Pickleball Basketball Sports Game Court Suffolk County Mattituck, New York

pickleball-basketball-sports-game-court-suffolk-county-mattituck-new-yorkPickleball basketball sports game courts in Suffolk County are becoming more popular.  Turn your basketball court into a multi-sport game court.  Every game court we install is custom-built to meet the unique needs of your family and your home or backyard. Our residential backyard game court surfaces are designed to have superior shock absorption that makes it easier on your knees and joints and have longer-lasting material, consistent ball bounce, and natural water drainage. Gappsi offers an array of colors, designs, and accessories and can add a family crest or team logo for a personal touch.

Why have one court for one sport?  You can have multiple sports on the same court?

All our court accessories are integratable.  They fit together making it convenient and easy to change your Sports Game Court into something special. There are dozens of games that you can play on your multi-sport game court, including basketball, volleyball, tennis, futsal, pickleball, and much more.

By altering the court layout, line configuration, and adding a few components, you can add to your space.  The area for a basketball court could be turned into a space for a multi-sport activity center!   A half-basketball court could be modified to accommodate volleyball, pickleball, badminton, short-court tennis, tennis practice, and soccer.  All we have to do is add a net post with a net and a 10×20 rebounder. If would you like to add additional court lines for another sport, let us know.  We will accommodate you as best as possible.

Gappsi Sports Game Court installed adds value to your home. Most importantly people can enjoy more sports on the same court. No need to worry that your child will lose interest in basketball after investing in a court.  The court will be good for many other sports as well!  One kid loves volleyball, another loves soccer and basketball, and the other loves all three.  You can have it all on one Gappsi multi-sports game court. Playing different sports all year sharpens your motor skills.  It is a great way to avoid the burnout associated with constantly playing the same one.

pickleball-basketball-sports-game-court-suffolk-county-mattituck-new-york1Pickleball and Basketball Combo Sports Game Court

We recently completed a pickleball and basketball court combination built by Gappsi in Mattituck Long Island NY. This home is on the North Fork of Long Island.  We installed Mateflex tiles in a light gray color with a border in black. We stripped the basketball court with black lines and the pickleball court with white lines.

It all adds up to highly functional, specialized athletic flooring solutions brought to you by America’s premier manufacturer of modular sports flooring. Mateflex is an excellent choice for all indoor sports flooring or outdoor athletic court applications.

Top 5 Reasons Mateflex is the Best Tile Choice

  1. Player Comfort is King: Mateflex tiles boast a unique leaf spring design that absorbs impact, reducing stress on your joints and muscles. This translates to less stress and fatigue on the legs and knees, allowing you to play longer and harder.
  2. Built to Last: Mateflex tiles are crafted from high-grade, durable materials.  They are resistant to the elements and general wear and tear.
  3. Quick on the Draw (and Dry): The innovative rib system allows for superior drainage.  You’re back on the court in no time after a rain shower. No more waiting for puddles to disappear to continue play!
  4. Versatility is Key: Mateflex tiles are perfect for indoor or outdoor courts and can be easily customized to fit any playing space.
  5. Game Changer for All Levels: Whether you are a seasoned competitor or a casual player enjoying a friendly match.  Mateflex courts provide a safe enjoyable playing experience that will elevate your game.


pickleball-basketball-sports-game-court-suffolk-county-mattituck-new-york3Sports Game Court Foundation Options

Mateflex is a suspended tile court system designed to be assembled on top of a flat, hard surface. Many of the courts that we offer go over existing concrete slabs, driveways, or other hard surfaces, Often the projects require the construction of a court base. Gappsi recommends 3 primary base options.

  1. Concrete Pad for a backyard pickleball basketball court combo – The traditional surface for most backyard courts.
  2. Asphalt Pad for a backyard sports game court – A lower-cost alternative to a concrete base.
  3. Crushed Rock Base for Backyard Multisport Court – A cost-effective and environmentally-friendly base for some applications.

