Pizzarella Dough Press

Pizzarella is a revolutionary machine that will not stress or mistreat the dough. With its restless aid, rolling a pro-grade pizza base becomes “a piece of cake”.


After years of research and development, Morello Forni is pleased to present Pizzarella, the first and only semi-automatic pizza stretcher which is able to form a pizza base in just a few seconds as an expert pizza chef would do.

Pizzarella is a revolutionary machine that doesn’t stress or mistreat the dough.

Using this indefatigable aid, rolling out the pizza becomes child’s play within everyone’s reach.

The peculiarity of Pizzarella is that of enlarging the dough, making a process that would normally be obtained after years of experience and apprenticeship simple and immediate.

Pizzarella works at room temperature, does not laminate the dough by stressing it, and does not transform the dough with heat.

Pizzarella preserves the physical and organoleptic properties of your dough intact, as only an expert pizza maker would do with his own hands.