Dinner With An Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven – Fontana Countertop Stainless Steel Oven

Outdoor-Wood-Fired-Pizza-Oven2Dinner With An Outdoor Wood-Fired Pizza Oven is perfect for the pizza enthusiast!  If you are, here is a way to indulge in Italian-flavored pizza direct from your own backyard.  Fontana Forni is taking the homemade pizza experience to new heights by way of the most premium outdoor ovens on the market.  Their ovens boast elements such as 12 centimeters of natural rock-spun wool insulation, cast iron, and three-millimeter-thick stainless steel. Fontana Forni’s ovens and pizza oven kits are 100% genuine Italian products.  Made by master craftsmen who fuse the finest in old-world craftsmanship with modern ease of use.  This ultimately results in ovens that take advantage of a traditional vault shape, double-forced ventilation system, three-surface refraction, and innovative “total fire” structure for uniform heat distribution.

Fontana Forni Wood Fired Stainless Steel Ovens

Fontana Forni was started in 1946 by the Fontana brothers; Bruno, Carlo, and Guiseppe.  They have been manufacturing high-quality ovens for over 70 years. Three generations of Fontanas are now involved in producing top-class reliable ovens for all cooking types.

The Fontana Forni product line includes indoor and outdoor ovens, barbecues, and grills, all manufactured to the highest quality in San Lorenzo by Italian craftsmen. There is even a new hybrid fuelled oven, the Piero. Powered by both gas and wood, the Piero is the first of a new generation of high-performance outdoor ovens giving the “Chef” a choice of fuels. If time is short, then gas power can be used with a 10-minute “up to temperature” performance, or if time is a little less critical, then wood can be used for the fully authentic traditional Italian outdoor cooking experience.

The Fontana family is proud to be synonymous with the only wood-fired oven on the market today that combines the finest old-world Italian craftsmanship with the best that modern technology offers in convenience and refinement.

Outdoor-Wood-Fired-Pizza-Oven1Expand Cooking Beyond The Grill

Backyard grills are great, but now it’s the time to experience the excitement of a new way to cook. Impress your friends and surprise your family with delicious new meals. Our wood-fired ovens are perfect for pizza, bread, chicken, steaks, or anything you can cook in an oven but better!

Your wood brick oven works just like a traditional oven, only with wood. With the wood kept off to one side, the interior heats to a cooking temperature in about 30 minutes.

Dinner With An Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Pizza is the type of meal that brings people together. With an outside brick oven from Gappsi, you can now enjoy more quality time with your loved ones. We offer a range of outstanding options such as the

It has never been easier to enjoy the joys of a brick oven outdoor setting with your friends and loved ones. Elevate your backyard wood-fired pizza oven with accessories such as wood holders, dough trays, and more for the full experience.

Pizza Oven – FAQs

  1. How long does it take to heat up a brick oven?
    • It usually takes up to 1 hour to fully heat up a wood-fired pizza oven. However, this does depend on the size and design of your pizza oven, the wood used, and the weather outside. Smaller ovens can be heated up in 40 minutes, larger ovens could take as long as 2 hours or even more to heat up to the right temperature.
  2. What is the best wood for a wood-fired pizza oven?
    • The best wood to use in a wood-fired pizza oven is hardwood which produces high heat and low smoke. Such as ash, birch, and oak that is fully dry and well seasoned.
  3. Are brick ovens safe?
    • Yes, however, you want to realize they are heating to a high temperature, so use proper tools, gloves, etc. when using so as not to burn yourself. And don’t let kids use wood-fired ovens unsupervised.
  4. How do you cool down a brick oven?
    • Time. That is the best way. Shut the door. Close the vent, and give it overnight to cool completely before you attempt to remove ash/clean the oven.
  5. How long does it take a pizza oven to cool down?
    • This really depends on how hot it got, how good the fire bricks are, external temperatures, etc. But I always plan to simply let it cool overnight.
  6. How long does an oven stay warm after turning it off?
    • Several hours, and you don’t exactly turn it off. There is no switch, the fire simply burns out, and eventually, the oven cools.

Whether it’s pizza night or Sunday dinner, an outdoor brick oven is sure to make any occasion special.

Imagine gathering around a wood-fired brick oven right in your backyard, roasting meats and vegetables with the smoky aroma of burning embers wafting through the air. Whether it’s pizza night or Sunday dinner, an outdoor brick oven is sure to make any occasion special.  Come in today to Gappsi and let us help you choose the best wood-fired brick oven for your home.

Outdoor-Wood-Fired-Pizza-OvenFontana Wood-Fired Countertop Stainless Steel Ovens

Visit the Gappsi showroom to purchase your new Fontana Wood-Burning Stainless Steel Outdoor Pizza Oven, Fontana is an Italian manufacturer of wood-burning pizza ovens, BBQs, and Smokers.  Choose from the Toscano Line, the Mangiafuoco, the Margarita, the Cucina double, or the Gusto. Come and visit our showroom display to view Fontana products.  Below in the video, is a Fontana wood-burning pizza oven with the proud owner making pizzas for his guests.

Gappsi Supplies Alfa Wood-Fired Ovens

Visit the Gappsi showroom to view the Alfa Oven Line.  Alfa Ovens are fired either by wood. gas or a hybrid outdoor pizza oven.  Alfa Forni is an Italian manufacturer of stainless steel ovens, with their own cart and stand or it can be placed on a countertop.

Visit the Gappsi Showroom display to view Alfa products. You can choose among many sizes and models from Classico, Moderno, and e Futuro.


View Gappsi’s YouTube channel for videos of Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven – Fontana Countertop Stainless Steel Oven

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