This court was installed over an asphalt base prepared with compacted recycled concrete base and the tiles were installed over the asphalt.  

We installed a regulation basketball hoop Dominator all made out of aluminum.  This is an extremely sturdy, high-quality material and it’s Simply The Best company!  Gappsi is an authorized dealer for Dominator. Visit our showroom we have all the Dominator products displayed at the Gappsi Showroom in Smithtown.

Pickleball Sports Game Court

The center of the court is set up with pickleball netting. The netting was removed and the holes are kept filled with special caps when not in use. This is the latest combination pickleball and basketball sports game court built with Mateflex sports tiles by Gappsi in Mattituck on the East End of Long Island NY. 

If You Build It They Will Come

Multi-use courts are the best return on investment. With options for different sports to play, children become more well-rounded athletes and avoid the sports burnout & repetitive motion injuries that are all too common among young athletes who focus all of their time and energy on one sport. An added benefit to these multi-use courts that many parents don’t consider is that once you build it, all of the neighborhood kids will come to your home. Your court will be the home court for your children and all of their friends, and you will have the comfort and security of knowing where your children are and who they are with. Call Gappsi today and let us design and install your very own multi-use court!


View Gappsi’s YouTube Channel for Videos of How to Clean and Seal Driveways and Patio Stones

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Asphalt Basketball Court Installation with Dominator Hoop – Brentwood NY

Asphalt-Basketball-Court-Installation-with-Dominator-Hoop---Brentwood-NY2Are you looking for an asphalt Basketball Court contractor in Suffolk or Nassau County NY? Gappsi offers a variety of Sports Game Courts to make the perfect addition to your home, school, business, club, or organization! Choose from a full-basketball court, half-court, or just the key; we have the court to perfectly match your space.

With summer on its way, kids will start to have fun with their favorite hobbies outside again.  For an outdoor sports game court that’s sure to please, team up with the professionals at Gappsi.


The most affordable option for having a basketball court is an asphalt pad with painted lines. Gappsi specializes in hard court (asphalt) construction of basketball courts. Hard courts are the most common type also. They are highly durable and can withstand heavy underfoot traffic. The bounce of the ball is also much more precise on hard courts. Hard courts usually use asphalt or concrete. The downside to hard courts is that they are less forgiving on your lower joints (ankles and knees).

Clay courts provide more cushioning for joints and are easier on the body overall. However, they are much more slippery to play on than hard or grass courts. They are also dirtier than other court surfaces.

Grass courts are easy on the joints of the body. The ball also bounces quickly off grass tennis courts. Grass tennis courts are harder to learn the game on and playing on them requires a certain level of skill.

Asphalt-Basketball-Court-Installation-with-Dominator-Hoop---Brentwood-NY1Our courts are high-performance, low-maintenance basketball courts.  Made from the finest high-quality materials ensuring longevity as well as durability. Our team of professionals utilizes the latest cutting-edge processes to preserve the integrity of the asphalt base and guarantee the highest quality of the court surface. Gappsi courts also require minimal upkeep.

What Type of Paint Can You Use on Asphalt Sports Game Courts?

Asphalt sports game courts, such as basketball courts, tennis courts, and athletic tracks, require a specific type of paint that is durable, non-slip, and can withstand harsh outdoor elements. The paint used on these types of surfaces is specially formulated to provide excellent adhesion to asphalt and offer the necessary properties for sports activities.

Several types of paint are commonly used on asphalt courts, each with its unique properties and advantages.

  • Acrylic paint offers excellent durability and non-slip properties, while latex paint provides flexibility to withstand temperature changes.
  • Polyurethane paint is highly resistant to abrasion, and epoxy paint offers exceptional durability and chemical resistance.
  • Thermoplastic paint is primarily used for line markings and provides excellent adhesion and longevity.

