Driveway design layout ideas requests Nassau Suffolk long island

Nice talking to you today… I will call the tree guys tomorrow about cutting the trees 18″ from the ground as opposed to grinding the stumps and to see when they can proceed so we can get this done!! With regards to the design we had some time to mull it over and sat with my landscape designer friend, Scott and I and we went through our different scenarios and we would like to modify your design by removing the cut through as Scott doesn’t think he would use it that often and we dont want to make it looking like a parking lot in the front of the house more than it has too. We would also like to change the position of my driveway to allow me to back out of the driveway with ease if someone is parked on the half circle and to make it more straight. Also we want to put the walkway a little over to hide it behind the flower bed so you dont see the walkway pavers from the street and lastly making a square to follow the portico and staircase lines instead of a circle bottom at the center of the circle bumpot so I can park a car there if need be and put small bushes in front to to enhance the look 🙂 This may change the square footage of the job slightly but I am not too sure.. We drew it out as best we could to show you and I am attaching that to help you. My scanner broke so I had to take a picture of it and hope you can see what we are trying to achieve.
Once the trees are down we will need to coordinate when the excavator is here and trenching as Scott will take off that day to run the water line and get that over with so we can put the dirt right back on top!
I hope you dont mind that we modified as we love your ideas also but we just want to make sure its what works for us. If you see anything that you dont agree with, please let me know…

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