, and game line striping design. This way, we ensure everything is according to your preference. Our seamless outdoor construction service for residential and commercial basketball courts involves the following:

  • Excavation
  • Base installation of the court
  • Installing the fences, hoops, and poles
  • Painting or construction of the line striping
  • Customizing the half- or full-court design

At Gappsi, you will benefit from a 360-degree, holistic construction service for your basketball court. We will walk you through the different materials and court sizes and give you pertinent advice based on your landscape. Moreover, our court installers will ensure the prepared surface is safe to play on for you and your loved ones.

Gappsi constructors always follow the zoning and coding laws of the neighborhood where they construct basketball courts. Additionally, we will construct a low-maintenance, weather-resistant, and durable basketball court while ensuring it’s within the law. We always aim to please you with the final product and ensure you can enjoy playing on the court for years to come.



Granite Patio Pavers and Pool Coping – A Basic Guide

Granite patio pavers
A granite patio by Gappsi

There’s no doubt about how much a swimming pool can enhance the appearance of your backyard. Regardless of the shape and size, they are a wonderful addition to your home exterior. However, when it comes to pool coping, most people want to stick to granite patio pavers and pool coping. If you’re wondering whether the material is appropriate for your needs, keep reading.

Why Do You Need a Pool Coping?

Before we get into why we need granite pavers, it’s important to understand the role of pool coping. A pool coping directs splashout into the deck drains and away from the pool. It also blocks water flow from the area behind the pool, preventing further damage. The most important role it plays is that of an inhibitor. It inhibits dirt, debris, and grass from entering the pool area. Last but not least, it provides swimmers with a sturdy and safe way to enter and exit poolside.

Granite Patio Pavers and Pool Coping: Why Do You Need Them?

Granite Is Durable and Long-Lasting

Any product you choose for any purpose should have the quality of being durable and long-lasting, especially when it comes to enhancing your home’s appearance. This is precisely why granite is a sought-after choice.

It is a popular choice among many people mainly because of its durability. However, the consensus on its popularity isn’t new. It goes back to the time of the construction of Roman aqueducts. All in all, the material is highly resilient and sturdy and requires minimal maintenance, making it perfect for everything, including your patios.

It’s Moisture Resistant

The best quality of granite is that it adapts well to wet areas in Nassau and Suffolk County, Long Island, NY. Hence, when you install these pavers as pool coping, you won’t have to worry about water seeping in. The stone is quite impenetrable to most liquids.

It Adds a Level of Elegance to Your Exterior

Our designers at Gappsi ensure that the granite stone you choose enhances the beauty of your backyard or lawn. Furthermore, thanks to the huge variety of colors and formats in our showrooms, you will have no trouble finding your favorite color.

It’s Much More Affordable Than Other Options Out There

Granite stone has long been the ideal solution for most pool copings. Apart from the durability and variety factors, the price also plays a role here. You can get it repaired or replaced at a reasonable price if needed.

Granite Patio Pavers
A granite patio in a house on Long Island

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Pool Paver

From our suppliers and distributors to our contractors and installer, everyone ensures that you get exactly what you’re looking for. However, there’s more to the subject than just appearance and durability. You must consider the following factors, too, when it comes to choosing your pool paver.


Cost plays a vital role in the selection process. You want to ensure that whatever you’re choosing is cost-effective and has a long life span. Stone pavers usually require much less upkeep than other options in the market.

Glare And Heat

It’s important to consider how the paver surface feels on a hot day. While most surfaces are prone to getting hot in summer, some get hotter than others. You want to get a denser and lighter paver in Nassau and Suffolk County, Long Island, NY. You may also want to factor in the amount of glare you’ll experience. The rule is to consider the color. The lighter it is, the greater the glare.

Surface Finish

The surface finish should be a primary factor to consider when choosing pool paving for an outdoor space. Since avoiding spills is the priority, it’s important that you with something with a non-slip finish.


Using the right seal for pool pavers is imperative, especially since natural stone is porous. Make sure to seal your granite patio pavers and pool coping correctly, or it may not be able to stand the test of time. The stone’s quality falls prey to environmental factors over time which is why protecting its natural beauty is important. Nonetheless, our manufacturers ensure that you get the best possible quality no matter what type of pavers you choose. You may also want to consult our professionals to learn more about the sealing process.

Pool Coping

If you’ve decided to pave around your pool, you may want to consider a few more questions. Do you want to use a different coping material or run it along the edge? Regardless, you want to go with a paver that merges well with the remaining landscape. All in all, the deal is to choose a material that isn’t only aesthetically pleasing but also performs well, whether you’re using it for your pool, walkways, or wall veneers.

