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By Giuseppe Abbrancati
Rubber pavers are made from recycled pavers and are very durable. This paver is used mostly for commercial applications, it withstands high traffic areas, they are virtually maintenance free and they are also not slippery. A major benefit of the rubber paver is safety. They are shock absorbent, soft and are not affected by extreme cold and weather. This type of paver is great for gyms and mainly parks and swing set areas so children don’t get scraped if they happen to fall.
Rubber pavers come in many different shapes but the most common are the square and the rectangle. There are several different patterns that can be used: Herringbone, Running Bond and Basket weave are a few of the more common applications. Rubber pavers come in a wide array of colors such as: Black, Red, Gray, Blue, Tan and Beige.
When installing rubber pavers make sure they do not get wet or get exposed to a lot of sunlight before installation. These pavers absorb water so if they get wet before installation they may not fit properly. Also try and keep your work area clean so they don’t absorb dirt and dust either. When cleaning the rubber pavers just use a pressure washer, there is no other maintenance required for these pavers.

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