Italian Clay Bricks In Pizza Ovens Handmade

Italian Clay Bricks In Pizza Ovens

Italian Clay Bricks In Pizza Ovens have been around for centuries, and for good reason because they produce uniquely spectacular pizzas. It is much more than a pizza oven. Gappsi Brick Ovens open up a wonderfully savory world of open hearth cooking, including meats, fish, vegetables, bread, and even desserts. Crafted with an artisan’s soul, a passion for detail, and unmatched customer service, Gappsi sets the industry standard for performance, practicality, and longevity for Outdoor Ovens.

What Makes Brick Oven Pizzas Special?

Neopolitan-style pizzas are special. The crust is crisp and flecked with tell-tale charred spots, evidence of being baked in an extremely hot oven. The interior of the dough is soft, elastic, tender, and fragrant, and the toppings are cooked to perfection.

Achieving the perfect pizza is not easy! The pizza pros usually use brick ovens that heat from 625ºF – 700ºF.

For perfect pizza, the cook must balance the two so that the dough and the toppings finish cooking at the same time. For that, they need to get the oven temperature right.  The Roman pizzaiolos (pizza bakers) used the high temperature, combined with the thermodynamic properties of the bricks. The vaulted cavity of the brick oven and the thick layer of bricks at the bottom of the oven guarantees even heating of the pizza. Brick ovens are ideal because the crust heats at a high but reasonable temperature giving the toppings enough time to properly cook.  This combination adds to the secret of the perfect pizza.

Italian Clay Bricks In Pizza

Italian Clay Bricks In Pizza Ovens Floors

The clay is one of the most important parts of making the brick and if your clay isn’t of high quality, there’s no way your pizza oven is going to be high quality.  The video below it shows the floor of the pizza oven and how the Artisian makes it using the traditional mixer.  This machine mixes the clay gathered locally in the region of Sorrento Italy.  The Clay is rich soil with volcanic pumice and silicon, a particular characteristic beneath Sorrento’s famed citrus orchards.  An oven base needs to be porous.  The pours help to warm up early and maintain the heat for a long time, releasing this heat evenly.

This is an old manufacturer that has been around for hundreds of years in Italy.  Time and tradition keep with each generation.  as the clay is mixed and poured to make the brick.

A wood mold is placed on top of a platform and the clay is spread by hand.  Simply spreading the clay by hand and not pressing it creates a more spongy finished product.  The bricks can absorb the heat and release the heat slowly. The clay is found locally and has been used for hundreds of years too.  Gappsi Italian Clay Bricks is not a product you can mass produce, the clay is being excavated locally in Sorrento Italy, and poured by hand for your next Italian Pizza Oven Order.

A Real Master Piece and Italian Art In Your Home!

The Amalfi Oven

Gappsi Brick Ovens are designed using a machine made in the most traditional way.   The techniques used are no longer around or followed by any other manufacturer that makes bricks or pizza ovens. Smoothing out the top surface is what makes the stone denser on the surface. You are talking about something made by hand; a real piece of Italian Art. Here it is!  And it can be YOURS.  Each brick is made the same exact way; it is a dying art. To make each stone you literally have to feel the product as you make it. Craftsmen that create these particular bricks have a passion for the trade and understand a very old method of producing a brick oven. Every brick made for a Gappsi customer oven has this much care in producing it!

Become inspired and learn how to use your wood-fired oven in a demonstration event at the Gappsi Showroom.  Signup to be notified of our next event.  

Wood | Gas Fired Pizza Ovens

The difference between Biscotto di Sorrento and other types of brick materials on the market is that it does not burn the bottom of a pizza, absorbing moisture from the dough.

Gappsi Artisan strictly follows the ancient tradition of manufacturing:

  • Manual extraction of the clay.
  • Mix clay using water, grinders, and mixers
  • Form clay into different molds: bricks or floor bases.
  • Dried for 3 days in molds
  • Dried for 10 days in a stacked position
  • Clay bricks turn light grey after they are fired in the kiln.
  • Dried for 7 more days
  • The natural firing phase.

This involves the continuous burning of wood for seven hours. Then, after four days of baking the bricks are ready and have acquired a natural red color.

The unique flavor of brick oven pizza can cause any foodie to wish that they owned a brick oven of their own. Not only are they useful, but brick ovens also add elegance to any outdoor living area.



Our showroom display includes the most beautiful as well as unique imported natural stones for patios, walkways, and driveways.

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Wood Burning Pizza Ovens

Wood Burning Pizza Ovens

Wood Burning Pizza OvensNew arrivals to the Gappsi showroom, the Sorrento style ovens with a traditional stone veneers ready to be shipped to our clients. These ovens are manufactured in Italy from the finest natural materials and the oldest building tradition.
Gappsi builds them standard 50 inches inside diameter, plenty of room to cooking surface for your backyard events. An inviting rustic look made to be complimenting any traditional and rustic environments .
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