Upgrade Your Outdoors with a Patio and Pool Renovation – Bellmore NY

Upgrade-Your-Outdoors-with-a-Patio-and-Pool-RenovationAre You Ready to Upgrade Your Outdoors with a Patio and Pool Renovation?

Are you thinking about a patio and pool renovation?  With all the options of a grand backyard remodel, we know first-hand that it can be overwhelming to decide which remodeling ideas are worth the investment. Below, we have included some remodeling ideas that we believe can give you a wonderful result and add value to your property.

Our team at Gappsi renovated this backyard located in Bellmore NY.  The pool was a very unique construction. It had a concrete floor and fiberglass walls. We modified the pool and installed a new liner that was dark black with a very unique and beautiful design on it.  We also created a sundeck in the pool and added two bubblers.

Here’s Why Investing in a New Vinyl Liner is a Decision You Won’t Regret!

  1. Enhanced Aesthetics:  A new vinyl liner can transform the appearance of your pool, turning it into a captivating centerpiece. With abundant patterns to choose from, you have the creative freedom to align your pool’s aesthetic with your style.
  2. Improved Pool Safety: Safety is paramount, and a new vinyl liner contributes to the security of your pool area. Cracks, tears, and worn-out liners can pose safety hazards. By replacing your old liner, you ensure a secure environment for your family and guests. Our high-quality liner construction provides a reliable barrier between swimmers and the pool’s structure.
  3. Longer Lifespan of Your Pool: A vinyl liner acts as a protective shield for your pool’s shell. By investing in a quality liner, you’re safeguarding your pool from potential damage caused by water and chemicals. This not only extends the life of your pool but also reduces the need for frequent repairs and maintenance.
  4. Increased Energy Efficiency: A Greener Pool!  An upgraded vinyl liner contributes to a more energy-efficient pool. The improved insulation properties of the liner help regulate the water temperature, reducing heat loss during the colder months. This leads to lower energy consumption and decreased heating costs. Additionally, the liner minimizes water loss through evaporation, further contributing to a greener pool operation.
  5. Savings: The financial benefits of a new vinyl swimming pool liner extend beyond reduced energy costs. With enhanced durability and protection, you’re likely to save on maintenance expenses and potential repairs. By making this investment now, you’re setting the stage for long-term financial savings.

Upgrade-Your-Outdoors-with-a-Patio-and-Pool-Renovation2Pretty Your Place with Natural Stone Pavers

Adding a brand-new pool deck or pool pavers could be your answer to a beautiful outdoor upgrade to complete your outdoor space. For a well-designed landscape, a pool deck or patio is just as important as the pool. From sunbaking to playing and entertaining your guests, you may find that you spend more time on the deck than inside your swimming pool. A well-thought-out design should be considered to finish your landscape.

Whether you’re looking to create a tropical oasis, natural grotto, or modern masterpiece, pool decking can take your swimming pool to the next level.

Upgrade Your Outdoors with a Patio and Pool Renovation1For the patio, we used G044 Gray Limestone selected from the Gappsi Natural Stone Collection. The luxurious feel and look of limestone make it a great choice for a patio and pool deck. We used two inches of coping for the pool edges and a French pattern for the entire backyard.

Make a Splash with Pool Water Features

Our team at Gappsi installed a water feature wall with a sheer descent.  Included in the water feature are two LED spillover water balls that light up at night.

When you add water features to your outdoor area, the lush sound of falling water can boost your ambiance level around the pool.  Adding water features that make a splash, like fountains, waterfalls, scuppers, and sprayers, are often simple to layer into an existing pool design and can breathe new life into a lackluster pool area with motion and sound.

Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space with a Pergola, Gazebo, or Pavilion

An outdoor structure like a gazebo, pergola, or pavilion will enable you to spend more time with friends and family outside. This allows you to enjoy fresh air and sunshine while you relax in your exterior living space. Each option can be a stylish and practical addition to any landscape design and increase the value of your home. Whether you’re looking to add shade to your backyard or create the perfect platform for your stone fire pit – a covered patio can provide the perfect space for entertaining or relaxing at home.

Upgrade-Your-Outdoors-with-a-Patio-and-Pool-Renovation4Gappsi built a pavilion covering the outdoor kitchen with an L-shaped Island. We veneered the walls with a 4-inch split face silver travertine and black granite polished countertop.  In addition, we installed all Fire Magic Appliances, including the bar sink, grill, and drawers.  We used a Summit Refrigerator to complete the outdoor kitchen.  In a separate area, we added an Alfa 4 Pizza Wood-Burning Oven.

