FMR 130 CM-V UL Extended Top With Gold Tiles

Wood, Gas & Hybrid   

Morello Forni Rotary Wood/Gas Combo Fired Pizza Oven, hybrid (operates gas only, wood only, or combination wood & gas), 47″ inside cooking diameter, rotating cooking deck, touch screen electronic control system, (9-10) 8″, (8-9) 10″, (7-8) 12″, (3-4) 16″ pizza capacity, 7” thick sealed insulated walls, dual burners system (internal dome burner & under the deck, emergency stop button, high refractory premium grade alumina with heavy metal enclosure, stainless steel finish, 220v/60/1-ph, 136,000 BTU, NSF, UL.



  • FMRs are rotary wood ovens, with an auxiliary gas burner heating their revolving bedplate
  • FMRs are part of the rotating oven’s family, their motorized bedplate with variable speed and direction results in quicker and homogeneous baking.
  • Bedplate burners allow better thermal stability to the baking base, for quicker and more homogeneous baking results.
  • A metal guard separates the wood-burning area from the revolving bedplate.
  • An external metal drawer collects ashes and debris falling from cooking chamber grooves, to help keep the baking area clean, improving wood combustion and overall hygiene.
  • Independent bedplate heating, with the temperature-based control system.
  • The huge refractory mass and extra careful thermal insulation increase the oven’s efficiency, and lower operating costs and heat loss.
  • Bedplate heat is redirected into the cooking chamber to increase
  • Bedplate Heat is redirected into the cooking chamber to use it again and lower overall energy consumption

Range FMR Advantages

  • FMR ovens are equipped with auxiliary atmospheric gas burners, especially designed by Morello Forni, maintenance-free.
  • The combined operation allows using the oven wood-only.
  • Its touch interface allows easy oven management.
  • “IntelTouch System” control interface allows simple yet evolved oven control, programmed with specific “Morello Forni” Firmware that enables automatic or manual oven operation, and various utilities.
  • The automatic bedplate burners’ operating system minimizes fuel consumption and reduces the need for user attention.
  • The external metal drawer collects falling ashes and fireplace dirt from internal grooves, helps keep the baking area clean, and improves wood combustion and overall hygiene.
  • FMR ovens are ready for full gas conversion by installing dome burners (becoming FGRi models).
  • Oven upkeep tasks are less, thanks to its maintenance-free gas burners.
  • Improved thermal stability during operation thanks to the combined wood and gas combustion system.
  • Steady and improved productivity in comparison with traditional wood ovens.
  • Wood-fueled combustion reduces gas exhausts and related air pollution.
  • A spacious natural stone front shelf improves batching operations.
  • External light mounted on a high temperature-proof flexible arm improves furnace inner visibility while cooking.
  • Raised huge wood rack with detachable sides helps clean operations under the oven.
  • A solid metal tubular basement allows oven handling with forklifts.
  • Optional on-site oven assembly is easy when shipped ready to mount.
  • Minimal servicing is required.