Driveway design layout granite pavers Suffolk & Nassau county long island

Thank you so much for coming here today and putting my mind to ease about this job. Scott and I talked and we are going to remove ALL the trees to maximize the look of the driveway and the house.. We can always plant new trees elsewhere once the pavers are completed 🙂
With that said we can now make Scotts driveway more aesthetically pleasing as well since that big tree will be gone and we can keep his cut through.. Can you send me the pictures of the layouts that you have mocked up showing the extension of pavers on Scotts side, the bumpout in the center of the arch in front of the door and also making my parking space bigger to accommodate the big cars 🙂 .. I am pretty sure you had an aerial shot as well as one looking head on but not too sure.
As for the mocha travertine clearly we have no choice but to use the 6x9s that match and I do trust that you guys will work them into the existing patio and make it look great!!
I will begin to get tree estimates tomorrow and get that going…
I believe you said that you will come and mark out the morning of the excavation and then begin to dig the same day and I think it will work well if Scott will be home to run the pipe the same day for the water line since it will be trenched. Let me know if this will work since its copper and doesn’t bend he really wouldn’t be able to feed through a tube that easy he said. You two can talk if need be on this as I have no clue I am just passing along the message.
I know that all of these brilliant ideas you have with the aprons and turning the bricks in different directions or whatever and the bump out in the center of the driveway and anything else you threw at us is not on the drawing.. I just want to make sure that they will be included in the design and passed along to Charlie when he is here overseeing the job as I believe he indicated he was going to be here with his crew for this job…
Again I thank you and I will hopefully touch base with you in a couple of days with the tree estimates so I can get moving on the permits and having them removed.
I look forward to the process with Gappsi as you guys really have been such a pleasure through everything this far..
Sincerely the email lady 🙂

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