Granite vs. Bluestone

While bluestone has a sawn finish, Granite has a bush-hammered finish. Both are ideal in terms of their performance. However, with bluestone, you can choose various formats, from cobblestones to tiles. On the other hand, granite has its own way of giving you an elegant finish that meshes well with both traditional and contemporary architecture. While the option of custom fabrication is there, it all comes down to personal preferences.

Learn More About Granite Patio Pavers and Pool Copings

You can’t possibly have a pool without coping. It’s almost like having a plane without a roof. Hence, it’s safe to conclude that the final outlook of your pool depends solely on the material you choose for pavers and copings. At Gappsi, we have an endless list of options for you to choose from. We also encourage the idea of familiarizing yourself with different stone options.

After all, choosing a durable, long-lasting material that increases the aesthetic value of your home is the primary goal. From the style to the budget, you want to ensure that your chosen material fits your needs best. Our customized services have benefitted a number of clients over the years. This gives us even more of a reason to transform your backyard or lawn into the space of your dreams.  For more information, call us at Gappsi and schedule a consultation today!


Nicolock and Cambridge Concrete Pavers – How to Maintain Them

Concrete Pavers by Gappsi
Driveway Concrete Pavers by Gappsi

Nicolock and Cambridge concrete pavers are both excellent choices for your property. However, taking the paver technology into account is as important as taking their feel and look into consideration. Each brand has a lot to offer, from amazing technology to several design options for your property, making decision-making even harder. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of each, along with tips for their maintenance.

Nicolock Paving Stones

Nicolock paving stones use its paver-shield technology to manufacture beautiful concrete paving stones. They also manufacture segmental retaining wall systems, precast concrete products, and paving slabs. Thanks to the paver-shield technology, these pavers have a richer and denser surface. They also have a bright, vibrant appearance that just doesn’t fade.

Cambridge Paving Stones

Cambridge pavers have ArmorTec technology that does a wonderful job of improving your home’s appearance. This extra-dense concrete has a rich appearance which also keeps your surface smooth and skid-resistant. There are a number of possibilities when it comes to using them for different designs. The cherry on top is that there are numerous colors and shapes available.

At Gappsi, we make sure to connect you with the best suppliers for Nassau and Suffolk County, Long Island, NY.

Nicolock and Cambridge Concrete Pavers – How to Maintain Them

When it comes to cleaning and sealing, you want to make sure you’re doing it right. The first step involves getting the stones ready. Start by removing any items touching the pavers, such as toys, chairs, tables, etc. Then, if you notice any weeds, pull them out gently. You want to ensure that you’re working on a clear surface. You can also use a broom to scrub any other growth away.

At Gappsi, our installers and applicators make sure to do the job right, so you do not need to touch the pavers for any form of maintenance for a long time. While there are basic ways to maintain your concrete pavers without professional help, they might not work every time.

What Types of Cleaning Solutions Should You Use?

There are numerous cleaners for pavers. However, you want to stick to an effective and long-lasting solution. Before you take your pick, make sure to test the solutions on a single stone first to record its reaction to the color.

Swimming pool concrete pavers
Backyard Concrete Pavers in Long Island, NY

Diluted Bleach

You can remove a number of stains by using bleach diluted with ten parts water. The stains this solution can easily remove are tobacco stains, wood rot, and beverage stains.

Water And Soap

Sometimes, hand soap or dishwashing soap is also effective in removing moderate stains and grease. You can make the solution easily by mixing some warm water with soap.

Simple Green

The best cleaning solutions for pavers are those that are chemical-free. You want to ensure that you’re using the least number of chemicals when working with any outdoor structure.

There are a number of retailers across the country that sell cleaning solutions for pavers. However, you want to make sure you’re purchasing the one with the least number of chemicals involved.

Hire Gappsi Contractors Today To Clean And Seal Your Pavers!

At Gappsi, we understand how overwhelming the task of maintaining your pavers can be. For this reason, we have a number of skilled professionals to do the job for you. Whether you want to restore the pavers on your walkway or pool patios, trust us to do the job in both Nassau and Suffolk County, Long Island, NY.

After all, preventive maintenance of Nicolock and Cambridge concrete pavers is essential to keep their quality intact for the long run. Our professionals will apply low-pressure hot water to clean your pavers to ensure that all the grime and dirt have been removed.

Then, they will refill the joints with polymeric sand before using a specialized machine to apply vibration. Then, they will mist using a garden hose before applying a urethane-based sealer.

