Dinner With An Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven – Fontana Countertop Stainless Steel Oven

Outdoor-Wood-Fired-Pizza-Oven2Dinner With An Outdoor Wood-Fired Pizza Oven is perfect for the pizza enthusiast!  If you are, here is a way to indulge in Italian-flavored pizza direct from your own backyard.  Fontana Forni is taking the homemade pizza experience to new heights by way of the most premium outdoor ovens on the market.  Their ovens boast elements such as 12 centimeters of natural rock-spun wool insulation, cast iron, and three-millimeter-thick stainless steel. Fontana Forni’s ovens and pizza oven kits are 100% genuine Italian products.  Made by master craftsmen who fuse the finest in old-world craftsmanship with modern ease of use.  This ultimately results in ovens that take advantage of a traditional vault shape, double-forced ventilation system, three-surface refraction, and innovative “total fire” structure for uniform heat distribution.

Fontana Forni Wood Fired Stainless Steel Ovens

Fontana Forni was started in 1946 by the Fontana brothers; Bruno, Carlo, and Guiseppe.  They have been manufacturing high-quality ovens for over 70 years. Three generations of Fontanas are now involved in producing top-class reliable ovens for all cooking types.

The Fontana Forni product line includes indoor and outdoor ovens, barbecues, and grills, all manufactured to the highest quality in San Lorenzo by Italian craftsmen. There is even a new hybrid fuelled oven, the Piero. Powered by both gas and wood, the Piero is the first of a new generation of high-performance outdoor ovens giving the “Chef” a choice of fuels. If time is short, then gas power can be used with a 10-minute “up to temperature” performance, or if time is a little less critical, then wood can be used for the fully authentic traditional Italian outdoor cooking experience.

The Fontana family is proud to be synonymous with the only wood-fired oven on the market today that combines the finest old-world Italian craftsmanship with the best that modern technology offers in convenience and refinement.

Outdoor-Wood-Fired-Pizza-Oven1Expand Cooking Beyond The Grill

Backyard grills are great, but now it’s the time to experience the excitement of a new way to cook. Impress your friends and surprise your family with delicious new meals. Our wood-fired ovens are perfect for pizza, bread, chicken, steaks, or anything you can cook in an oven but better!

Your wood brick oven works just like a traditional oven, only with wood. With the wood kept off to one side, the interior heats to a cooking temperature in about 30 minutes.

Dinner With An Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Pizza is the type of meal that brings people together. With an outside brick oven from Gappsi, you can now enjoy more quality time with your loved ones. We offer a range of outstanding options such as the

It has never been easier to enjoy the joys of a brick oven outdoor setting with your friends and loved ones. Elevate your backyard wood-fired pizza oven with accessories such as wood holders, dough trays, and more for the full experience.

Pizza Oven – FAQs

  1. How long does it take to heat up a brick oven?
    • It usually takes up to 1 hour to fully heat up a wood-fired pizza oven. However, this does depend on the size and design of your pizza oven, the wood used, and the weather outside. Smaller ovens can be heated up in 40 minutes, larger ovens could take as long as 2 hours or even more to heat up to the right temperature.
  2. What is the best wood for a wood-fired pizza oven?
    • The best wood to use in a wood-fired pizza oven is hardwood which produces high heat and low smoke. Such as ash, birch, and oak that is fully dry and well seasoned.
  3. Are brick ovens safe?
    • Yes, however, you want to realize they are heating to a high temperature, so use proper tools, gloves, etc. when using so as not to burn yourself. And don’t let kids use wood-fired ovens unsupervised.
  4. How do you cool down a brick oven?
    • Time. That is the best way. Shut the door. Close the vent, and give it overnight to cool completely before you attempt to remove ash/clean the oven.
  5. How long does it take a pizza oven to cool down?
    • This really depends on how hot it got, how good the fire bricks are, external temperatures, etc. But I always plan to simply let it cool overnight.
  6. How long does an oven stay warm after turning it off?
    • Several hours, and you don’t exactly turn it off. There is no switch, the fire simply burns out, and eventually, the oven cools.

Whether it’s pizza night or Sunday dinner, an outdoor brick oven is sure to make any occasion special.

