Request estimates for driveways-walkway-front stoop-fence-drywell-landscape.

Long island Bethpage. I am happy to report that with all this beautiful weather a lot of my snow has melted so I assume I can schedule and estimate with you. So their are several components to my estimates, construction, brickwork and landscaping needs so I am not sure whom to make the appointment with.
Option 1 Estimate Needed – Front Door Construction, Stoop, Handrails and Portico – with this option a half circle driveway for my side and Scotts driveway to be completed with a drywell. With this I would need my existing landscaping removed from the front yard and reconfigured in the front and the back by the pool area with all the plants I have as well as the lawn spraying done after in both the front and back yard and fence moved up to make my existing front door my side door… My favorite option just not sure if I can afford much more of you 🙂 With this one, can you separate the construction, pavers and landscaping numbers if possible…?
Option 2 Estimate Needed- Have driveways done as is just making a little wider on both and with Scotts having drywell put in as well. With Scotts and My driveway having inlays done so they can be sealed each year to prevent the oil and car gook from his side from ruining your beautiful work Also need lawn spraying done with this option.
With either of these options I will also have to change the water main from the street to the house so once you rip I may need a couple days to complete on my side of the house… Also I do know that the backyard needed additional dirt to evenly grade the property before the spraying and my crazy husband has decided to dig out the basement himself with some guys (yes he is absolutely nuts but we gain another 27x 17 room) so we have been placing the dirt in the backyard to hopefully use for grading front and back.. If this is not usable I will have it carted away before you begin.

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