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Mike, questions about our project
It was a pleasure meeting with you yesterday regarding our upcoming project…. I am sure Giuseppe has told you that I ask a lot of questions so I figured I would put it in an email so I make sure I cover everything 🙂
I also email as it’s sometimes easier when the kids are sleeping and its also my only free time and I do forget to call people while the kids are up so I apologize if email is not your preferred way of communication. You can feel free to call me with the answers or email I just didn’t want to forget anything and have to go back and forth.
With the price given for granite pavers are you able to do any better being the amount of business we have given Gappsi in the past 6 months? With upcoming driveway door and portico.
Once we give a deposit can you come and mark out where the driveway will go so I can coordinate having the landscaping removed and to make sure of which trees have to be taken down.. In town of Oyster Bay I have to get permits to have trees removed so it could be a couple weeks as last time any company that came wouldn’t do without the permit
I know you mentioned doing some sort of design on the aprons and/or different directions on entrances and some sort of bump out in the center of the driveway to line up with the steps as well as by the driveway. Was curious to see if you have any pictures of such designs or if its in your head… I know sometimes it just comes to you as you see the job. If not it really doesn’t impact the job but was just curious
What material are the steps going to be made of? Is it granite to match the driveways or pavers??
How big is the platform for the steps? Is it enough to accommodate the portico without compromising aesthetic look?
How thick are granite pavers?
I currently have some electrical run in the front in tubes under the old driveway.. Will this be affected by the removal of the old driveway or can we do something to ensure that it is not ruined if possible??
Currently you have the walkway from the driveway to the side door in granite pavers. I think I will need to change that as we originally never planned on adding a front door and gaining a side door so we never planned on a path from the gate entrance to the side door to the pool. I think I need the granite to the fence line and then the mixed large mocha travertine from the fence to the side door to the pool area. I am not sure if you need to come here to measure or I can take pictures and send to you of the side yard and current back patio to help you with the estimate on this portion.. Giuseppe also has the survey if it helps that shows the side door and the back deck where the travertine patio currently begins, so just let me know what you need to figure this into the estimate.. I am looking for a standard walkway nothing too crazy.. Is a standard walkway 3 or 4 feet? Let me know how to proceed with that…
Once we give deposit for project can the design be emailed to me so I can take a look again and make sure of layout including the new walkway layout from the bullet above?
OK so I think I asked anything and everything possible and I thank you again for your time and look forward to hearing back from you and going forward with the job.
Courtney & Scott

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