By selecting the appropriate type of paint for a specific court, you can ensure that the surface is safe, durable, and visually appealing, enhancing the overall playing experience for athletes.

Why Build a Home Outdoor Basketball Court?

Constructing an outdoor court is a major financial investment, but it’s well worth it.

  1. Property value: Any exterior hardscaping you do can improve your property value, and this is certainly true of adding an outdoor court. As long as you maintain its appearance, your court can increase your resale value by anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000!
  2. Convenience: Playing basketball on the hoop in the driveway can work just fine. However, constantly moving cars out of the way gets to be a big pain after a while. Installing a dedicated outdoor court gets rid of that headache for you.
  3. Safety: A ball rolling from the driveway and out onto the street can be very dangerous, especially if you live in a high-traffic area. A strategically placed outdoor court ensures the ball never rolls down into the street or near any passing cars.

The Best In-Ground Basketball Hoop On The Planet! Dominator Basketball Hoops

  • Easy Installation – With only 4 components to assemble (Backboard, Rim, Overhang arm, and Main Pole – Making the full installation of the hoop extremely simple.
  • Rust Proof Build – Built with 6061 T6 aluminum which prevents rust and allows for ultimate performance in all weather conditions.
  • Engineered with Precision – The Dominator is just built differently. There’s no other way to say it.
  • Telescoping Height Adjustment – The Hoop easily adjusts straight up and down making the distance to the rim the same no matter what height the hoop is set at.

We don’t just build rugged outdoor sports game courts; we also provide several repair services for maintaining the condition of your asphalt court surfaces year after year. That means you can call on our paving contractors for all sorts of outdoor court solutions, including:

♦ New Court Construction ♦ Asphalt Repair ♦ Court Resurfacing ♦ Court Replacement ♦ Line Painting ♦ Sealcoating ♦ Cleaning

Asphalt-Basketball-Court-Installation-with-Dominator-Hoop---Brentwood-NYWhether you’re in the market for tennis court builders or basketball court builders, you can’t go wrong with the experts at Gappsi. If you want sturdy outdoor court construction that can stand up to hard wear, call us at 631-543-1177. We’re your go-to contractors for winning asphalt courts on Long Island.

Basketball Court Installation in Brentwood NY

Our team built this 30 x 30 basketball court in Brentwood NY. We installed a 6 x 9 Golden Brown Nicolock border for the perimeter to reinforce the asphalt base of the court.  The basketball court was painted with California asphalt paint.  We painted on two coats of base paint and two coats of color.

The court was painted dark blue and the key with a lighter blue.  Our team then stripped the court’s white lines and added the owner’s son’s initials on the court.

We installed a Dominator Regulation Professional 72-inch hoop. This hoop is made of aluminum and will not rust. Visit our showroom to see our display as an authorized dealer for Dominator Equipment.  This is the latest Sports Court built by Gappsi in Brentwood NY.


View Gappsi’s YouTube Channel for Videos of Asphalt Basketball Court Installation with Dominator Hoop – Brentwood NY


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Seamless Basketball Court Construction in Nassau & Suffolk County

basketball courts designers

Are you thinking of investing in a basketball court for your property? Gappsi has professional basketball courts designers who can construct the most striking and functional court for you. Our construction experts will understand your vision and translate it into a stunning reality.

Before we dive into Gappsi’s impeccable basketball construction experience, let’s explore some reasons to install a basketball court on your property.

Reasons to Install a Basketball Court on Your Property

It Enhances the Property’s Landscape

Installing a basketball court on a commercial or residential property will enhance the landscape. A well-designed and constructed court is aesthetically pleasing. At Gappsi, we ensure the design of the court blends seamlessly with the overall aesthetic of your property and surrounding area. What’s more is that it can quickly become the center of attention on your property, benefiting the owners and visitors alike.

It Increases the Property’s Value

If you’re considering installing a basketball court in your home in Long Island, NY, contact our basketball courts designers for a professional-level design. This way, the sports game court we install can help elevate the resale value of your house.

