FGRI 110 CM Rosa Asiago Travertino Noce

Morello Forni Rotary Pizza Oven, gas, 39″ inside cooking diameter, rotating cooking deck, touch screen electronic control system, (6) 11″ pizza capacity, 7” thick sealed insulated walls, dual burners system in stainless steel (internal dome burner & under deck, emergency stop button, high refractory premium grade alumina with heavy metal enclosure, mosaic cupola, 220v/60/1-ph, 81,900 BTU, NSF, UL


Rotary Pizza Oven, electric convection, 39″ inside cooking diameter, programmable touch system control panel with P.I.D. technology, (5) 11″ pizza capacity, independent heating system between crown & head plates, adjustable airflow & bedplate temperature, heavy refractory structure, stainless steel internal backing chamber, mosaic cupola, 220v/60/3-ph, NSF


  • Rotary programmable electric convection pizza oven
  • External cylindrical shape in metal and stainless steel
  • Independent Heating System between crown and head plates
  • Internal refractory body of 900 kg
  • Heating time from zero to 750 degrees Fahrenheit in 20 minutes
  • Can operate without any flue pipe
  • Circulating internal airflow convection optimizes baking and heat efficiency
  • Automated airflow control prevents heat loss when oven door is opened
  • Ergonomic handles and sprint-actuated doors facilitate constant opening and door closing
  • INTELTOUCH digital control allows customization of different preparation programs
  • Software secures automatic oven thermostatic function control during operation
  • Programmable timer and adjustable power and baking intensity
  • Product identical to that produced from live wood or coal
  • Optional cupola dome in pesto coccio or natural stone mosaic finish
  • 220/60/3