Marble Patio Backyard Renovation Hauppauge NY

Marble-Patio-Backyard-Renovation-Hauppauge-NY-3Check out Gappsi’s latest marble patio backyard renovation located on Long Island New York.  The outdoor areas of your home can serve as a beautiful and functional extension to the inside. With the right architecture and landscaping, your outdoor space can transform into a stunning aspect of your home that draws attention and welcomes friends and loved ones.

Whether you are looking to update your patio space, add a pool area, or create a truly unique outdoor experience – we can help.


We started with redoing the patio masonry and installing G040 Marble Pavers. Marble, known for its elegance and sophistication is a popular natural stone option.  Marble pavers can add a sense of luxury and boldness to your outdoor space that other stones just can’t do. Due to the natural veining patterns in marble, your pavers will each be unique in addition, they will enhance the beauty of your entire outdoor oasis.

Marble Features

  • Skid Resistance
  • Naturally Cool
  • Durability
  • Low Maintenance
  • No two stones are the same

Marble-Patio-Backyard-Renovation-Hauppauge-NY-5A U-shaped outdoor kitchen was installed and veneered with Nantucket Eldorado cultured stones.  The classic elegance and intricate detail of small stones combined with the simplicity of a panel system give this stone the appearance of a precision hand-laid dry-stack set. This stone type makes installation easy for expansive walls and column fascias alike.

In the outdoor kitchen, we installed all Twin Eagles appliances, including a sink, a separate bar sink, storage cabinets, and a Summit refrigerator.  Transform your backyard into a full-service kitchen.  Gappsi offers an extensive collection of built-in under-counter outdoor refrigerators, freezers, kegerators, and icemakers by Summit. Their weatherproof selection brings safe and stylish food service to any home or commercial setting.


Adding to the backyard cooking experience is a Primo Grill Smoker as well as an Alfa Pizza Oven.  The invention of the wheel has nothing on the patented Primo Oval design smoking system.  Primo has the size grill for you whether you are tailgating & camping, grilling for the family in the backyard, or hosting a large gathering.  From their flagship Jack Daniel’s Edition Oval XL 400 to the classic round Kamado. Every Primo grill is a primary outdoor cooker.  Anyone can be added to a built-in outdoor kitchen or to complement an existing grill or smoker.  Gappsi installed the X-Large Charcoal Primo Grill.  The grill provides the largest cooking area and the patented oval shape offers superior cooking efficiency and accessibility. Grill, bake, roast, or smoke any food.

Marble-Patio-Backyard-Renovation-Hauppauge-NYALFA FORNI PIZZA OVEN

The Alfa Pizza Oven is the secret to savoring pizza at home that’s just as good as a pizzeria’s. With so many designs to choose from which one is right for you?  Choose the aesthetic line that best represents you and enhances your outdoor spaces.  Enjoy grilling, baking, and stewing delicious meals, and test yourself with Alfa Forni’s delicious recipes. These pizza ovens are characterized by careful design, high-quality materials, and attention to detail. Alfa’s designs are suitable for both rustic and modern design homes, for use indoors, in the garden, or on the terrace. Alfa transforms the traditional way of cooking into an object of design. Discover the full range of wood-fired ovens of Alfa Forni.  We installed the Alfa Forni FUTURO 4 Pizza oven.


The backyard swimming pool was also remodeled with new plumbing and new equipment.  Replacing your equipment or reworking the plumbing can help to make all your equipment run more efficiently which can lead to several benefits including reduced costs to operate your pool, a cleaner and clearer pool, and less wear and tear on your pool pump.

Marble-Patio-Backyard-Renovation-Hauppauge-NY-4The patio consists of G040 marble pavers selected from the Gappsi Natural Stone Collection. We used a French pattern for the patio and two-inch copings for the pool edges.  Marble pavers are a great choice for the pool area. Marble pavers resist bacteria, preventing any harmful elements from thriving in the pool area. Tumbled marble pavers provide a strong grip to prevent slipping and falling incidents.

Marble tiles are heat resistant too, which means that anyone walking around the pool area will keep their feet cool, making it less likely to injure themselves from the sun’s heat.  This is an exceptionally important consideration if you have children and the elderly living with you.

With the huge options available for pool coping, the possibilities are wide. You can experiment with different styles based on your taste. In most cases, homeowners prefer neutral colors and materials to ensure that the coping effortlessly merges with the existing look. However, with customized options, you have the complete flexibility to design your space just the way you want.

Marble-Patio-Backyard-Renovation-Hauppauge-NY1MONTIGO FIREPLACE

We built a new fireplace and installed a Montigo fireplace insert.  Montigo’s lines of exceptional fireplaces may be just what you’re looking for. The signature design of Montigo fireplaces means you’ll always get sleek styling and a great view of your fire, whether you have them installed indoors or out. This particular model has a blower as well inside to blow hot hair up to the sitting area. The fireplace structure was veneered with Nantucket Eldorado cultured stones and G040 coping for the shelves of the fireplace.


Some landscaping of the backyard area was completed with Gappsi’s team by adding to the existing landscape. Landscape design allows you to embrace nature in a manicured and predictable way, but the plants themselves have other benefits. Adding rich amounts of foliage may improve the air quality around your home. Plants absorb harmful pollutants and chemicals, purifying the air without the use of electricity or machinery.

Marble-Patio-Backyard-Renovation-Hauppauge-NY-2PATIO SEALING

The patio was sealed also to help prevent weeds.  Sealing the stones also makes it easier to clean and protect the pavers. This is the latest Gappsi Backyard renovation in Hauppauge NY. Text us now at 631-543-1177 to schedule your meeting with Giuseppe.


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