Thanks to this product, you won’t see yellow or peeling pavers for a long time. This sealer does not give the stones a shiny appearance, but it makes up by adding a deeper tone to the color. Furthermore, our team will also guide you about ways to clean and seal the pavers yourself.

Preventing Pavers From Fading

It’s important to acknowledge that sooner or later, your outdoor pavers will fade. This is usually because of prolonged exposure to UV rays. With time, you may notice that the aggregate is no longer accepting the color pigments, which will make them appear gray or white the more the color fades.

The good news is there are a few ways to slow down fading. One way is to seal them appropriately. This way, the pavers will be able to resist wear and tear for a long time. However, the benefits of sealing don’t end here. Sealing also prevents Nicolock and Cambridge concrete pavers from water penetration, weather conditions, cracks and damages, moss, mold, weeds, and ants.

Concrete pavers for backyard
Top-quality concrete pavers by Gappsi

In a nutshell, no matter what type of pavers you have, sealing them will do wonders in keeping their look and quality intact. All you have to do is leave the work in the hands of our experts, who will take care of your investment with due diligence. With years of experience under its belt, Gappsi knows how to serve you best.

How Frequently Should You Opt For Sealing?

At the time of installation, our installer will make sure to apply a sealer to prevent the fading of your pavers. However, doing it once is not enough. As a rule of thumb, you want to go for it every three to five years. If the sun is intense, you want to go for it every three years to maintain the rich appearance of your concrete pavers.

Schedule Your FREE Consultation Today

No matter how many stores you visit to get the best possible cleaning solution, it won’t ensure that the results are long-lasting. Contact Gappsi for a consultation and a free estimate for cleaning and sealing your pavers.

Shuffleboard Court Construction in Nassau & Suffolk County

Shuffleboard court designers
An outdoor shuffleboard court by Gappsi

Are you thinking of investing in an outdoor shuffleboard court? Gappsi has seasoned shuffleboard court designers who can install high-quality custom sports game courts at reasonable rates. Before we delve into the service our professional installers offer, let’s look at what shuffleboard is.

What Is Shuffleboard?

Shuffleboard or shovelboard is a sport where you shove disks with a stick or hand to land them inside a scoring area on the shuffleboard court or table. This game gained popularity in England in the early 15th century. Back then, the aristocracy called it shovegroat or shovel-penny. An iteration of shuffleboard, shove-ha’penny is a table game still operational in English pubs.

While there is no consensus on the origin of shuffleboard, earlier iterations of it are from England. This sport continued to evolve and reached the American colonies. As shuffleboard grew in popularity, its rules and form of play continued to evolve. It was introduced in Florida in 1913 as a sport played on land. It became so popular that it spread throughout the U.S. and gained the most traction in retirement communities.

Today, people play an overhauled version of this old indoor game on ocean liners and cruises as a deck game. It employs courts of custom designs marked on the ship deck. They also have multiple lined sessions for play. Players play modern shuffleboard in two forms – outdoor and indoor shuffleboard. They have varied rules for play and scoring.

The National Shuffleboard Association adopted the rules of outdoor shuffleboard. Moreover, the association defined the court size and shape. The courts are 6 by 52 feet, and the wood disks are 1 by 6 inches. Typically, the shuffleboard courts have a concrete or terrazzo construction. Two or four people can play the sport as singles or doubles.

Gappsi Has Expert Shuffleboard Court Designers

Gappsi has years of sports court construction experience. We design custom courts based on our client’s specifications and the zoning laws in their neighborhood. Our contractors have designed multiple basketball, volleyball, badminton, bocce, and shuffleboard courts in Nassau & Suffolk County, Long Island, NY.

Shuffleboard court designers
An outdoor shuffleboard court by Gappsi

Standard Shuffleboard Court Construction

A standard shuffleboard court is rectangular and 52 feet long by 6 or 10 feet wide. Both ends feature a baseline and a triangle with five segments, and we mark each section with a specific number of points. The court also has an area toward both ends. It is marked “10 off.” The middle section of the court is usually 12 feet long. Each player or doubles gets a set of colored disks, usually black and yellow, but red and black are popular choices. Every player also gets a cue, which can be 6 feet long. Gappsi’s shuffleboard court designers can install this standard court on your property.

Why Choose Gappsi for Your Shuffleboard Court Installation

When selecting a shuffleboard court contractor, always ensure they are licensed for new construction in your neighborhood. Gappsi operates regularly in all neighborhoods across Long Island, NY. Our shuffleboard court suppliers and installers are meticulous about the design, installation, specs, and other details.

