FGRI110-ST Wood | Coal | Gas Fired Rotary Oven

Morello Forni Rotary Wood/Gas Combo Fired Pizza Oven, hybrid (operates gas only, wood only, or combination wood & gas), 47″ inside cooking diameter, rotating cooking deck, touch screen electronic control system, (9-10) 8″, (8-9) 10″, (7-8) 12″, (3-4) 16″ pizza capacity, 7” thick sealed insulated walls, dual burners system (internal dome burner & under deck, emergency stop button, high refractory premium grade alumina with heavy metal enclosure, stainless steel finish, 220v/60/1-ph, 136,000 BTU, NSF, UL



  • Hybrid (wood/gas) oven with rotating cooking bedplate chamber.
  • Constructed from high refractory premium grade alumina with heavy metal enclosure and stand.
  • Oven walls average 7” thickness with completely sealed wall enclosures.
  • Operates gas only, wood only, or a combination of wood and gas.
  • Double gas burner system in stainless steel.
  • Internal dome burner and under-bedplate gas burner system.
  • Thermal insulation made of mineral fiber with high insulating properties; minimum 6” from top to bottom requiring 3” clearance to combustible materials.
  • INTELTOUCH-MF10 Touch Screen Electronic Control System.
  • Independent intuitive digital safety controls.
  • Programmable time, speed, temperature, and flame control system.
  • Optimized performance and large productivity.
  • Emergency push button to stop.
  • 220/60/1