Imagine gathering around a wood-fired brick oven right in your backyard, roasting meats and vegetables with the smoky aroma of burning embers wafting through the air. Whether it’s pizza night or Sunday dinner, an outdoor brick oven is sure to make any occasion special.  Come in today to Gappsi and let us help you choose the best wood-fired brick oven for your home.

Outdoor-Wood-Fired-Pizza-OvenFontana Wood-Fired Countertop Stainless Steel Ovens

Visit the Gappsi showroom to purchase your new Fontana Wood-Burning Stainless Steel Outdoor Pizza Oven, Fontana is an Italian manufacturer of wood-burning pizza ovens, BBQs, and Smokers.  Choose from the Toscano Line, the Mangiafuoco, the Margarita, the Cucina double, or the Gusto. Come and visit our showroom display to view Fontana products.  Below in the video, is a Fontana wood-burning pizza oven with the proud owner making pizzas for his guests.

Gappsi Supplies Alfa Wood-Fired Ovens

Visit the Gappsi showroom to view the Alfa Oven Line.  Alfa Ovens are fired either by wood. gas or a hybrid outdoor pizza oven.  Alfa Forni is an Italian manufacturer of stainless steel ovens, with their own cart and stand or it can be placed on a countertop.

Visit the Gappsi Showroom display to view Alfa products. You can choose among many sizes and models from Classico, Moderno, and e Futuro.


View Gappsi’s YouTube channel for videos of Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven – Fontana Countertop Stainless Steel Oven

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Commercial Pizza Oven Construction Long Island NY

FGRI 110 CM Rosa Asiago Travertino Noce Morello ForniIf there’s one kitchen appliance that’s the heart of any pizzeria, it’s undoubtedly the commercial pizza oven.

Wood-fired, grilled, thin crust, thick crust, a melody of toppings and cheese  America continuously reinvents and reinterprets the pizza across the country. The Italian import is beloved by Americans and local pizzerias give the beloved staple endless regional forms and flavors.

Where Artisan intersects with Technology and Innovation. Each commercial brick pizza oven is uniquely handcrafted and built, brick by brick, resulting in the industry’s highest quality, most energy-efficient brick oven cooking solution available.

Pizza, a timeless culinary delight loved by people across the globe, continues to be a popular choice in the commercial food industry. One key element that distinguishes a great pizza is the oven in which it is baked. Commercial pizza ovens, specifically designed for high-volume production, offer a range of options to suit different businesses.

Morello Forni pizza ovens offer a wide range of options for your needs. The look and features of the oven are customizable with different colors, mosaic finishes, and add-ons.  Morello Fiorni encompasses a wide range of wood, gas, electric, static, or rotating ovens.  Their high-quality products combine ease of use, energy and fuel saving, and top baking performance.

Commercial Pizza Ovens

A commercial pizza oven is a specialized cooking appliance designed to produce high-quality pizzas quickly and efficiently. These ovens are specifically engineered to handle the demands of a busy commercial kitchen, ensuring consistent results and rapid cooking times. They come in various types, including deck ovens, conveyor ovens, and wood-fired ovens, each offering unique advantages. Commercial pizza ovens often feature advanced temperature control systems, allowing chefs to achieve the perfect balance of crispness and flavor. With their large cooking capacity and durable construction, these ovens are essential for pizzerias, restaurants, and food establishments looking to deliver delicious, piping-hot pizzas to their customers in a timely manner.

FRV100-CB Electric Rotary Oven Morello Forni Pizza OvenBrick Pizza Oven

A commercial brick pizza oven uses a traditional method to cook pizza. Brick Ovens can be fueled by wood or gas, and it generates heat inside the cooking cavity. The construction of the oven helps retain and reflect the heat, resulting in a nicely browned effect and a crispy crust. A commercial brick pizza oven takes around 45 minutes to preheat.  They can reach high temperatures, which allows the pizzas to cook in less than three minutes. The Morello Forni Pizza Ovens are available with either one cooking cavity or multiple decks.