Heat Things With a Fire Pit

A fire pit is a fantastic way to give your outdoor space warmth, and unintentional light might be the upgrade your outdoor area needs. When thoughtfully designed and integrated into your property’s landscape, an outdoor firepit will extend the living space of your home and provide another zone for your family and friends to gather.  A sitting area was made for the gas firepit and added a Henry Studio concrete bench.

What About Adding a Passion Spa The Excite to Your Backyard Paradise

The Excite Spa is a spacious spa that provides room for up to seven people. Full bench seating combined with a variety of massage experiences.  Gappsi installed The Excite by Passion Spas.  It is unique and highly therapeutic with aqua rolling massage, therapy wave zone intense, and waterfall massage.

7 Benefits of Soaking in Spa or Hot Tub

  • Stress relief
  • Muscle relaxation.
  • Improved sleep.
  • Pain relief.
  • Better cardiovascular health.
  • Improved insulin sensitivity.
  • Calorie burn.

Upgrade-Your-Outdoors-with-a-Patio-and-Pool-Renovation5Create a Pet Dog Run with Artificial Grass 

Dogs love comfort just as much as humans and take to artificial grass pretty quickly. It feels very similar to real grass and looks almost identical, except it can’t be dug up or made muddy. We also assure you that our artificial grass is safe for pets as there are no toxin layers on our grass.  We installed synthetic turf on the side of the house for a dog run.

Artificial Grass is Extremely Durable

Unlike real grass, which is prone to brown patches, holes, and mud, synthetic turf provides a durable play area for your pups that can handle any level of roughhousing. The synthetic polyethylene material will never fade or turn brown, no matter how much traffic it sees, so your home will look beautiful and well-maintained all year long. Our pet turf also features an ultra-durable turf backing that is triple-reinforced through tuft bind technology, ensuring that your grass blades won’t break or tear, even with hours of running and playing.

Allergen-Free Synthetic Turf

Hayfever, or grass allergy, is extremely common among humans. But did you know that dogs can have allergic reactions to grass and its maintenance chemicals too? The pesticides and fertilizers needed to maintain natural grass can harm your dogs’ health and aggravate their allergies. Artificial grass doesn’t have the same high pollen count as natural grass and doesn’t require any harmful chemicals to maintain its lush appearance. Therefore, your dogs can run around happy and healthy without any cause for worry.

This is the latest Gappsi backyard pool and patio renovation.  It was an extremely detailed backyard, complete with multiple entertaining areas.   completed in Bellmore Nassau County, Long Island NY. Very detailed backyard, complete with everything.


View Gappsi’s YouTube Channel for Videos of Upgrade Your Outdoors with a Patio and Pool Renovation – Bellmore NY


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Should You Add A Gazebo, Pergola, Or Pavilion To Your Home?

Should-You-Add-A-Gazebo-Pergola-Or-Pavilion-To-Your-Home3If you’re looking to upgrade your home’s outdoor space, you may be thinking should you add a gazebo, pergola, or pavilion to your home?  While all three types of outdoor structures are great options, you may wonder which is best for your home. Although they have similar jobs providing shade and weather protection each outdoor structure has its own unique design and features.

Gazebo vs Pavilion vs Pergola: Which One To Choose?

Structures like gazebos, pavilions, and pergolas are great for adding comfort, functionality, and style to your outdoor living space.

The first thing to consider when adding an outdoor structure to your yard is to decide on the style you want to build. While gazebos, pavilions, and pergolas are similar, they do have differences. Gazebos are traditionally built in a round or octagonal shape and contain a proper roof structure. In contrast, pergolas are built in a square or rectangular shape and offer partial covering. Pergolas tend to provide less coverage with their open roofs although they can also be modified to include more cover.

While gazebos and pergolas both serve to provide aesthetics and shade to your yard, the main difference between a pergola and gazebo is the floor and roof. A gazebo has a full roof, meaning it offers more shade and protection from the sun and outside elements. Pergolas have slatted roofs which allow the sun (and all the outside elements) to come through the roof. While there are a variety of types of gazebos and pergolas, the floor of the structure is also often different. Typically (not always) gazebos use the same material as the roof for the floor- so a wooden gazebo will be connected to a wooden floor. Pergolas can be built anywhere and be freestanding-however we recommend it’s rooted in cement.

