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Retractable Swimming PoolWhy would you want to add a Retractable Swimming Pool Enclosure to your pool?  It’s easy these days to underestimate the importance of spending time with your family, or even getting a breath of fresh air. Giving yourself time to relax is absolutely essential to both physical and mental well-being, and a family pool can contribute to both!


Pool enclosures are structures that surround your pool. They are gaining popularity for the benefits they provide, including privacy and security, protection against debris, and year-long pool enjoyment.

An indoor pool offers protection from the elements.  Pool enclosure designed to offer you the best of both worlds.  Depending on your climate and heating budget, a pool enclosure can help you extend your pool season to nine or even 12 months out of the year.

Retractable swimming pool enclosures are extremely popular. Reduced maintenance, safety benefits, and the ability to extend your pool usage all season long are some of the biggest benefits of a pool enclosure.

Retractable-Swimming-Pool-Enclosure33 TYPES OF POOL ENCLOSURES

  1. Low Enclosures – Low pool enclosures intend to protect your pool while also allowing enough height for you and your guests to swim. One can think of low enclosures as pool covers that allow you to still use your pool. They typically fit around the edge of your pool and hang 1 to 3 feet above it.
  2. Mid-Height Enclosures – Mid-Height pool enclosures intend to protect your pool without obstructing the experience for you and your guests. These types of pool enclosures typically range in height from 8 feet to 12 feet and fit around the concrete surrounding the pool. This allows pool goers to both use the pool as well as relax by it within the confines of the pool enclosure.
  3. High Enclosures – High pool enclosures provide similar benefits as mid-height pool enclosures.  They offer ample space to eliminate any feeling of confinement. These types of pool enclosures are typically 12 feet or higher and fit around the concrete surrounding the pool, similar to mid-height pool enclosures.


Retractable pool enclosures combine several benefits. They allow you to open your pool and enjoy the outside weather enjoying the breeze during warm months.  While providing the option to continue using your pool during cold months. Many retractable pool enclosures are electric, making it easy to oscillate between an indoor and outdoor pool.

The ease of modern retractable pool enclosures allows you to enjoy the outdoors while using your pool but also protect it from the elements and trespassers when you’re not. Simply retract the pool enclosure when in use, and cover the pool when not in use. From a cost perspective, a low glass retractable pool enclosure may be an appealing alternative to a medium or high pool screen enclosure.

Retractable-Swimming-Pool-Enclosure1In addition to protection from the elements, pool enclosures give you a broad range of other benefits. A pool enclosure simplifies pool maintenance by providing coverage from debris. You’ll also gain protection from mosquitoes and UV rays.


Many readily available pool enclosure options can enhance your experience and expand your pool access in any climate.

One popular type is the retractable or telescopic pool enclosure. With a retractable pool enclosure, you can open it up in pleasant weather and then cover your pool when conditions demand. Some retractable pool enclosures feature push-button convenience to cover or uncover your pool.

Retractable Pool Enclosure In Cedarhurt NY

Gappsi designed and built this backyard in Cedarhurst NY. The project included a 12 x 30 vinyl pool built with concrete walls and a retractable enclosure.  The retractable/moveable enclosures made out of aluminum framing and an epoxy glass dome. You can completely move the enclosure out of the way and open it to outside elements.

Retractable-Swimming-Pool-Enclosure2This pool will be used in the wintertime now as well as in the summer months. Homeowners should be aware that in order to get a permit for the pool we had to build an extension to the house. The enclosure had to be attached to the house making it an extension of the home.

Gappsi installed G035 travertine for the coping and the patio selected from the Gappsi natural stone collection. Inside the extension, we built oak floors with steps and installed an Auroom Spa Sonar. Gappsi is an authorized dealer for Auroom.  The clients are very happy,

The pool will be used throughout the winter and the equipment will be enclosed within the structure. The entire backyard was completed with synthetic turf making this backyard completely maintenance free including the landscaping and the pool. This is the latest Gappsi creation in Cedarhurst Nassau County NY.


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