  • Power sources: Wood, gas
  • Standard temperature range: 600-1,000 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Excels at cooking: Fresh flatbread, thin crust, and deep dish pizzas
  • Best for: Fine-dining restaurants, outdoor dining, rustic establishments, traditional pizzerias

Choose the heating system that better suits your needs:


Range FMR – Rotary Wood Oven Plus Gas Heated BedPlate

  • FMRs are rotary wood ovens, with an auxiliary gas burner heating their revolving bedplate
  • The FMRs are part of the rotating oven’s family, their motorized bedplate with variable speed and direction results in quicker and homogeneous baking.
  • Bedplate burners allow better thermal stability to the baking base, for quicker and more homogeneous baking results.
  • A metal guard separates the wood-burning area from the revolving bedplate.
  • An external metal drawer collects ashes and debris falling from cooking chamber grooves.  This helps keep the baking area clean, as well as improving wood combustion and overall hygiene.
  • Independent bedplate heating, with the temperature-based control system.
  • The huge refractory mass and extra careful thermal insulation increase the oven’s efficiency, lower operating costs and heat loss.

FGRi 110 Morello Forni Commerical Pizza OvenRange Mix – Wood Oven Plus Heated Bedplate

  • MIX ovens are mainly wood ovens, with an auxiliary bedplate gas heating (electric for MIXE), and can use only wood or wood and gas for their operation.
  • MIXs are part of the static ovens family; thanks to their enhanced thermal stability are perfect for bread or gastronomic products and slow baking with no flame.
  • An external metal drawer collects ashes and debris falling from cooking chamber grooves.  This helps in keeping the baking area clean and improves wood combustion and overall hygiene.
  • The huge refractory mass and extra careful thermal insulation increase the oven’s efficiency, and lower operating costs and heat loss.
  • Independent bedplate heating, with the temperature-based control system.

Traditional Wood Oven – Range FW 

  • FWs are part of the static ovens family.  Thanks to their enhanced thermal stability are perfect for bread or gastronomic products and slow baking with no flame.
  • Dome shape and dimensions are designed to optimize flame thermal performance.  They refract it as much as possible onto the bedplate.  This warms up the entire cooking surface with a single heat source.
  • An external metal drawer collects ashes and debris falling from cooking chamber grooves.  This helps in keeping the baking area clean and improves wood combustion and overall hygiene.
  • The huge refractory mass and extra careful thermal insulation are designed to increase the oven’s efficiency.  It also lowers operating costs and heat loss.

FMR 130 CM-V UL Morello Forni Commercial Pizza OvenRotary Wood Oven Plus Electric Heated Bedplate

  • FMR/Es are mainly wood ovens, with an auxiliary electric system heating their revolving bedplate.
  • FMR/Es are part of the rotating oven’s family, their motorized bedplate with variable speed and direction results in quicker and homogeneous baking.
  • Bedplate heating elements allow better thermal stability to the baking base, for quicker and more homogeneous baking results.
  • A metal guard separates the wood-burning area from the revolving bedplate.
  • An external metal drawer collects ashes and debris falling from cooking chamber grooves, to help keep the baking area clean, improving wood combustion and overall hygiene.
  • Independent bedplate heating, with the temperature-based control system.
  • The huge refractory mass and extra careful thermal insulation increase the oven’s efficiency, lower operating costs and heat loss.
  • Bedplate heat is redirected into the cooking chamber to increase efficiency and lower consumption.
  • In auto mode: the heating control system manages electric power, raising or lowering heat intensity according to set temperature, to enhance energy saving and ease of use.
    Patented automatic debris cleaning system around the revolving bedplate.

What Is The Best Commercial Pizza Oven?

When it comes to finding the best commercial pizza oven, there are several factors to consider. Here are some key points to help you make an informed decision:

  • Deck Oven: Known for producing authentic and traditional pizzas, deck ovens use stone or brick surfaces to cook the pizzas evenly.
  • Conveyor Oven: Ideal for high-volume operations, conveyor ovens feature a conveyor belt that moves the pizzas through the cooking chamber, ensuring consistent results.
  • Wood-Fired Oven: These ovens offer a unique flavor and texture by using wood as the heat source. They are popular for Neapolitan-style pizzas.
Tools and Materials Needed for Cleaning

To effectively clean your brick pizza oven, prepare yourself with the right tools.