Should You Add A Gazebo?GAZEBO

Gazebos are freestanding structures that stand on their own and have a solid roof and several vertical posts or supports.  They offer complete shade and protection from the elements of the outdoors. Moreover, they are normally constructed in a conventional manner, taking the form of a rectangle and including an elevated level that can be left open to the public or partitioned off using privacy walls.  They are also often of a more compact size and are ideally suited for use at social events or gatherings including families.

A gazebo is the ideal building for those who want a smaller, more private outdoor living area.

Gazebo Pros & Cons

  • Full shade and shelter from the elements.
  • 360-degree views.
  • Latticework and drapes can be used for added privacy.
  • Increases property value.
  • Cost varies depending on materials.
  • Challenging to keep clean.
  • The installation site must be leveled and well-drained.


A pavilion is a type of outdoor structure that offers a roofed area.  Pavilions have open walls but a sturdy roof. They frequently employ conventional building techniques and strive to maintain a traditional look.  Pavilions are great places to host outdoor events like barbecues and dinner parties.  They provide more protection from the elements than gazebos and have room for more people, making them ideal for celebrations like birthdays and even family reunion reunions.

Pavilions offer an excellent solution for those seeking an expansive outdoor living area with enhanced protection against the elements.

Pavilion Pros & Cons

  • Many options in terms of size, style, and roof shapes.
  • Better protection from sun and rain.
  • Can be integrated with a pergola to extend the covered space.
  • Can be enclosed for added weather protection and privacy.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Permanent structure that requires careful planning.
  • Lack of privacy.
  • More expensive than other outdoor structures.

Should You Add A Gazebo?PERGOLAS

A pergola is an outdoor structure with a roof consisting of horizontal beams or slats that span between upright columns.  They’re bigger than average, so you can still enjoy some airiness while also getting some shade and seclusion.  They are great for entertaining big groups of people in the garden and adding a rustic vibe. Together with some climbing plants and a fire pit, they make for a cozy outdoor room and living space.

Pergolas are an excellent choice for designing a charming outdoor living area that enables you to relish the outdoors in a sophisticated manner.

Pergola Pros & Cons

  • Countless size, shape, and style options.
  • Can be independent or attached to an existing structure.
  • Easily combined with a pavilion to extend the covered space.
  • Easy to keep clean.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Minimal site preparation required.
  • Some shade, but minimal protection from elements and bugs.
  • Limited options for roof styles.
  • Lack of privacy.

Gazebos are perfect for adding traditional style as well as privacy to your outdoor area. In addition, they give complete shade from the sun.  

However, pavilions provide additional shelter from the weather, making them ideal for bigger family gatherings and other outdoor events.

Smaller outdoor areas benefit greatly from pergolas because of their ability to add almost everything to your backyard that’s needed to feel comfortable and enjoy it for an affordable price.

Backyard Renovations Complete With A Pergola East Northport NY (1)Some popular add-ons include:

  • Electricity for lighting, outlets, and other features.
  • Gas lines for fire features or outdoor kitchens.
  • Screens, retractable doors, and enclosed sides for added privacy and weather protection.
  • Built-in seating.
  • Roof features, such as a louvered pergola roof with rotating blades.

No matter what outdoor structure you choose, you can’t go wrong. All three structures are beautiful and when done right, can boost the value of your home. The key is to work with an experienced, reputable home remodeling contractor like Gappsi!


View Gappsi’s YouTube Channel For Videos Of Should You Add A Gazebo, Pergola, Or Pavilion To Your Home?

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Backyard Designer Babylon NY – Masonry Contractor Long Island

Backyard Designer Babylon NY – Masonry Contractor Long IslandThis backyard was designed by Giuseppe Abbrancati and installed by Gappsi in Babylon, Long Island NY. The layout incorporates a lower patio, a fire pit area with a sitting wall, and a bar area with a pergola built over it. This provides shade from the sun and accents the sitting area and the bar island. The upper patio is one step down from the backyard sliding doors, making it very easy and comfortable walking out into the backyard. A flowerbed defines the edge of the patio allowing room for flowers and a birdbath fountain. The main use of the raised patio is to accommodate the main large dining table and the cooking island for the grill and other outdoor appliances. Manufactured retaining walls were used to create the elevations and structure for the steps, columns, sitting walls, cooking island, and bar island. The floors were paved with ivory travertine, containing a color scheme of browns, beige, and white colors, to ornate this detailed and functional backyard setting.

Long Island Backyard Designers – Naturals Travertine Supplier – Masonry Installers

View a full video of the project below

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