House underpinning-concrete pumping in to basement-crawl space conversions

Hi it’s your favorite person again writing you some sweet poetry :-). Scott has a question that I know you can answer and probably assist us with since you are the cement man, pool man, paver man, construction man and everything else!!!
Anyway, we are digging out the basement and are placing floor jacks for temporary support. We are going to do cinderblock walls 2 feet away from the existing foundation and will need footings, cement poured in the cinderblocks and a floor poured. Not too sure if the footings and the floor get done at one time and the cinderblock walls we do with bags after or it can be done all once. Anyhow, the size of the area is 12×24 and was curious to know if you could pump cement from Scotts driveway through our basement window to complete this? If so, got a rough estimate??
I made an appointment fro next Tuesday night to see you and Charlie but Scott really wants to be here for the driveway piece and basement piece and is only available on weekends so I am planning on calling Farah to see if you do estimates on weekends so we can discuss this also…. I love to keep you thinking 🙂
We were planning on waiting on this but as usual Scott forgot a minor detail which is that I don’t want cement truck on my new driveway once you do them!!!
Don’t worry after this years work we are thinking cabana in the backyard for the following you so you wont be rid of me for a while!!
Hello Courtney,
The floor should be poured first and then where the walls will be built you should leave rebar’s sticking out of the floor, this way when the back walls are built the rebar’s will tie the walls to the floor once the back walls are filled with concrete.
Also how are you guys taking the dirt out? Because it could be cheaper bringing the cement in the same way, because to pump the concrete would be too expensive the pump alone would coast $1000 and you only need 3.5 yards of concrete and if you bring it in by buckets it would be about 180 buckets of cement.
One suggestion is you should install the block wall first and just put about 4 ” of concrete as a footing and bury half of the first block below the finished floor level this way you can just bring in some sand and some bags of cement and after you are done building the walls get a truck of concrete. Then when I come over I want to see if we can just create a shoot to pass the concrete trough the window by making the cement liquid. You do not need a pump but some extra help to do it and pour the floors and fill the walls at the same time.
Let me know how did I do?
You did great and we appreciate your help.. We are about 60% dug out and the dirt is coming out through a small basement window and also being walked up the basement stairs and out the door into dumpsters an old drywell cesspools… I think we are going to put this on hold for a little bit but still undecided as to what to do as their is so much going on in this house lately..

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