  • You’ll need an oven brush and scraper to remove debris
  • Food-safe cleaning solution (baking soda and water, or water vinegar)
  • For wood-fired brick ovens, you will also need an ashtray.
  • Personal protective equipment to ensure your safety during the cleaning process.
Commercial Pizzeria Building Contractor On Long Island NY

Are you interested in building a pizzeria on Long Island?  Gappsi can provide the construction and assembling of Morello Ovens with many models and functions.  The Morello Oven Line is the best pizza oven on the market; with a heated rotating cooking floor to a combination of gas and wood hybrid, or electrically heated ovens Morello Ovens have it covered. A Morello Oven doesn’t require a very skilled operator, this is simply the hassle of having experienced pizza bakers, the oven does most of the work.


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Brick Oven Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens

Brick-Oven-Wood-Fired-Pizza-OvensWe are passionate about brick oven wood-fired pizza cooking. Gappsi specializes in wood-fired appliances. We build handcrafted firebrick pizza ovens, grills, smokers, and fireplaces. For each customer, we build a fire-breathing work of art.

Wood-fired pizza ovens have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. The main reason for this fame is for sure the excellent taste and flavor of Neapolitan-style pizzas, cooked in a wood-burning pizza oven.

But, besides beautiful pizzas, in a wood-fired pizza oven, you can bake and cook plenty of other foods.  And, there’s not only tasty food and the unique outdoor cooking experience that matters. A wood-fired pizza oven is an excellent place for socializing and hanging out with your friends and family.

Almost all brick ovens are single-chambered or ovens with direct combustion. It means they have one chamber, both for firing and cooking.

Assembled Wood-Fired Pizza Oven – Best of the Best

Without a doubt, purchasing an assembled pizza oven is the shortest way to get the best pizza oven. A completed oven is settled on the pre-prepared desktop or counter, ready to use.  Assembled ovens are mostly made of prefabricated refractory elements. Of course, they’re entirely insulated and with a finished exterior, practically ready for use.  Some producers of assembled brick pizza ovens also use bricks for their ovens, especially for commercial ovens.  The best-assembled pizza ovens are cured in a factory, while others need curing before regular use.

How to Cook In A Wood-Fired Pizza Oven?

Your wood-burning oven will need a bit of time to preheat before you can start cooking, though this duration is considerably shorter than what you might expect in a regular, in-home kitchen oven. When firing your oven up, use small pieces of kindling to get a blaze going before switching to medium-sized cut logs.

Brick-Oven-Wood-Fired-Pizza-Ovens2For best results, use dry hardwood in your outdoor pizza oven to get the optimum temperature without lots of smoke.

Depending on how big and well-insulated your oven is, preheating can take anywhere between 20 to 60 minutes. A brick oven will take longer to heat than a stainless steel oven.

You won’t need a pizza stone or a baking stone when cooking in an outdoor pizza oven. You will cook directly on the oven floor so you want to have the right temperature on the cooking surface. To get high temperatures on the oven floor, spread out a bed of hot embers where the pizzas will cook before pushing the fire to the back of the oven in preparation for cooking.

Get It Crispy!

For pizza with a crispy crust and perfectly cooked toppings, high heat is required. This is where wood-fired ovens shine since they can withstand temperatures far greater than those of regular conventional ovens. A Margherita pizza needs a temperature of approximately 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

While the thermometer on most home pizza ovens is sufficient for getting a rough idea about how hot things are inside, some extra peace of mind can be found by using an infrared temperature gun. An infrared thermometer will provide more reliable results of how hot the inside of a pizza oven is and how hot the floor of the oven is.

How long it takes to cook your pizza will depend upon your oven’s internal temperature, and can vary from as long as 4 minutes to as quickly as just 90 seconds!

Pizza Dessert Made at the Gappsi OvenThe Key Is The Peel

Remember the flour that went on your pizza dough? This is where it becomes important. We don’t advise throwing a raw pizza into your oven with your bare hands, so a trusty pizza peel will be a valuable investment in your outdoor baking supplies.

A Pizza Peel is a flat, wide tool that helps you move pizza pies around. Some pizza peels are better designed to transfer a pizza from the countertop to your pizza oven floor while others are better for turning the pizza while it’s cooking in the oven.

Before You Buy: 4 Things to Consider When Purchasing the Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

  • Your residential habits – If you move homes often, you’ll want to take your oven with you. In this case, an assembled brick oven or portable oven would be the best choice. On the contrary, you may hardly see yourself in a new house then a masonry or modular brick oven makes sense.  It could happen that you must move anyway. A brick oven settled in an outdoor kitchen is an extension of the living space that will add significant value to your home.
  • Location of your oven and access – Are you installing an assembled oven?  It is recommended to test the oven’s placement possibilities before the actual installation. To get started, determine the dimension of the oven as well as the weight which are the most important figures to consider.


