4 types of Gunite Pools

Gunite pools have become an extremely popular choice for homeowners due to their durability and customizable design and installation. Unlike fiberglass pools which are delivered prefabricated and then installed, gunite pools are designed and built custom, allowing the flexibility to build a one of a kind pool. Here is a list of 4 types of Gunite pools.
Variable Depth
With a Gunite pool you can choose the depth of your pool. There are no size or depth restrictions. Your pool can be designed specifically for your yard and swimming requirements. This makes adding a slide or diving board more feasible if you have an unconventional space.
Vanishing Edge
A vanishing edge can really set your pool apart from the competition. Also known as an infinity pool, the water flows over the edge producing an illusion of no edge. A vanishing edge is often used to make it appear that the edge of the pool is merged with an ocean or skyline view.
Because Gunite pools are custom designed, you can get creative with the layout. If you have limited space or a unique idea, Gunite offers the flexibility to design a pool that’s unique to your taste, but that also works within the requirements of your yard.
Gunite is perfect for an indoor pool. It is preferable to design your indoor pool when the house is being constructed. However, Gunite can be designed with an existing space in mind. No project is too big or to small. If your’e looking to install a pool inside your house, then Gunite will compliment you interior rather than clash with it.

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