Moreover, our court contractors have the expertise to design all types of custom sports courts for residential and commercial properties. Whether you need a court for your home, school, gym, park, office, recreational club, etc., we will design the shuffleboard court per your specifications.

Additionally, the professionals at Gappsi are always ready to answer your questions and appease your queries. We base our designs on your request, location, court size, and other specifications. Our shuffleboard court designers will include you throughout the process and construct the court as quickly as possible.

At Gappsi, we can adjust the size of the shuffleboard court to suit your particular needs while maintaining accurate play. We can design the court to give you more freedom for movement. Furthermore, our court installers will ensure the surface has a slight slope on either side. It will ensure water does not remain on the playing surface and can drain away quickly. Lastly, we will ensure the court is installed on time and that the installation cost is within your budget.

FAQs About Our Shuffleboard Court Construction

Here are some popular questions we get from clients interested in our shuffleboard court design service:

Shuffleboard court installer

A shuffleboard court by Gappsi in Long Island, NY

What Dimensions Should I Choose for My Shuffleboard Court?

Official shuffleboard courts in the U.S. are 52 feet long and 6 feet wide. However, you are free to choose the dimensions that suit your landscape. If you select us for shuffleboard court construction, we will assess your space and provide you with appropriate court dimensions.

What Materials Do You Use to Construct the Court?

Typically, our shuffleboard court designers excavate the surface for shuffleboard construction. Then, we have a level concrete subsurface to suit your chosen dimensions. Concrete is the ideal hard surface needed for optimal shuffleboard performance. We will also prime, paint, and seal the surface. It will protect the playing area so that you can use it for years. The finish will ensure the court remains weather-resistant for a long time.

How Do You Apply the Court Lines?

We use a stencil and bright acrylic paint to apply the lines after priming the concrete. Even though white is the standard color for court lines and the court surface is typically green, you can choose a custom color combination.

What Sort of Maintenance Will the Court Require?

You must clean the concrete court with power washing when it’s too dirty. However, regular mopping with mild soapy water will keep it clean. If your court has damaged parts, we can repair them quickly before the rest of the court caves or cracks.

Schedule your professional shuffleboard court construction consultation today, contact Gappsi today!



Horseshoe Courts Designers in Nassau and Suffolk County

Horseshoe courts designers
A horseshoe court designed by Gappsi

Horseshoe courts are much more in demand than ever before. Don’t be mistaken. These courts are no longer limited to recreational centers and educational facilities. Nowadays, many people consider reaping more benefits out of their living spaces. After all, what’s a better way to spend quality time with your family than by creating healthy competition among them? Our horseshoe courts designers are well-versed in your needs when it comes to constructing one.

Speaking of healthy competition, why not use your backyard for something other than storing useless tools? Sometimes, a good game of horseshoe is all you need to lift your mood.

Want a horseshoe court in your backyard too? At Gappsi, our brilliant designers will not only make one for you, but they will also customize it based on your needs. Getting a personal horseshoe court is no longer a dream in Nassau and Suffolk County, Long Island, NY. Read on to learn more about the construction process.

What is Horseshoes Game?

This lawn game usually facilitates two players or two teams of two players. The game revolves around taking turns and throwing two horseshoes each. However, the stakes should be 40 feet apart.

Your goal is to get your horseshoe closer to the stake. The closest you are, the better your points. One complete set of throws serves as one “inning.”

While the official game consists of 25 innings, you can customize the rules based on your needs. Our horseshoe courts designers can build a highly functional court that benefits both beginners and experts.

What Does a Basic Horseshoe Court Consist Of?

A fairly level ground is the first requirement of playing the game. However, with our suppliers, you will not need to settle for the bare minimum. At Gappsi, we believe in building spectacular courts regardless of where they are.

Since there should be a space of 40 feet, our installer will make sure to keep the stakes at a reasonable distance from each other. Ideally, the stakes should be 15 inches above ground while they lean towards the court’s center.

Our team will also ensure that the horseshoes stay in place after construction. Furthermore, if needed, our horseshoe courts designers can also mark the pitching locations for your family members. A good horseshoe court leaves a lasting impression on your opponents, no matter who they are.

Benefits of Hiring Our Horseshoe Courts Designers

Why settle for a basic horseshoe court when you can have a fully functional one? Here are some benefits you can enjoy by hiring our professionals:

Secured Stakes

Horseshoes are quite heavy. This means that you’ll want them in place once the game begins to advance. However, drilling holes isn’t an easy job and certainly not a safe one.

Our team’s craftsmanship is such that your court won’t need retouching even years later. By using concrete, they will ensure that your stake doesn’t move for a long time.