  • How much time will be spent cooking outside with your wood-fired oven?  If you can afford a few hours to yourself to heat your masonry oven, then it makes sense to maximize its potential.  When you start with pizzas, you can go ahead with baking bread. Then you may add your food for dinner. Once that is complete, you can also take advantage of the oven’s retained heat for overnight slow cooking.  Cooking in a wood-fired Gappsi Oven can be a whole day activity. At the same time, you can use it as a “social corner.” It’s an excellent opportunity to hang out with your family and friends.
  • Dimensions of cooking surface – You will often cook only one pizza at a time because it’s much simpler and more manageable. It is important to have some extra space on the cooking floor. First, you need space for handling and rotating pizzas.  You will not want the pizza right beside the fire. In this case, you’ll have to turn the pizza all the time. Otherwise, you’ll burn it.

Brick-Oven-Wood-Fired-Pizza-Ovens1Check Out Our Latest Large Brick Gappsi Pizza Oven In Smithtown NY

This is a Gappsi Pizza oven we installed in Saint James NY. We built an island base including storage cabinets on one side, a refrigerator on the other side, and a wood storage right below the oven. The structure was built with Eldorado pre-made boxes and veneered with court stones. This gives the patio and the oven area a very rusty look. The oven was manufactured in Sorrento Italy.  In addition, it was veneered with Natural split-face rock, giving the oven a very rustic look. The oven size is 50 inches inside and is the best-made oven, with the highest material and craftsmanship. To learn more about Gappsi Ovens visit our showroom in Smithtown NY.


View Gappsi’s YouTube Channel For Videos Of Brick Oven Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens

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Can You Cook Anything In A Brick Oven?

Brick Oven Bread MakingAre you wondering if it’s really worth investing in a pizza oven or can you cook anything in a brick oven?

Did you know that is just the start of what you can cook in a wood-fired pizza oven? There are so many different options and recipes available, both in terms of the style of cooking and the food you can create.

What Foods Can Be Cooked in a Pizza Oven?

The amazing thing about wood-fired pizza ovens is just how versatile they are. Just like with your regular oven in your kitchen, you can pretty much cook anything you like – all you need is the right tools and to find the right temperature.

Once you have got the hang of your outdoor pizza oven, you can cook foods such as:

  • Roasted vegetables
  • Baked or grilled fish
  • Slow cooked meats
  • Flamed ribeye steak
  • Smoked and barbecued meats
  • Jacket potatoes
  • Freshly baked bread loaves
  • Focaccia and flatbreads
  • Side dishes such as shrimp, potato wedges, and baked feta
  • Stews and casseroles
  • Hot desserts
  • In fact, you really can be as adventurous as you like!

Are You Unsure Why You Use A Brick Oven?

One of the main benefits of cooking with a brick oven is that it can reach higher temperatures than a conventional oven. This is due to the fact that bricks are excellent thermal conductors, meaning they can quickly and evenly distribute heat.

How Does A Wood-Fired Brick Oven Work?

After starting a fire in the oven, the dome chamber absorbs the heat until it becomes white hot (sometimes up to 800 Fahrenheit or more). At that point, the fire is either extinguished or left burning gently. The embers from the fire can be swept out before using the oven to cook. Once the oven is up to the correct temperature, the oven door is closed to contain the heat. After the heat has lessened a bit and evened itself throughout the oven, it’s ready to use. The heat that has been absorbed by the oven walls and floor now radiates from them.

Construction of Outdoor Italian Brick Ovens by Gappsi IncWhat Materials Are Used To Build A Wood-Fired Brick Oven?

A wood-fired brick oven can be built from regular red clay bricks but the placement and design are key to a consistent temperature. They can also be built from a heat-resistant concrete mix or refractory fire bricks used in kilns. Ovens often have fancy trim or decorative brickwork as they are constructed by specially trained craftsmen, frequently trained in southern Italy. If the wood-fired brick oven is meant to cook pizza, the walls are thinner. Ovens meant for bread have thicker walls that hold the heat longer.