Additionally, we can revamp your entire backyard with an elegant patio and other masonry constructions for an entirely new look. The court will attract families with young kids and teens when you decide to sell your property eventually. Meanwhile, the revamped backyard will help you with the overall resale value, attracting buyers who want a well-designed backyard.

basketball courts designers

It Fosters a Great Sense of Community & Family

Having a basketball court in your home will enable you to spend time with your family. You can spend the afternoons and evenings playing the sport with your kids from the comfort of your backyard. Besides, it will be a spectacular talking point and engaging activity for your guests.

Similarly, investing in a court for your commercial or public property will encourage a sense of community. Kids and adults around the block will form teams and play on your basketball court. You will essentially instill a renewed sense of togetherness in your neighborhood.

It’s A Great Avenue for Physical Activity

Just like a home gym helps people exercise from the comfort of their homes, a basketball court will encourage you to be more active. It can become the catalyst you and your loved ones need to engage in more physical activities.

Hiring an installer for basketball court construction will give you access to a fun outdoor activity. Everyday use of the court will also help you work up a sweat, keeping you healthy. Moreover, it will help you improve your hand-eye coordination and learn a few sick moves on the court!

Gappsi Constructs Custom Basketball Courts

At Gappsi, our basketball courts designers design and install custom basketball courts based on your specifications. We can install sports game courts with the following materials:


An asphalt pad with sleek, painted lines is an affordable option for sports game courts. If you’re concerned about the asphalt cracking, don’t install the court near big tree roots. That said, asphalt is an excellent choice for a driveway basketball court and is softer than some other surfaces. Furthermore, we can enhance the look of the court with brick pavers.

Brick Pavers

Flat brick pavers offer a smooth basketball court surface. You have multiple colors and the pavers can be replaced once broken. Moreover, our sports game court suppliers can incorporate the free-throw and other basketball court lines into the design with differently-hued pavers. A court with brick pavers will compliment a residential property beautifully.

Hard-Packed Gravel with Mateflex

If you live in a town or neighborhood with strict zoning laws, we have you covered. Our basketball court designers can use hard-packed gravel with Mateflex to construct a professional-grade sports game court for you. So, if you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing court that is equally wonderful to play on, this is it!


While concrete is not ideal for professional basketball, it works for driveway courts. A concrete driveway basketball court will last around 30 years. However, if you live in colder climates, we would not recommend this court as it can crack. That said, concrete is an affordable material for residential basketball courts.

Basketball Courts Designer
A basketball court in Long Island, NY

The Best Basketball Courts Designers in Long Island, NY

If you’re searching for basketball courts designers and constructors in Long Island, NY, you cannot do better than Gappsi! We offer various court designs and installations for all types of residential and commercial properties. We can fulfill your requirements if you need a basketball court for your school, park, home, or club. Furthermore, Gappsi can offer a complete, half, or even just the key of a basketball court to match your space specifications.

Our professional basketball court installers will review the size, shape, performance surface, hoop size, and game line striping design. This way, we ensure everything is according to your preference. Our seamless outdoor construction service for residential and commercial basketball courts involves the following:

  • Excavation
  • Base installation of the court
  • Installing the fences, hoops, and poles
  • Painting or construction of the line striping
  • Customizing the half- or full-court design

At Gappsi, you will benefit from a 360-degree, holistic construction service for your basketball court. We will walk you through the different materials and court sizes and give you pertinent advice based on your landscape. Moreover, our court installers will ensure the prepared surface is safe to play on for you and your loved ones.

Gappsi constructors always follow the zoning and coding laws of the neighborhood where they construct basketball courts. Additionally, we will construct a low-maintenance, weather-resistant, and durable basketball court while ensuring it’s within the law. We always aim to please you with the final product and ensure you can enjoy playing on the court for years to come.



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