Estimate for paver driveway stoop and portico Bethpage long island

First off thank you very much for coming on your wife’s birthday but next time reschedule!! I’m always here and definitely would not have minded…
Anyway with regards to the driveway just wanted to make sure that a couple things were included so I don’t need to waste your time and go back and forth on some things:
What material would you recommend for our driveways?
Drywell – 50-100 gallon needed on Scotts side of the driveway if available. Can you let us know our options on sizes so he can decide please
Scotts Driveway – I know we discussed the options for having some sort of inlay for a car area that he can seal yearly in the event that some oil or car residue spills and that’s durable enough to withstand weight of trucks on car trailers, etc… What material would you recommend if any? Do you think this is the best approach to keep the driveway stain free? If so, then whatever you use would you recommend to make some sort of design centered with the portico to tie it in together?
Steps – Obviously this needs to be included in estimate
I am going to wait to see your design based on the survey as I was a little confused with the layout you said ( I understood the half circle ) but was unsure of were to park additional cars and that is key. I looked at some pictures and drove around and notice many with a short driveway straight on the outer sides connecting the half circle and didn’t mind that on my side since Scott is going to have a straight driveway as well but I am open to any suggestions on the look as you are the expert :-).. I just need to coordinate with removing the landscaping wherever it will be. I would like to keep it as simple and economical (well at least tell Scott I am) as we can get but still look amazing as possible while very functional…. I know you get the idea and of what we are trying to achieve here which is why we called you guys :-)..
Looking forward to seeing the design and estimate I think :-)…. I’m just waiting for one more estimate on the construction of the portico and will make my decision on that but thank you for bringing Charles.. You have such a nice group of people working for you. They are all a pleasure!!

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