Using the Right Material for the Pit

Building horseshoe courts in Nassau and Suffolk County isn’t as easy as it sounds. You can go wrong with a number of things such as dimensions and materials.

This is where you’ll need our designers to step in and create a pit that lasts for years. However, the process requires quality materials, and our suppliers are well-versed in what a good horseshoe court needs. From keeping your court square and even to keeping the pit material from mixing with dirt, our designers will make sure to finish the job well.

Installing Pitching Platforms Where Required

Based on the size that fits the deal, our horseshoe courts designers will build sturdy pitching platforms. The top-notch quality of our wood and concrete will surely leave you in awe. While the exact size should be 16’ long and 18” wide, our professionals will determine what size fits your backyard best.

History of the Horseshoes Game

The origins of the game go back many centuries ago. However, it wasn’t until the 20th century that authorities finally made standard rules for it. Disagreements and variations still exist among different regions, but most standard rules are pretty much the same.

In 1920, during a horseshoe tournament in Chicago, a peg that stood eight inches above the ground was used. Throughout the course of history, many notorious performances have taken place. However, it wasn’t until 1921 that an association was finally formed.

Horseshoe court designers
Horseshoe court designed by Gappsi

The NHPA (National Horseshoe Pitchers Association) began organizing events and competitions and also outlined game rules for them. Even today, the association oversees official events, membership, and rules. The games facilitate people from all walks of life. From the elderly to the juniors, the games are open to various groups from across the country.

So, are you also planning to participate in the upcoming NHPA-sanctioned games? Finding a horseshoe court to practice on can be exhausting. Imagine simply having one at home, so you do not have to waste your energy and fuel reaching somewhere miles away. Once you’ve specified your needs to our contractors, they will ensure to connect you to the best teams at Gappsi.

Factors That Affect Horseshoe Pitching In Nassau and Suffolk County, Long Island, NY


The unusual hardness of the clay isn’t conducive to good pitching. You want to make sure to keep it moist. However, using too much water is also not recommended as it turns the clay liquidy. Ensuring the right amount of moisture is imperative before you play the game. Good clay will not harden nor be unusually soft and liquid-like.

Our horseshoe courts designers will make sure to provide you with adequate information to maintain your court and material. For one, you want to make sure that the clay is in excellent condition throughout the course of the game. When you’re done using the court, sprinkle a little water and cover it to prevent evaporation.


You want to make sure to dress your sand-filled pits nearly every inning. You can do it by leveling and kicking the sand by foot. If your sand is moist, it will make it harder for a player to knock it out of the pit.

Contact Our Expert Designers in Nassau and Suffolk County

At Gappsi, our team is always available to guide you through the process and answer your queries about it. From getting the right supplies to installing them, our professionals are equipped to deal with any challenge that comes their way.  Check out our Sports Court Gallery to be inspired by design ideas.

Pros of a Gunite Swimming Pool | Construction and Renovation

Gunite Swimming Pool
A customized gunite swimming pool by Gappsi

Refreshing juices by the poolside are the highlight of summer. If you want to construct or renovate a pool on your premises, our Gappsi Home Improvement Company team can help. We can build pools from materials like gunite, concrete, fiberglass, and more. Gunite pools are quite common these days, so this blog will explain everything about a gunite swimming pool and its construction in Nassau and Suffolk County.

What is Gunite?

In simple words, gunite is a form of concrete.

More precisely, it is a gooey material consisting of water, sand, and cement. Builders spray layers of this material on vertical or horizontal frameworks with a compressed air gun or a high-pressure hose. Once the gooey liquid dries, it turns into a thick, rock-hard structure. Builders usually use gunite to construct pools, roads, and tunnels.

Why is gunite better than standard concrete?

The reason is simple; standard concrete is denser than gunite and solidifies quickly after application, making it difficult to handle. Also, gunite structures made through spraying with a hose or gun don’t develop or sustain any seams like traditionally-poured concrete. Gappsi can build a top-quality gunite swimming pool in your courtyard to make your summer super fun.

Advantages of a Gunite Swimming Pool


Gunite’s excellent durability makes it a worthy choice for the construction of residential and commercial swimming pools.

Firstly, gunite swimming pools don’t require wooden structures to set their shape. Instead, the structure of gunite is steel-reinforced. This makes the construction of gunite pools simpler and more robust than the standard concrete ones. They can withstand high stress and pressure from external forces and last longer due to their high tensile strength.

Another reason a gunite swimming pool lasts longer is the shifting ground phenomenon.

