Pickleball Basketball Sports Game Court Suffolk County Mattituck, New York

pickleball-basketball-sports-game-court-suffolk-county-mattituck-new-yorkPickleball basketball sports game courts in Suffolk County are becoming more popular.  Turn your basketball court into a multi-sport game court.  Every game court we install is custom-built to meet the unique needs of your family and your home or backyard. Our residential backyard game court surfaces are designed to have superior shock absorption that makes it easier on your knees and joints and have longer-lasting material, consistent ball bounce, and natural water drainage. Gappsi offers an array of colors, designs, and accessories and can add a family crest or team logo for a personal touch.

Why have one court for one sport?  You can have multiple sports on the same court?

All our court accessories are integratable.  They fit together making it convenient and easy to change your Sports Game Court into something special. There are dozens of games that you can play on your multi-sport game court, including basketball, volleyball, tennis, futsal, pickleball, and much more.

By altering the court layout, line configuration, and adding a few components, you can add to your space.  The area for a basketball court could be turned into a space for a multi-sport activity center!   A half-basketball court could be modified to accommodate volleyball, pickleball, badminton, short-court tennis, tennis practice, and soccer.  All we have to do is add a net post with a net and a 10×20 rebounder. If would you like to add additional court lines for another sport, let us know.  We will accommodate you as best as possible.

Gappsi Sports Game Court installed adds value to your home. Most importantly people can enjoy more sports on the same court. No need to worry that your child will lose interest in basketball after investing in a court.  The court will be good for many other sports as well!  One kid loves volleyball, another loves soccer and basketball, and the other loves all three.  You can have it all on one Gappsi multi-sports game court. Playing different sports all year sharpens your motor skills.  It is a great way to avoid the burnout associated with constantly playing the same one.

pickleball-basketball-sports-game-court-suffolk-county-mattituck-new-york1Pickleball and Basketball Combo Sports Game Court

We recently completed a pickleball and basketball court combination built by Gappsi in Mattituck Long Island NY. This home is on the North Fork of Long Island.  We installed Mateflex tiles in a light gray color with a border in black. We stripped the basketball court with black lines and the pickleball court with white lines.

It all adds up to highly functional, specialized athletic flooring solutions brought to you by America’s premier manufacturer of modular sports flooring. Mateflex is an excellent choice for all indoor sports flooring or outdoor athletic court applications.

Top 5 Reasons Mateflex is the Best Tile Choice

  1. Player Comfort is King: Mateflex tiles boast a unique leaf spring design that absorbs impact, reducing stress on your joints and muscles. This translates to less stress and fatigue on the legs and knees, allowing you to play longer and harder.
  2. Built to Last: Mateflex tiles are crafted from high-grade, durable materials.  They are resistant to the elements and general wear and tear.
  3. Quick on the Draw (and Dry): The innovative rib system allows for superior drainage.  You’re back on the court in no time after a rain shower. No more waiting for puddles to disappear to continue play!
  4. Versatility is Key: Mateflex tiles are perfect for indoor or outdoor courts and can be easily customized to fit any playing space.
  5. Game Changer for All Levels: Whether you are a seasoned competitor or a casual player enjoying a friendly match.  Mateflex courts provide a safe enjoyable playing experience that will elevate your game.


pickleball-basketball-sports-game-court-suffolk-county-mattituck-new-york3Sports Game Court Foundation Options

Mateflex is a suspended tile court system designed to be assembled on top of a flat, hard surface. Many of the courts that we offer go over existing concrete slabs, driveways, or other hard surfaces, Often the projects require the construction of a court base. Gappsi recommends 3 primary base options.

  1. Concrete Pad for a backyard pickleball basketball court combo – The traditional surface for most backyard courts.
  2. Asphalt Pad for a backyard sports game court – A lower-cost alternative to a concrete base.
  3. Crushed Rock Base for Backyard Multisport Court – A cost-effective and environmentally-friendly base for some applications.

This court was installed over an asphalt base prepared with compacted recycled concrete base and the tiles were installed over the asphalt.  

We installed a regulation basketball hoop Dominator all made out of aluminum.  This is an extremely sturdy, high-quality material and it’s Simply The Best company!  Gappsi is an authorized dealer for Dominator. Visit our showroom we have all the Dominator products displayed at the Gappsi Showroom in Smithtown.

Pickleball Sports Game Court

The center of the court is set up with pickleball netting. The netting was removed and the holes are kept filled with special caps when not in use. This is the latest combination pickleball and basketball sports game court built with Mateflex sports tiles by Gappsi in Mattituck on the East End of Long Island NY. 

If You Build It They Will Come

Multi-use courts are the best return on investment. With options for different sports to play, children become more well-rounded athletes and avoid the sports burnout & repetitive motion injuries that are all too common among young athletes who focus all of their time and energy on one sport. An added benefit to these multi-use courts that many parents don’t consider is that once you build it, all of the neighborhood kids will come to your home. Your court will be the home court for your children and all of their friends, and you will have the comfort and security of knowing where your children are and who they are with. Call Gappsi today and let us design and install your very own multi-use court!


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