How deal prevent sand washing away between paving stones

By Giuseppe  Abbrancati
The best way to prevent sand from washing from underneath pavers is to rerout or pipes any water coming from roof gutters or runoff and directs it in to a drywell or pipe it to the street .paving stone joints have to be filled and paving stones have to be vibrated after installation. The best solution to sand wash out is to fill the joint with polymeric sand this will harden and would let the running water travel over the pavement with out affecting the sand in between the joints and under the pavers. Bluestone dust is also good to fill the paver joints it hardens and won’t get washed away, the patters of the stones it as a lot do with sand washing away is you lay pavers in a running bond and lines are running straight up the driveway and if the driveway incline is steep or with some slope the water will run down the driveway and channel between the rows and that will wash the sand very easy and very deep in to the joints. A herring bond design or a random pattern where the line are broken by the pattern would prevent the sand by being washed away. To learn more about Gappsi products and services please visit our show room at 1015 West Jericho Turnpike, Smithtown Long Island, e-mails us at or visits our website at

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