The soil below and around the pool doesn’t stay still. It keeps shifting due to factors like water intrusion, compaction, freezing, thawing, or drought. Hence, the pool shell should be made from a material that is tough and solid but expands and contracts without cracking. Gunite has this dual quality that makes it an excellent choice for building long-lasting pool structures.

Benefits of Gunite Swimming Pools
An asymmetric gunite swimming pool in Nassau County


Another great quality of gunite is its versatility. Our professional masons and contractors can customize your pool in any shape, depth, and size you want. You can enjoy your personal aquatic sanctuary built according to your lifestyle, budget, and style preferences.

A gunite swimming pool can also fit well in any landscape and space. You can choose from an endless list of possible designs, including ones with sharp angles, smooth curves, or both. Moreover, there are multiple options for the pool’s finishing, including plasters, pebbles, tiles, and glass.

Gunite also allows you to install different design amenities in the pool that match your landscape and raise the pool’s overall appeal. Some cool design amenities include water benches, tanning ledges, and barstools. You can also add spas and waterfalls for a natural vibe.

Other alternatives to a gunite swimming pool include standard concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass ones. Although pool construction and renovation with these materials are quicker and cheaper, they offer limited design options compared to gunite. In short, gunite pools are a perfect fusion of fun, fitness, comfort, and visual appeal.

Easy Maintenance

Gunite pools are worth every buck you spend on their construction and renovation. This is because they don’t need relatively extensive repairs and maintenance like pools of other materials.

Basically, a gunite swimming pool retains its shape over a long time because of its steep-supported framework, unlike pools of fiberglass, vinyl, and other materials.

However, you must keep it clean and shiny with the right chemicals to prevent algae and keep its durability intact. You may also have to refinish the pool after a while if it starts showing signs of wear.

Important Considerations for Gunite Pools

●       Be careful with Pool Draining

Gunite can expand and contract due to several environmental factors. A high groundwater table due to improper draining can raise the pool off the ground and cause considerable damage. Hence, you must learn the right way to drain the pool.

●       Scrub, Clean, and Add Chemicals

Gunite’s porous nature makes it prone to algae growth. You must scrub, brush, and use additional chemicals to keep the pool clean and prevent algae growth.

The pool shell’s alkaline pH level regularly raises the water’s pH levels. This requires you to neutralize the water’s pH levels by adding acids.

●       Construction May Take Time

Builders and masonry contractors can usually build a gunite swimming pool from scratch within approximately 2 to 3 months or even more.

Gunite Pool Construction
A backyard gunite swimming pool by Gappsi

Construction of a Gunite Swimming Pool in Nassau and Suffolk County

The first step in gunite pool construction is digging the hole for the pool.

After that, builders install iron and steel bar framework around the pool’s perimeter. The core purpose of this grid-like framework is to reinforce the pool’s structure. This iron framework is suspended in the air on concrete blocks to prevent it from touching the soil, leaving enough space to fill in fresh gunite at the bottom surface.

Then comes the time to spray gunite with high pressure and velocity around and onto the iron bars. This is how builders make the pool’s dense floor and walls. After spraying gunite across the entire pool, they smooth the material and leave it to set and dry.

The next step is to add a finishing material that matches your landscape. You can opt for plaster as the finishing material because it comes in many colors. For a more extravagant or luxurious look, you can consider colored quartz, pebbles, or tiles.

The final steps include leveling and paving the ground around the pool and installing a pool coping. Pool coping separates the pool shell from the surrounding surface area and prevents the water from leaving the pool shell.

Since your pool is ready at this point, you can now ask plumbers and electrical handymen to install the water pump, any additional water features, and light fixtures.

Want an exclusive swimming pool in your backyard, school, or recreational center? Schedule Your Free Consultation Today with Gapssi Home Improvement Company for gunite swimming pool renovations and new construction in Nassau and Suffolk County, Long Island, NY.


Bluestone Patio Pavers and Pool Copings in Nassau and Suffolk County

Bluestone Patio Pavers
A custom pool with durable bluestone coping and pavers

Remodeling a patio is a tough task; it changes the entire look of your home’s exterior. You have to be extra careful when creating a landscape design with pavers and pool copings. The pavers and copings should look good and offer durability and convenience. Recently, bluestone patio pavers have become a popular choice amongst homeowners to spruce up their outdoor space. Read on for more details.

What is Bluestone?

Firstly, bluestone isn’t a geological category of a rock-stone. It represents more than 20 distinct rock varieties suitable for construction purposes; their deposits are present worldwide.

The U.S has two distinct types of bluestone: the first is a sandstone found in Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. The other is a variety of limestone found in Shenandoah Valley in Virginia.

