Request estimate for carpentry work-home remodeling long island

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. I don’t want to forget to email you about the door that I have chosen so I figured I would email instead of trying to remember to call you tomorrow 🙂
I went to windowrama in Commack yesterday and they were so busy I took a look, grabbed a catalog and left and didn’t speak to anyone.
The door I have chosen is S771. It is the Blackstone glass style with the full sidelights S6003SL. The transom is BSRT. Brushed nickel coming please.
Can you get me prices on the door with the sidelights and then the door with the sidelights and transom so I can make my final decision on that…. The transom is square for this particular door so I am not too sure what ideas you may have about the portico arch based on that as I know you said if it was a half moon you could follow that structure…
When speaking with Mike and Giuseppe yesterday they said that they want to do the mason work prior to the door this way you come in and don’t have to come back which may work well so we can get the door and paint it prior to you installing it…
Can you send me the final estimate based on the door I have chosen? I believe all I need to provide after this is the chandelier and door handle.
Also any help on the price is greatly appreciated as in the past couple months and months to come we will have given Gappsi lots of business 🙂
I thank you for your time and hope to be working with you in the future soon…

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