What Fuel Does A Wood-Fired Brick Oven Use?

As long as it isn’t coated with fire-retardant chemicals or paint, any type of wood can be used. Tree branches, waste wood, and old furniture also work well.

A wood-fired brick oven is a great tool for making pizzeria-quality pizza and meals of all kinds. However, it involves some expertise to monitor the temperature for optimal results, and get the perfect pizza you desire.

They all come with a standard finish. Which includes stucco, pebble rocks, random cut stones, and tiles. We also offer custom finishes to your specifications such as personalized engraving of your favorite pictures hand-painted by our artists on the exterior of the

Brick Ovens Construction Methods

As part of our Brick Ovens Construction Methods, we can also cast your desired words on the oven metal door. If you are in the market for a brick oven and do enough researches you will learn about the Biscotto di Sorrento, many companies that use something similar to the Biscotto di Sorrento will make a big deal about it, and also will charge you more money as an upgrade of the floor of the oven. Many of you would ask? What is the Biscotto di Sorrento? The Biscotti di Sorrento is a terracotta brick manufactured from clay that is only found in Italy in the region of Campania in the Sorrento area on the Amalfi coast. This clay is rich in natural minerals that will absorb, retain and release the heat uniformly; making your cooking process the most natural cooking experience you can get using a brick oven.

The difference between a Gappsi Biscotto di Sorrento and the competition is that many companies claim to use the only use to make the base on the oven,

Gappsi builds the entire oven, floor, walls, and dome with the same material. The Gappsi method of building brick ovens is a tradition that dates back over 300 years From one of the first producers of the Biscotto di Sorrento is still in business in Italy today after many generations.

What Makes Our Italian Brick Ovens Superior?

We construct Gappsi’s brick pizza ovens in Nassau & Suffolk County using a special clay. We get this clay from Sorrento, Italy, and mix it using a traditional mixer. This particular clay is rich in volcanic pumice and silicon. We place a wood mold on top of a platform and spread the clay in it by hand. It creates a spongy finished product, which allows the heat to spread evenly and slowly in the finished oven. Our clay bricks cannot be mass-produced since we pour them by hand for each new Italian outdoor brick oven.

Can You Cook Anything In A Brick Oven?Outdoor wood Fired Oven Ridge Long Island NY

This Sorrento oven was delivered to a Gappsi client in ridge New York. The Sorrento oven has a Uniquely shaped smoke stack built on the outside of the oven over the volcanic marble mantel. The Sorrento oven stands on a custom-built cart constructed of fine materials starting with the stainless steel base and door. The exterior of the oven is veneered with rustic-cut brown limestone. This oven was sealed with a clear natural stone sealer to make it watertight and water-repellent. Gappsi offers many styles of ovens including custom-size options.  In addition, the oven can be fitted for gas, propane, or wood-fired, or we have a hybrid option as well.


View Gappsi’s YouTube channel for videos of Can You Cook Anything In A Brick Oven?


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Outdoor Custom Wood Fired Pizza Ovens On Long Island

Outdoor-Custom-Wood-Fired-Pizza-Ovens-On-Long-Island1Gappsi brick ovens are the pinnacle of excellence when it comes to at-home cooking with our outdoor custom wood fired pizza ovens on Long Island. Our brick ovens outperform every other oven on the market.  Gappsi Ovens are built and designed to last a lifetime and go well beyond just cooking just pizza view our Gappsi Ovens page to view the full collection of ovens for your home. Fresh bread, grilled pork chops, cast iron skillet meals, rich desserts this list goes on! So, gather your family around the fire, enjoy a wood-fired meal, and make memories that your family will look back on for years to come. Your home will be the one everyone wants to come over to, celebrating life’s moments and building years of memories.

Besides being able to cook beautiful pizzas in a wood-fired pizza oven. Did you know you can bake as well as cook plenty of other foods for instance?  All the food from the wood-burning oven is excellent and so delicious all your friends will be asking where they can buy their own grill too. Tasty and healthy, rich in flavors with light hints of smoke.  You can apply several cooking techniques like baking, grilling, or cooking in cast iron skillets or carbon steel pans in wood-burning ovens also.

