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By Happy Gappsi Customer
Job Overview: After interviewing several contractors in June 2006, we selected Gappsi, to update our landscaping. The job included the installation of patios for the front and backyards, a new driveway, a 90 ft walkway on the side of the house and being at a higher elevation than our neighbor, a 90ft retaining wall on our property line. In short, Giuseppe and his crew demonstrated an excellent job attitude and did an excellent job using Nicolock products.——Job Planning: After visiting the showroom and reviewing the videos, building material samples, and speaking to Giuseppe about our project, we gained the confidence to go to the next step. Giuseppe visited our work site to get further details, to take measurements and to discuss options for consideration. A few days later he generated a blueprint to scale for a sit down review in his office. At the time, Gappsi appeared to be the only contractor that did this. We discussed the details and made some changes. Giuseppe was very insightful, creative and accommodating. For example, since our neighbor already had stonework done by some other contractor, we wanted our retaining wall to match their stonework. We would not see this part of the wall. For the part of the wall that we would see, we wanted to select a different stone that wrapped around to the front of our yard. Other contractors said “what do you care what your neighbors will see in their yard. It is your wall.” Giuseppe saw our point and said “no problem”. He physically matched two different style stones at the corner of the wall.———-Cost: Gappsi was a little more expensive than other contractors, but there were no mistakes and we got what we wanted – a high quality professional job.———Schedule / Quality: Giuseppe came the first day and discussed the job with the crew where they worked 10hrs each day following the blueprint and resolving any questions with Giuseppe by mobile phone. Finishing the job when they said they would, I felt the project was under control at all times. The crew leader was very polite and interacted very well with us. The crew was very skilled at their trade with much attention to detail. All of the materials were neatly stored at the work site and the tools were securely kept in a mobile trailer. At project completion, we were equally impressed with an excellent project clean up. Giuseppe came by to inspect the work and make sure all went well.———–Job Follow Up: After 4 years, some patio bricks shifted up due to water build up and freezing. We called Gappsi and they fixed the bricks at no charge when they cycled through our area. We have seen no other problems.———Recommendation: I would highly recommend Gappsi, for your project as they will work with you during the design and follow up if there is a problem. Giuseppe really does care about his work and your satisfaction. How refreshing. I hope this helps. TonyD

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