Restaurant kitchen Tile installation in Montauk NY by Gappsi.

Long Island Tiles Installation Company

Restaurant kitchen Tile installation in Montauk NY by Gappsi.This 6×6 porcelain tiles we installed over 2 inches of mud floor and glued with thinset. Being in a tight area and with many drains to collect the water when floor gets washed the small 6×6 tiles best fit the slopes. Floor joists had to be reinforced and secured with extra lumber, to be able to handle the extra weight of the new floor and the commercial kitchen equipment. Contact Gappsi at 631-543-1177 for any commercial and residential kitchens remodeling and installation.

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Gunite PooI Contractor-Designer-Builder-Company-Roslyn Heights NY 11755


Gunite PooI Contractor-Designer-Builder-Company-Roslyn Heights NY 11755This Gunite swimming pool was built by Gappsi in Roslyn heights Ny 11755. The pool size is 15×30 With stadium stairs in the shallow area, and one swim out benches on one side of deep end. Pool depth is 6 feet, which makes this Gunite swimming pool is a non-diving pool. This Gunite swimming pool also has an automated safety cover, this feature allows the pool area to be open to the rest of the yard and fencing around the pool is not requested thus making the pool patio more accessible and functional. This safety cover also functions as a solar cover, keeping the water warmer without the use of the heater. The auto cover can also be used as a winter cover, while keeping the swimming pool safe in the winter; it also keeps clean, avoiding drilling ugly holes in the patio stones if you decide to install a mash cover. The plumbing was done using 2 inches 40 schedule hard pvc pipes, this allows water to flow and filtered fester. The pool plaster finish consists of French gray diamond bright quarts. Unlike Marble dust quarts plaster is a much harder material making the finish of this Gunite swimming pool last 2 or 3 times longer with the proper maintenance. A 6 inches gray porcelain tiles bend was installed to The top perimeter of the pool walls, the tiles line is used to avoid the water in the pool to create a mark on the walls , the porcelain tiles are frost and whether resistant and pool water level is set to be at the center of the tiles. The pool coping used is the fiorito travertine 2 inches thick random pattern and the patio pavers are fiorito travertine French pattern all from the Gappsi natural stone products selection. The equipment is Totally Hayward, pump, Filter and heater, to keep the water sanitized a salt chlorine generator and an ozone system were installed, the combination of these 2 will keep water free of alleges and impurities easily and automatically thus making this a maintenance and Chemicals free Gunite swimming pool. The back yard patio outdoor kitchen and raised patio all paved with fiorito travertine pavers and veneer products. For more information about Gunite pools design and installation contact Gappsi at 631-543-1177 or visit our website at

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4 types of Gunite Pools

Gunite pools have become an extremely popular choice for homeowners due to their durability and customizable design and installation. Unlike fiberglass pools which are delivered prefabricated and then installed, gunite pools are designed and built custom, allowing the flexibility to build a one of a kind pool. Here is a list of 4 types of Gunite pools.
Variable Depth
With a Gunite pool you can choose the depth of your pool. There are no size or depth restrictions. Your pool can be designed specifically for your yard and swimming requirements. This makes adding a slide or diving board more feasible if you have an unconventional space.
Vanishing Edge
A vanishing edge can really set your pool apart from the competition. Also known as an infinity pool, the water flows over the edge producing an illusion of no edge. A vanishing edge is often used to make it appear that the edge of the pool is merged with an ocean or skyline view.
Because Gunite pools are custom designed, you can get creative with the layout. If you have limited space or a unique idea, Gunite offers the flexibility to design a pool that’s unique to your taste, but that also works within the requirements of your yard.
Gunite is perfect for an indoor pool. It is preferable to design your indoor pool when the house is being constructed. However, Gunite can be designed with an existing space in mind. No project is too big or to small. If your’e looking to install a pool inside your house, then Gunite will compliment you interior rather than clash with it.

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