Clay brick paver’s benefits: colors & patterns long island

By Giuseppe Abbrancati
Clay brick paver’s benefits: gallery of colors and patterns long island .Gappsi distributors, contractor’s installers, Clay brick is a very old method of manufacturing building products for paving as well as veneering. Dating back to the beginning of man kind  interest of providing shelter , by building small simple structures  of clay  and then start fire inside  to allow the clay structure to dry and harden as on piece structure  just like a baking oven . Individual clay blocks molded and then backed
Allow the construction of any style of architecture and pavement. Some entire roads in Europe are built with clay brick pavers existing for thousands of years.
The installation of clay brick pavers consists of gravel base as the first layer to allow drainage and also to stabilize the ground. I finer mix of gravel with sizes ranging from ¾ of inches to very fine particle is used as the second layer. This will tighten during compaction with plate compactors or static vibratory rollers thus creating a stable and petrified base. Sand is then layer and leveled for the installation of the clay brick pavers.
Color selection of clay brick pavers and veneer is very extensive, due to the adoptability of the clay to manufactured color pigments. And also many multicolor combinations are created. Clay bricks come I many patterns, but also clay bricks are very versatile and they can by utilized to create any designs inlays and patterns. You can find many pictures of clay brick pavers installed for patios, driveways, walkways and wall veneers on the gappsi web site or you can visit our show room at 1015 west Jericho turnpike smith town long island New York.
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