Landscaped Sloped Entrances: Ground Covers, Shade Trees Long Island

By Giuseppe Abbrancati
This landscape project has taken several years to complete. the property has been landscaped according to the areas and sections with large planting. There are several groupings of plantings. For example in order to create a grand appearance. There are 5 Japanese Crytomerias that will grow into enormous trees. The crytomerias will definitely stand out and make a statement. Years from now, they will double their size. The property had two slopes that needed a lot of attention. The landscape designer decided to plant for synthesis because they are fast growing and would take over the weeds that are always a challenge. Alongside the Forsythsis we planted grasses to fill in and create a soft but natural look. We planted beautiful pink ground rose’s ground roses that are fast growing, yet create a beautiful garden. We have planted three persimmon trees to add variety and character. Two chestnut trees were planted to create shade. It helped fill grassy are that needed plants desperately. Chestnut trees were a great idea because they grow into big trees will produce chestnuts and to top it off it has beautiful leaves in a deep rich glossy brown color.

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