North Great River swimming pools, natural stones, carpentry, landscape

By Happy Gappsi Customers
We hired Gappsi 10 years ago to install our back yard patio with Nicolock paving stones. Giuseppe Abbrancati and his team at Gappsi did such a fantastic job I knew I wanted Gappsi back again when it was time to install our pool. Last year we decided to install a swimming pool and called Gappsi to design our backyard. Gappsi installed a 16×32 swimming pool and used travertine naturale 6×12 for the entire patio and travertine full nose for the pool coping. Gappsi built the back stoop with Hanover tumbled walls and caps and they also built a self contained sheer descent that is visible from everywhere in the backyard. With the old patio pavers Gappsi designed and built a basketball court. Guiseppe and his team at Gappsi are a pleasure to deal with and I highly recommend their services. The quality and workmanship from both the project from 10 years ago and last year exceeded my expectations

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