Bake Delicious Hearth Breads, Focaccia, And Snacks

Besides baking delicious hearth bread, focaccia, and snacks in the oven.  You can cook, grill, and roast different seafood, meat, poultry, and vegetables in all the wood-fired ovens also with them.  Brick wood fired pizza ovens are ideal for cooking one-pot meals using Dutch ovens, clay cookers, and roasters. This way, you can prepare stews and beans and seafood, meat, potatoes, and much more all at once.

There is so much that goes into entertaining.  There’s not only tasty food but the unique outdoor cooking experience that matters when entertaining. A wood-fired pizza oven is an excellent place for socializing and hanging out with your friends and family too.  The brick oven is a great conversation starter for guests when they come over as well.

Outdoor-Custom-Wood-Fired-Pizza-Ovens-On-Long-IslandWhat Is A Wood Fired Brick Pizza Oven?

A wood-fired brick oven is a specially designed oven that heats up evenly, retains high temperatures, and cooks the perfect pizzas, meats, and more. It is an oven that uses burning wood on the inside to heat up the surfaces. Once the oven has reached the right temperature, you can cook pizzas in just a few minutes or less; the oven reaches temperatures of 850+ degrees Fahrenheit.

How Do Wood Fired Brick Pizza Ovens Work?

A brick wood fired pizza oven can get to temperatures upwards of 850+ degrees without causing damage or compromising the structural integrity of the oven. The dome shape bounces the heat in every direction allowing the oven to be at the same temperature all over. This allows for pizzas and foods to cook evenly no matter where it sits in the oven.

What Kind Of Wood Is Used For Wood Fired Brick Pizza Oven?

Hardwoods are the best kinds of wood to use in a wood fired oven. Brick pizza ovens allow you to take advantage of delightful aromas and flavors you can’t get in a regular oven. You can use anything from applewood to oak, maple, and even hickory wood in a wood fired brick pizza oven.

Are All Brick Ovens Wood Fired?

Some brick ovens can be converted to gas or propane oven. Using this heat source can be convenient for people who want the perfect cooking properties of a brick oven without dealing with the mess of wood and ashes to clean up.

Outdoor-Custom-Wood-Fired-Pizza-Ovens-On-Long-Island2Custom Built Pizza Oven Built In Huntington Bay NY

As a complete Long-Island Italian brick pizza ovens distributor, Gappsi provides a great selection of pizza ovens.  Our store of ovens includes complete ready-to-use units, custom-built indoor and outdoor ovens, and custom-built on-site. We can incorporate all other outdoor cooking elements in your outdoor kitchen too. Gappsi pizza ovens come in a variety of sizes and models.  Customers can choose from countertop units with an optional finish in stone veneers or choose ceramic tiles and stucco in any color or finish desired.

Recently Gappsi refreshed a beautiful backyard located in Huntington Bay NY.  The backyard has a raised patio built several years ago with a Hanover chapel wall for the retaining wall. Gappsi installed G046 limestone treads for the steps and stone pavers for the patio. The home is sitting in a beautiful setting on the water with a breathtaking view. In our backyard update, we added the same G046 limestone pavers, an island, and a table.

Custom Built Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

A custom built pizza oven with a base was installed. Gappsi utilized eldorado prefab concrete boxes, veneered with Quartzite split-face natural stones. For the outdoor kitchen, we installed an AOG 24-inch grill and made a base for the smoker.  Gappsi designed the outdoor custom wood fired pizza ovens which extended the homeowner’s outdoor kitchen entertaining area. The countertop was created with limestone G046 coping and pavers.

The exterior of the oven is finished with stucco and the homeowner could not be happier!  The final step in completing the pizza oven is sealing it to make it water-repellant. For the front of the oven, we utilized G046 limestone and created a custom front to match the patio. The latest Gappsi creation in Huntington NY.

If you are looking for a Long Island Italian brick pizza oven retailer, and outdoor custom wood fired pizza ovens on Long Island Gappsi is the place for you. We invite you to our showroom display to see our ovens first hand. Visit us on social media, join our events, and be sure to sign up for a demonstration of our pizza ovens that happen year-round! A backyard is not complete without a Gappsi pizza oven. Among all our services, we are passionate about backyard design and the construction of outdoor cooking islands. We offer outdoor kitchen setups with a great selection of appliances and other cooking devices. Gappsi ovens are the best in the world, manufactured with high-quality materials and old-world craftsmanship.



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