The name bluestone originates from the dark-blue-colored sandstone first found in Ulster County, New York. But this doesn’t mean this rock doesn’t have different shades. Besides the blue tones, bluestones also appear in shades of gray and brown.

At Gappsi, our masonry designers and installers are experts at transforming outdoor spaces with high-quality bluestone patio pavers and pool copings.

Why Use Bluestone Patio Pavers?

Bluestone is a trendy choice for patios, walkways, stepping stones, etc. Home improvement contractors in Nassau and Suffolk County recommend bluestone for patios due to the following reasons:

  • Bluestone is a Strong Material

Bluestone is one of the strongest stones used in construction. It ranks sixth on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. This makes it harder than marble at fifth and softer than granite at seventh.

Unlike other natural stones, bluestone doesn’t scratch, chip, or break easily. Also, this stone has an above-average compressive strength, meaning it doesn’t crack under pressure easily.

Bluestone’s hardiness makes it a popular building material in the US and worldwide. There are plenty of structures and monuments made of bluestone worth checking out.

  • Bluestone is Weather-Resistant

Bluestone patio pavers last long because the weather doesn’t damage this naturally-occurring rock. It can tolerate all kinds of weather and temperatures, whether sunny, snowy, or even icy. Hence, you can install it on your patio, no matter where you live.

The only point you should remember is to avoid dark shades of bluestone if you live in a highly sunny area; darker shades may get too hot under the sun.

  • Bluestone has Good Drainage

Another quality of bluestone is that its absorption rate is only two percent. This means bluestone patio pavers and pool copings do not become very slippery, a major concern if you live in a rainy area or have children at home.

Moreover, bluestone’s porous nature prevents bacteria and algae from growing on the pavers and copings. Its good drainage properties also prevent pavers from stains caused by the runoff from the snow or rain. Such stains are quite common in other natural rocks with high moisture content, like granite.

  • Bluestone Patio Pavers Look Super-Attractive

The main charm of bluestone lies in its incredible variation. Even the bluestone from the same quarry and batch might differ slightly. You can browse through the different varieties to find the one that suits your preferences.

  • The elegant blue shades and other earth-toned colors look striking with all kinds of landscapes.
  • Uniform shapes easily available in the market are square, rectangles, and straight lines.
  • Don’t want to go too mainstream? You can choose from interesting patterns featuring irregular shapes and jagged edges like chevron and herringbone.
  • Bluestone comes in many sizes, from small pebbles to large boulders.
Bluestone Pavers
Bluestone Pool Coping by Gappsi

Uniform shapes and sizes give a neat look and are easy to design and install. In contrast, irregular pavers are a little tricky to install, but they make patios look natural. Gappsi offers custom fabrication of patio pavers and pool copings so that your outdoor space looks exactly how you want.

  • Bluestone is Easily Available

The United      States has numerous bluestone quarries that make this natural stone readily available in Nassau and Suffolk County, Long Island, NY. Hence, there is no additional cost of overseas shipping included in the price of bluestone patio pavers and pool copings.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Bluestone Patio Pavers and Pool Copings

Like other natural stones, bluestone also needs proper care and maintenance.

  • Keeping bluestone clean ensures it looks its best and lasts longer. Sweeping dust and debris from bluestone patios and poolsides regularly is a must. Use a water hose for anything that you can’t remove with a broom. For extra-stubborn stains, it’s better to call a professional paver cleaning and maintenance service for help.
  • One of the best qualities of bluestone is that it doesn’t need any refreshing like painted bricks, wood, vinyl, and other materials. It can maintain its natural look over a long time.
  • Remember that bluestone is a natural material. Even if you install uniform-sized patio pavers, the stone still displays a few imperfections like small crevices, clefts, and rust stains. These imperfections are a part of its beauty. This is what makes bluestone ideal for giving your patio a natural feel.
  • Bluestone is a dense but porous material. Hence, sealing bluestone patio pavers exposed to direct sunlight and other weathering elements is important. It protects them from absorbing dirt and other impurities. Sealing also saves the patio pavers from mineral stains and makes them last longer.


Masonry Contractors in Nassau and Suffolk County

Want to know more about bluestone patio pavers and pool copings? Gappsi provides all the details you need to make an informed decision. You can also browse through patio pavers made of other materials like travertine, limestone, and granite. A reliable installer from Gappsi will make sure your patio has an excellent finish, no matter what material you choose.

Benefits of Limestone Patio Pavers and Pool Copings

Limestone Patio Pavers & Pool Copings
A custom limestone patio designed by Gappsi

Planning to revamp your patio? Limestone patio pavers and pool copings are your best bet!

The material of patio pavers and pool copings matters because it affects everything, from convenience and aesthetics to budget and several other factors.

Although patio pavers and pool copings are available in many different forms, limestone has remained one of the most reliable paving choices in the market over all these years. Read on to find out why.

What is Limestone?

In simple words, limestone is a natural sedimentary rock formed of calcium carbonate, clay, silt, sand, and many other minerals. The deposits of this naturally beautiful rock are present all over the world.

Limestone is rightly described as universal and timeless; people have used it in many monumental constructions, like the Pyramids of Egypt, the Empire State Building, and the Houses of Parliament.

Due to the presence of minerals in limestone, it is available in various natural colors, including blue, gray, tan, green, beige, and red.

Want to know the main reason behind its high appeal and value? It’s the natural feel that radiates from this rock! It can complement both traditional and contemporary settings.

Benefits of Limestone Patio Pavers and Pool Copings

Expert Masonry designers and contractors in Nassau and Suffolk county, Long Island, NY, recommend limestone for patios. The reasons are as follows:

Gappsi's limestone patio pavers and pool coping
Limestone Patio and Pool Coping in Suffolk County


Durability is the first thing people look for when constructing patios; limestone fulfills this requirement perfectly.

Limestone’s high durability may sound surprising because of its soft and elegant look, but this naturally-dense rock is impervious to elements. It doesn’t break or crumble easily under harsh weather conditions and extreme temperatures.

In fact, people have been using it in building things intended for heavy-duty use. This rock is not only suitable for patios but also ground floors, kitchens, and other interior parts of a home.

Aesthetic and Versatile

The best part about limestone is that it fits well with any style and color palette you have in mind. It is available in many colors, from dark to light gray, buff, white, blue, green, and even gold. Hence, you can easily match your patio with the interior of your house.

You can find limestone in different textures, amounts, sizes, and durability. Although most limestone pavers have a honed surface, some varieties can also be naturally split.

Experts usually heat limestone to a high temperature in a flame to create a smooth and uniform surface. They can easily chisel, tumble, split, or cut edges to match your requirements. Some textures are suitable for flat and smooth surfaces indoors, while others are perfect for patios and walkways.

Designers can help you choose from the limestone patio pavers and pool copings displays in showrooms. You can also get custom fabrication done by contractors in Nassau and Suffolk County in Long Island, NY.

An Effective Insulator

With its strong insulating properties, limestone prevents your patio and pool copings from getting too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer.

You can walk barefoot on the patio without worrying about burning your foot on hot and sunny days in Nassau and Suffolk County, Long Island, NY. Similarly, you won’t get cold feet while walking barefoot on the patio on chilly days.

Slip-Resistant Properties

Limestone has a little textured and riven profile, making it even more ideal for patios. How? Its texture facilitates underfoot resistance and reduces the chances of slipping to a great extent, even if your feet are wet or it has rained heavily.

With limestone patio pavers, you can let the children in your family run freely around the patio without having to worry about a bad fall.

An Eco-Friendly Choice

Limestone is one of the best options for environment-conscious people when it comes to remodeling the exterior of a house. This is because it’s a renewable stone and doesn’t increase your carbon footprint. Even if it gets damaged for any reason, its repairs won’t contribute to the already-high pollution levels of the nation.

Limestone Patio & Pool Pavers
Gappsi’s custom limestone patio pavers

Cleaning and Maintaining Limestone Patio Pavers and Pool Copings

One of the best parts about limestone patio pavers and pool copings is that you don’t necessarily have to seal them.

  • The first step to cleaning your limestone patio pavers and pool copings is to brush off the dust and debris from the surface with a broom. But be careful not to scratch the stone with your brush.
  • After removing dust and dirt from the surface, wash the pavers with warm water and non-acidic soap. You can soap the water and use a sponge mop to thoroughly clean all the grime and stains. After that, rinse with clean water and let the surface dry naturally.
  • Limestone is more susceptible to chemical damage than other building materials like concrete. Hence, you should never use any acid to clean limestone.
  • Acids cause chemical reactions and affect the colors and hardiness of the stone. So, always choose your cleaning products wisely.
  • Some soap scum and mineral stains may not come off easily. To get rid of them, pour a mixture of baking soda and warm water on a sponge and scrub well. If a stain still persists, you should let a professional paver cleaning service take care of that.

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If you want to install, seal or clean your limestone patio pavers and pool copings, contact Gippsi today to let our experts handle that for you!